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Welcome to headphonepalace.com. We are a headphone fixing family that helps technicians and headphone users to find the most recent and accurate technical and repair information for their headphones. We recently created this blog site to enable us to share our knowledge with other headphone technicians and headphone lovers.

Back in 2017, Headphone Palace was a one-man show. Dr. Avi was testing all the gadgets himself, and he was writing all the information. Our team has grown over the past few months, and we’re excited to introduce our newest team members.

Dr. Avi was A Cisco Certified Network engineer and fond of any kind of audio device. He started headphonepalace.com to provide Different kinds of information in the form of headphones and fix issues. Every week He uses new devices. So He knows a lot about any kind of audio device. For that reason, He has chosen this informative site to help others who are headphone lovers like him. There are many problems to find the right article to solve the issues. He has invested a lot of time in finding top-level audio devices and uses so many different kinds of devices. Now he decided to help Vitaly Fedorov. 

Vitaly Fedorov is our new team member. Vitaly Fedorov a certified audio technician. He work with a different team on the market. He also have knowledge of other kinds of audio devices like soundbar and voice meeter. Vitaly Fedorov started work and updated all the contents for more user satisfaction.

Vitaly Fedorov have been working as an audio technician for over 10 years. He has found a lot of wrong information on other websites over the years. For this reason, He decided to create a website that for trust and most updated information. 

We do mostly write articles about repair information.

If you have any questions or want to contact us, you can do it at our contact page here: Contact Us.

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