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Every time I see “Pro” added to a product’s name, my expectations soar. Cowin E7 Pro, the upgraded version, therefore, generally fell prey to skyrocketing expectations.

Did it succeed to stay to true to its name or not is the question we will be addressing throughout this review. The E7 Pro doesn’t look startlingly different from E7. There are some tiny cosmetic changes, though.


For instance, the E7 Pro’s padding, made from leatherette material, is way softer than that of E7. Therefore, it’s more breathable and easier to wear for extended hours. The earcups are slightly larger than average size headphones. It works in its favor as larger earcups mean less sound leakage. Therefore, no matter how loud the music is, people around you won’t frown or scoff.

This feature also plays a pivotal role for active noise cancellation. The brushed metal exterior of the earcups is a nice addition. It truly manages to add a premium feel to the gear.

It is in 6 colors- black, red, green, blue, purple and pink. While black will always be a head turner for me, the red is one a real eye-candy.

The headband is dressed in faux leather and I have an issue with the size and adjustment of it. Unlike E7 which easily fits my large head after stretching, I can’t say the same of E7 Pro. So if you have a large head, I would say go with E7 over E7 Pro. Although the main body of the device is made from plastic, it feels quite sturdy when you take it in hand. Unless you accidentally drop it on a hard surface, it won’t snap. This much I can assure.

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As I already said before, ANC Bluetooth headphones are notorious for not being too comfortable. However, the thicker ear cushions included in this headphone warmly embrace your ears instead of squeezing them tightly, resulting in great comfort.

Unless you have got a large head, flexing the headband will allow for a snug fit. Add to that, it has 90-degree swiveling earcups like E7 to further enhance the comfort. The feature also makes it easy to pack and carry in the solid case included in the package.

However, mind you that even this headphone will eventually exert a clamping force on your temple after two hours. However, prolonged use doesn’t cause much sweating, thanks to the velour surface that dissipates heat faster.

I don’t recommend it for using in the gym or during jogging. You should also put off the headphone for a few minutes after every one or two hours to avoid discomfort. Do that and it will be totally alright to wear these headphones all day long.


If you hold E7 Pro and E7 profiles side by side, you will hardly notice any difference between the controls schemes of two. In fact, there hardly is any. The controls are housed on the right ear cup. There are Plus and Minus buttons for volume control, a triangle shaped button to start and stop the music.

The buttons are responsive, intuitive and facilitate tactile clicks.  The buttons are more well-spaced, compared to those of E7. If you are unsure about which button does exactly what, a quick read of the E7 Pro manual and tinkering with the buttons will get you used to it.


Using Bluetooth 4.0 in the upgraded Pro version of E7 wasn’t a very smart decision per se. I was expecting something more advanced like BT 4.1 or 4.2. But never mind. The latency in the wireless mode is also high, even by cheap Bluetooth headphone standards.

However, on the brighter side, I didn’t have any connectivity issue in both the wired and wireless mode. It allows NFC pairing as well for super quick and easy connectivity. You can’t connect multiple devices at the same time, though. Bummer, I know.

Although the call quality of the microphone is above average in quiet and semi-loud environments, I found it hard to decipher the words of my caller in busy streets and airport. The speech recorded in an isolated room was very detailed and had a solid presence.

Battery Life

This is the segment where E7 Pro truly lives up to its “Pro” status. The battery housed by the upgraded version is 25% larger than the 800 mAh battery used in E7.

Although the battery is rated for 30 hours run time when fully charged, in reality, it should be around 23 hours. Not unimpressive. What makes the battery of E7 Pro better than that of E7 is the comparatively low battery consumption.

It achieves so by limiting max volume output in the ANC mode. Meanwhile, among the 4 listening modes of the headphone, the AUX Cable Mode with Active Noise Cancelling OFF is the least battery-hungry. So whenever you need to save battery, you know which mode to switch to.

Try to avoid using the Bluetooth Mode with Active Noise Cancelling ON mode as it eats out the battery too fast. The charging time for the battery is 4 and a half hours. I know it’s quite long but the sheer size of the battery makes it kind of obvious.

Active Noise Cancellation

I  hate red-eye flights to the guts and therefore, it makes it an ideal place to check the strength of a headphone’s ANC. Even with no music, the E7 Pro effectively drowned the chattering noise, engine sound to a great extent. I could still hear the hullabaloo at the airport but the intensity of the noise was dampened.

However, I would like to point out here that the ANC of E7 Pro is highly sensitive to movement. A slight nodding of your head or walking downstairs can break of noise blocking layer. The sound leakage is minimal and won’t bother people around you unless you are playing it loud it a quiet environment.

In case active noise cancelling isn’t a priority and all you want is good, loud and crisp music, you should check out Cowin E7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Audio Quality

The closed-back, over-ear headphones provide quite a decent tonal clarity. The sound is full, well-balanced with punchy bass. However, the sub-bass that is responsible for the thumpy and kicky feel in the music is subpar.

If you love bass-heavy music, you should rather go for Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Deep Bass Wireless Headphones. The mid-bass is fine but again, it loses some brownie points for the high-bass. High-bass is responsible for the warmth in the bass which this headphone lacks, slightly.

It uses 45 mm drivers, larger compared to the 40 mm drivers used in E7. For this, the frequency response is much wider and the sound is also quite powerful. The larger drivers also make the soundstage more open and driven by boosted bass. If you don’t like boosted bass, that’s a bummer for you.

The mid-range, highs and treble range, on the other hand, are quite impressive. I could clearly understand the lyrics of the songs and that’s a wonderful feeling. With EQ in your smartphone, the music gets a totally new dimension and it also lets you fine-tune the sound to your liking.

Nonetheless, the sound quality is quite affected when the ANC mode is off. Therefore, in order to get an immersive listening experience, keep the ANC mode on when battery drainage isn’t an issue.

  • 45 mm drivers for the wider frequency range.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Comfortable padding on the earcups and under the headband.
  • Great mids and highs.
  • Punchy bass.
  • High-bass is underemphasized, resulting in the lack of warmth in the bass.
  • Uses the backdated Bluetooth 4.0.

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Cowin E7 Pro Headphones [Upgraded] Accessories:

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Although the existing padding of E7 Pro has nothing wrong with it, you can always use some extra comfort, right? The Ear Pads Replacement for E7 Pro is comfortable to wear for long hours and provides better breathability. It also comes with a carrying case and a cleaning brush.

Tailor-made Hard Travel cases and Carrying Hard Cases are also quite popular accessories among travelers. These cases are made from tough, waterproof materials and have enough space for headphone accessories and parts like airline adapters and chords. You can nicely fold your headphones inside them without detaching the chords.


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