KZ ZS5 Quad Driver Headphones Review

The popularity of music is always growing. Headphones, speakers and the In-Ear Monitors are all used in providing different types of aural experiences which can be unique and pleasing. Headphones are never that costly. 

You can get good quality headphones from as low as $20.  Most people are always interested in investing in a top quality headphone that will not affect their ear drums and something that can offer them great and high quality sound.

One popular headphone type is the KZ ZS5 headphone. The KZ ZS5 are from Zenith which is an audio company that is well known for coming  up with a number of top quality and competitively priced audio equipment in the market. In this KZ ZS5 review, we will be looking at the specs, features and pros and cons of the KZ ZS5 headphone


  • 20 KHz Frequency response
  • Dual 10mm dynamics and 2 BAs Driver Units
  • 10Mw Rated power
  • 106 dB of Sensitivity
  • L shaped 3.5 mm Connector
  • 16 Ohm impedance
  • 1.2m long cable


Unboxing/ Accessories

The KZ ZS5 headphone is well packaged in a black and no frills sturdy and compact box. This box is well topped using a clear plastic cover which enables one to view the IEM which is securely held in a tray that helps in protecting the headphone when it’s being transported or presented for purchase.

Design and Build Quality

After removing the KZ ZS5 headphone from its packaging tray, you will first notice how lightweight it is.  The headphone’s shells are made using hard plastic with each of its pieces stenciled using ‘R’ and ‘L’ to make the identification process easy and simple.

It comes with extra marking on each shell that helps in describing the driver complement and the model.  In general, the external build quality for this unit is clean and very impressive. Just like other IEMs, you need to be very careful not to bang or drop the KZ ZS5 on a hard surface.

It comes with a utilitarian and basic cable. There is no specialized insulation or braiding to help in improving the durability. However, it has a memory cable as the IEM is usually worn over the ears.  It could have been better if KZ could have made a prettier and sturdier cable.


The KZ ZS5 is normally worn over the ear. Its lightweight nature guarantees extra comfort. It is very possible to wear this headphone all day long without feeling any weight on your ears.

However, there are times when you can feel occasional itching although this is caused by the headphone’s silicone tips. KZ could have gone for the memory foam since it never itches with these. The silicone tips help in elevating the highs.

People with regular sized ears can have some comfort problems with the KZ ZS5 headphones multi cornered shell.  The inclusion of silicone tips makes isolation average. In case you are in need of more isolation, you can consider moving to the double flange tips or the memory foam.

Sound Quality

I can say that the KZ ZS5 headphones are bright-ish IEMs. It means that its high end is more pronounced than its mids or low ends. However, this doesn’t mean that the lows and mids are not existent. They are just not as prominent as the highs.

However, this varies from the type of music you listen to. For example, when listening to Jazz music, the hi-hat is normally pronounced more together with the vocals in case there is a female singer.

Bass is always present in this headphone although they are never bass heavy like the V-Modas’s or the Skullcandy. If you often listen to lots of Hip Hop, you will find they handle the mids and bass well.

You will never be disappointed by the low end performance of these earphones. The KZ ZS5 will be in a position of crunching out some punchy beats. Although the beats will not make your teeth vibrate or rattle your skull like the Sony MDRs, be assured you will be in a position of enjoying the EDM tracks always.

One feature that will stand out for you is how its roomy soundstage will be. Despite not being anywhere close to what you will experience for a popular headphone, but it is far much more than what you will get in most earphones. The KZ ZS5 ranks among the best earphones in the market.


For sure, theKZ ZS5 headphone is quite durable. You can always leave them in your backpack, front pockets and experience no problem at all.  You can always toss them inside your Pelican case together with your iPod Classic whenever you are travelling with it.  One great thing about the KZ ZS5 headphone is that you can always replace the cables whenever necessary.

  • Its offers one of the best wired connectivity in the market
  • Comes with a long cord which makes movements easier
  • Have two ear bud tip pairs
  • It is of metallic and futuristic design
  • Lacks a microphone

Video:KZ ZS5 headphone


The KZ ZS5 headphone is for sure well worth its selling price. Despite not being an overachiever when compared to other brands like Monks, you will get what you pay for and even a little more.  This headphone is a perfect introduction to the hybrid IEM benefits.

The budget conscious Ch-Fi brands like KZ are still some steps below in terms of audio and production when compared to the Chinese brands like Fidue.  It acts as a stepping stone to high end audio by making it possible for you to decide the experience and get to understand the type of technologies present in the market. 

We hope that the above KZ ZS5 review has been of great help to you in terms of understanding and knowing the KZ ZS5 headphone better.

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