JVC Real Sound System -SZ2000 Headphones Review

The days when the audiophiles did turn their noses at anything which never resembled any flat response headphone are long gone. With a wide variety of headphones currently available in the market, it is difficult for people especially first time buyers to know what features to look for when shopping for a headphone.

In this jvc ha-sz2000 review we will be making a detailed review to help buyers know what features to look for, the specs and pros and cons that come with the jvc ha-sz2000.  We hope that the guide will be of great help to you and will make you understand jvc ha-sz2000 better.


  • Weight: 1.07 pounds
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Frequency Range: 4Hz – 35 kHz



From far, the jvc ha-sz2000 does not have a different look from other old over the ear monitor headphones which you have most probably come across in the market or home studio.

Looking large and a bit oversize, the headphone’s black cans do have a military appearance. This does not mean they are ugly; the look does suit them well which offers them some rugged handsomeness which never comes more often in any audio market.

The headband of this jvc ha-sz2000 headphone is thickly padded using soft material and is well covered using comfortable leather.  This material has been extended to the ear cups. However, the material is of great comfort and the ear cups overall comfort has been ruined a bit by its shallow nature.

Despite being shallow, the outside material sits on the skulls which I press against the ears from the inside.  This makes the pristine looking headphone to be comfortable for only a few hours.

Since these headphones are well closed over the ears, you will always expect to have a perfect isolation. However, the noise isolation is average although it is enough for using in the office where it is mostly quiet. When you are using these headphones while riding on the subway, you might be forced to turn the volume up a bit.

The perfect ear pads seal ensures you are not worried about it leaking lots of sound outside. This means you will be in a position of pumping the bass as you keep peace with your other members in the same room.

It comes with a 1.2 m cable that extends right from the ear cups to the 3.5 mm gold plated jacks. Although most of this headphone’s material is made using a hard plastic with aluminum, you will always get the sense that the jvc ha-sz2000 is strong and capable of withstanding heavy use.

Sound Quality

This is one piece of headphone that will offer you with satisfactory quality of bass for any audio type. It comes with excellent benefit in offering real world sound.  

One of its top features which you will notice is the placement of its two drivers that offers you the definition of sound. The first driver is for bass while the other driver is for treble. The second driver has enough radiating gap although it works smoothly to provide a great quality sound.

This jvc ha-sz2000 will enable you to enjoy the real world  thanks to its capability of isolating noise. You can put it on easily and enjoy the long hours of music in peace without being disturbed by the traffic noises of the noise from the conversing family members or friends.

jvc ha-sz2000 has been designed using Kelton technology  which helps in enhancing its deep sound with isolation. The mids, highs and resolution are well controlled by the diaphragm which comprises a 30 mm driver unit and a 55 mm carbon nanotube.  It will ensure all the frequency ranges entertain you separately.


Since this jvc ha-sz2000 headphone comprises two drivers; the 30 mm driver for the highs and mids and the 55 mm low end frequency, there is completely no chance of having a poor quality sound from it.

The signature of sound from this headphone is pure bass. It is a completely effortless low end reproduction synth which will get the blood pumping for any person. However, this never means that the other frequencies have been neglected. 

This is one of the criticisms   on jvc ha-sz2000 when it comes to sound quality since the highs are usually overshadowed. It is very noticeable when you try picking it although any average listener should never be worried about it.

When at high volumes, the bass never gets muddied and that is mainly attributed to the vibration of the bass cylinders.

It is advisable that one uses a headphone amp since without it, the bass can very overwhelming. This is mainly attributed to the two drivers that need more juice.

  • Produces great and top quality bass
  • Sound is relaxed and well balanced
  • It is of a strong build quality
  • Comes with excellent isolation
  • The Ear cups might be too snug for some people
  • Its weight can be an issue over a period of time


For people who are in love with bass, the jvc ha-sz2000 headphones are almost perfect except  that they are not that comfortable as they should be especially if you will be wearing them for  long periods of time.

In case you will be using it for short periods for instance when commuting, watching a movie or to help you block out some noise from your friends whenever you want to do certain tasks then the jvc ha-sz2000 headphones are a perfect choice.

With these headphones, you will be in a position of switching the ear pads for a much more comfortable pair. This feature is enough to prove that you will be setting your teeth rattling whenever you are using them.  Their high durability ensures that they are able to last for long durations of time. With this jvc ha-sz2000 review, you will be in a position of understanding the product well.

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  • Live beat system
  • Stream Woofer DB
  • Brass sound damping cylinder

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