Fostex th900 Premium Stereo Headphones Review

Fostex has managed to enter the fray of coming up with top and high end headphones in the market thanks to their TH900 mk2 second edition. This flagship and dynamic model from Fostex has impressed a great deal. Its performance in the market is largely attributed to its great features and visually and technically sophisticated components.

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The TH900 popularity is growing day by day as more and more headphone lovers are getting to know about this new product from Fostex.  This is what made us come up with the fostex th900 review so as to help headphone users who are not well aware of this product to know it better.


  • Isolation: -10dB
  • Type of driver: Dynamic 50mm
  • Weight: 13.9 ounces
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Impedance: 25 ohms
  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 45 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL/V
  • Cable length: 3m


Build Quality

Just like the fostex th600, fostex th900 is known to be much lighter than anyone would expect it to be especially when looking at its ear cups which are oversized. One great feature that makes their build quality to be top is that there are no parts which are made of plastic parts. Majority of its components are made of metal while its 50 mm dynamic drivers have been covered well by the housing which is made using Japanese Cherry birch.

It comes with thick cables which are of great quality and capable of lasting for a long time. The ear pads are made using protein leather which is 60% lighter than the genuine type of leather.

The build of the fostex th900 feels very strong and sturdy when you consider the user’s manual. Fostex did put thought on how they can make the mk2 TH900 durable considering how light they feel together with their high price.

When shopping for headphones which are made using high price, you will come across unusual designs together with careless use of high costing materials which makes the headphones look expensive and exotic. It comes with ear cups made of wood that are fancy. However, when you do not have any clue concerning the lacquer technique that is used for finishing, it will be very easy to confuse the material used for a plastic.


You will notice a boost in high frequencies from 6 kHz onwards. The boost together with a dip in high mid range results will help bright up the overall impression of the sounding system. However, the bass boost is a bit conservative and gets to a peak of 6 dB. Its low end pressure is somehow intensified by the reduction of low mid region. In general, the response of the frequency outside the box will be a bit tricky to operate with.

The headphones come to life and submit a sublime resolution when they have been paired with the Sonar works. It is very great which makes it quite easy to forget especially when you are putting on a closed back set.

The sensation has been enhanced by low quality noise isolation from the outside and since all the people inside the room will hear clearly whatever you are listening to when comparison is made with an average closed backs.

Low End

The TH-900 MK2 low end is full, deep and with great control. The bass is completely strong and comes with a decent impact and it never appears to be too overblown. The control at the low end will translate into a very impressive and clean bass which never bleeds into the low frequency notes surrounding it.


The headphone sounds will always be chock full of details especially when the mid range is involved. Accuracy will be a top concern with no distortion or compression. In case of any downside on mids, the low and bass end impression to overshadow the clarity which lurks in there. This makes the headphones to produce little or be less detailed in case there is lots of action taking place at the low end.

High End

There are times when the high end comes off bright at times as it sparks with detail. It is however advisable to ensure the highest highs never get too piercing or screeching. It comes with a smooth high end although it is well controlled. The strings have an amazing sound with the vocals of the females being smooth.


The headphone weight is very low and is evenly distributed across the wearers’ head which makes them have a light feeling thanks to the lightweight of the product. This feature ensures the wearer is capable of listening to music for long periods of time and at great comfort. It comes with ear pads which cover the pinna and does conform to the head shape of the listeners without exerting lots of pressure.

  • Has an appealing look and design
  • Produces great soundstage, imaging and instrument separation
  • Comes with great transients with fast decay and strong attack
  • Has an excellent build quality
  • Is a king of the sub bass with great good bass
  • The cable is non detachable
  • At times the treble is more piercing
  • There are times when the bass is too much at times which distracts one from the spectrum


Despite the Fostex TH-900 MK2 utilizing a closed back design, it is one hell of a perfect headphone. Its robust low end and dynamic sound does much, making this headphone rank top in the market.

Its high price can easily strain your wallet. However, when the sonic unbridled awesomeness is your goal, then the price is just perfect.

The TH-900 MK2 has managed to make Fostex join other top Japanese manufacturers like Audio-Technica, Pioneer and Sony who have all decided to use intricate combinations for their top products in the market.  This fostex th900 review

Has offered you well detailed and accurate information to enable make an informed decision before buying the TH-900 MK2.

Fostex USA 25-Ohms TH900 Premium Stereo Headphones with...
  • Neodymium magnetic circuit with a 15,000 gauss magnetic flux density for wider dynamic range
  • Soft, comfortable ear pads
  • Housings made from Japanese Cherry Birch and finished with Urushi lacquer
  • 25-ohm impedance

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