Blueparrott B450-XT Reviews: Enoy full day

This is not only the era of Sennheiser, Sony, Audio-Technica,Beyerdynamic, JBL, Skullcandy, AKG, Bose. But why?

Time, budget, need, and many other criteria are present here.

Yes, my recommendation is B450-XT. To know everything, we need to go to the more in-depth section of B450-XT. When I am driving my car, then most of the time I am using the BlueParrott B450-XT headphones. You know why?

Ok, let see the secret review of BlueParrott B450-XT.

Before finding the more crucial review, we must need to see the product highlights.

Product Highlights

  • Whole day talk time with 96% noise reduction
  • 300 feet wireless range is the attractive feature
  • Truckers can easily allow the headsets because of the hands-free control
  • Connecting two devices is one of the unique facility
  • Yes, Internal NFC also available
  • Ear cushion is comfortable to use full day
  • 4.0 Bluetooth version is fast than the older version
  • 20 days standby time, yes it’s time to chill

BlueParrott B450-XT Review: What is the secret reason of love B450-XT?

The first morning when i am driving my car, then i really miss my family member. For removing this loneliness, I have used the headset in driving time because it helps me measure issues.

Let’s see the issues. I challenge myself to do the same with others. Just remember: don’t rough use the headphone at driving time. It can cause road accidents.

World-class sound

Yes, the 4.0 Bluetooth version provides a world-class sound. Users can feel a next-level environment. But one of the another level topic is that it gives Industry-leading noise cancellation. And the headset blocks 96% outside noise. Isn’t it world-class?

The HD voice produces clear and a natural sound, in this friendly headset.

Long wireless range

Just move around and talk. No, it’s not funny. When I am walking around my car, then I connect/pair the headset with the mobile phone. Yes, up to 300 feet wireless range has given me this fantastic facility.

Stay Connected

After opening the headset, the power button blinks blue and red light. After connecting one device, then the lighting is stopped.


  • 01. Speaker: it’s 36mm
  • 02. Speaker max input power: Speaker max input power is 50mW
  • 03. Speaker frequency range: The speaker range is 150-6800 Hz
  • 04. Microphone Type: bi-directional electret
  • 05. Microphone frequency range: And the frequency range is 150-6800 Hz
  • 06. Microphone sensitivity: Sensitivity is -47dBV/Pa

Ease of Use

Paired devices: You can connect up to 8 devices but connect two devices at the same time.

Wearing style: B450 XT is a single ear headphone, but it is also an Over-head model. I can wear it with glasses and even a cap too. If you are new with B450-XT, then don’t be afraid to adjust the headband. Because when you try to move the headband it produce a harsh sound. No, it’s broken sound, ha ha ha. 

App. support:  

01. BlueParrott App 

02. BlueParrott Updater

These two are supported.

Features: Answer/end/reject call options are available on this headphone. For this sweet feature, I can use it as a hands-free device. LED light indicated me to understand power on and off. Pairing indicator also gives me confirmation that the device is paired.

A2DP: The full meaning of A2DP is Advanced Audio Distribution. 

GPS: Podcast and GPS streaming
Hands-Free: VoiceControl™ answer / ignore voice, volume up / down, Customizable Parrott ButtonTM


Now one of the most crucial parts of a Bluetooth headphone. Up to 24 hours talk time make me crazy about B450. And the charge will long be lasting even if you don’t use ( standby ) this headset. It’s 500+ hours backup makes me even crazier. And I can fully charge the device within 3 hours. The 1m micro USB connector doesn’t make you hassle.


The 4.0 Bluetooth version connects fast with the paired devices. Up to 100 meters operating range also gives you more interest in using B450-XT headset.

What’s in the Box

  • One B450-XT Headset
  • A USB Cable
  • One mobile Charger
  • Leatherette Ear Cushion (installed)
  • Foam Ear Cushion
  • Two Mic Windscreens
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Warranty Sheet

Packaging Dimensions

  1. 9″ H x 6.875″ W x 2.625″ D
  2.  (22.86 cm H x 17.46 cm W x 6.68 cm D)
  3.  Weight: 12.13 oz. (343.88 g)

Mechanical Specifications

Headset Weight:  5.22 oz.

Wearing Style: Over-the-head

Mic Boom: Flexible boom

Electrical Specifications

Bluetooth Core Specifications: Class 1, Version 4.0 HFP 1.6, HSP 1.2, A2DP

Range: Up to 300 feet*

NFC Pairing: Internal NFC (Near Field Communications)

Talk Time: 24+ hours

Standby Time: 500 hours (20 days)Charging Interface: Micro-USB

Receiver Specifications

Speaker: 36 mm receiver

SPL: 123 dB ± 3 dB at 1 mW

Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15% @ 1 kHz

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Microphone Specifications

Easily you can move up and down the microphone stand. 

Microphone: 6 mm bi-directional noise cancelling

Ambient Noise Suppression: 96%

Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz

Operating temperature:

Storage temperature

  • Clear and strong voice
  • Can recharge when you are busy at talking
  • Good fit
  • 90% noise cancelling feature
  • Connect up to 8 devices
  • Large headset
  • Expensive

Note: I know you have read all about the headset, but also I write down some common questions and answers to help you guys.

Some Common Questions people ask in the community

Can I pair my headset with more than one Bluetooth device?

Of course, you can. You can add eight devices to connect with the B450-XT headset. If you try to add number 9 devices, it will add number 9 but replace the oldest pairing.

Can I listen to music with my BlueParrott headset?

Yes, you can listen to any BT headset which supports the A2DP. 

Can I turn off the voice prompts on my headset?

Yes, you can.

How do I customize the Parrott button using the BlueParrott app?

After installing the app and the connection with a paired device, you can customize. Using the Customize Parrott Button, you can customize as your way.

How do I transfer audio from my headset to my smartphone?

For transfer audio headset – smartphone or smartphone – headset, you should need to press and hold the volume down button.


I have used many headphones, but I have seen a lot of features in this Bluetooth headset. If you want to know more about the B450-XT review, then comment below the comment box.

If you are a trucker or car driver, you must love it, I know.

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