3.5mm vs 7.1 headset- Which One Works Better?

The first thing to know about a 3.5mm and 7.1 headset is that a 3.5mm is a jack headset, while a 7.1 headset is a USB headset. Both are very popular in the gaming world. Due to their differences, we face the tough choice to decide which one is the best for our uses. But we can understand that each has its benefits.

3.5mm Headset

This is an analog headset that will work with a good soundcard. So we can easily control all the sound features. After connection to an output device like the computer, the analog signal will turn to a digital signal and deliver sound. allowing you to take full advantage of all its sound features. Most gamers like this one as the sound quality are great for their purposes. But the choice for other reasons will depend on several other factors. 


  • It can support both headphones and stereos.
  • The sound is directly converted after connection.
  • High-quality sound provided for the price.
  • It offers more control over the audio with better microphones.
  • The analog system offers better compatibility with a decent audio card


  • It may cause unwanted background noise due to static distortion.
  • The connection only occurs with the right jack point. 

7.1 Headset

This is a USB headset that connects to output devices through a USB port. Hence, we can only use them if the device will offer a cable connection directly. After connection, the signal is bypassed via the sound card, and the sound is then processed as output. But this can happen automatically due to the in-built mechanism. Besides, this system can do active noise isolation to offer better and clear audio. We can get better audio management options like tuning, loudness, etc.


  • The connection is direct and easy through the USB port.
  • A single cable operates the whole device with better and faster audio output.
  • We can rely on this headset for communication during a game.
  • Background noise is effectively removed to make more ambient audio.
  • Gamers can enjoy background sound on multiple channels.


  • The sound card isn’t very good.
  • This kind of headset has bad compatibility.

Main Differences

3.5mm Headset7.1 Headset
The conversion is from analog to digital signal.Here the digital signal turns analog in the computer.
Offers better control over the sound.Offers high-quality sound with no background noise.
Compatible with various devices, including old ones.Upgrades more often but connects to only devices with USB ports.
The sound card is great and allows direct conversion to audio.The sound is given out from bypassed signal transmission.
This is great for live audio and gamers’ desired sound level.This offers good quality sound for regular uses and beginners. 

Gamers’ Preferences:

According to most gamers, a 7.1 mm headset is better off with the 3.5mm, and is used together. But, with a good audio card, they can use a 3.5mm headset alone. This shows that loud and background sounds are great with a 3.5mm headset.

Effectiveness in background audio in a graph (3.5 mm and 7.1mm)

We can’t say one is the best over the other. Each of them is great in its features. But the choice will depend on the user’s activities. For gaming or live music, we can look for 3.5mm ones. To carry out daily conversations or podcasts, trips, we can get a 7.1 headset.

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