30mm vs 40mm Driver Headphones: Which One Works Better?

When you want to get new headphones, understanding the specifications is a real challenge. Other than the most commonly checked features, people nowadays have the idea that driver size has a significant influence on headphone quality. The bigger the size the better. However, we can’t claim that this is true.

For this reason, we can try comparing two headphone drivers of nearly similar sizes. This can help us see how the size brings some differences to the headphones. 

Role of 40mm Driver

Within a frequency range of 4000 Hz to 20k Hz, a 40mm headphone driver will offer excellent trebles and mids. There can be a gauzy buzz with the audio, but this ensures high quality. Besides, the sound is very natural with active noise isolation. It will also sound softer from the earcaps. So, a 40mm driver is very useful to listen in detail to vocals.

Role of 30mm Driver

A 30mm driver is the perfect choice for in-ear headphones. In some cases, the headphone can have multiple drivers. The lower frequency at 20 to 20000 Hz, bass, and treble, but still an audible sound comes from the headphones. 

This one also has a higher impedance and pressure sensitivity. Since the driver size is smaller than 40mm, the headphones are lighter and comfortable for long wear. So, better use the headphone for listening to music clearly. 

Earphone Driver Size

Since earphones are smaller earpieces, they have tiny drivers in the size range, of 8 to 15mm. Any driver from 12mm to 15mm is great for earphones. There will be better treble and mids, but not very effective noise isolation. But there are other features to consider other than driver size. Consider getting wireless ones that cover the ears with a good volume level.

Dynamic Driver Earphones

Dynamic means moving, so the drivers are mobile. There are three different components called a voice coil, a diaphragm, and a magnet. They work together in motion to transfer sound waves to the ears. The magnet creates an electromagnetic field with the voice coil to pass an electric current. The diaphragm then moves to pass air to create a sound. 

Quality or Driver Size?

Undoubtedly, the quality matters more than the driver size since this has little impact on the earpieces. Some people think of multiple drivers for a difference, but this doesn’t increase effectiveness either. So, for the best quality headphones or earphones, we have to look for design, sound quality, materials, frequency range, and so on to make a decision.

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Final Words

When we are comparing the two headphone drivers, 40mm stands out of the two. This driver offers the best sound quality with all the important features like bass, treble, loudness, and frequency level. There is natural audio coming from the headphones. So, this is a great choice for gamers and for regular or official uses. 

On the other hand, a 30mm driver can also offer great sound if the materials are top-notch. So, what matters more is the overall quality and design. Regarding driver size, the choice depends on your preference. 

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