6.35 mm or 1/4 Jack- What Makes It Special?

A phone or headphone jack is now an important part of communication devices. We must ensure that the jack will provide us with a good connection with the headphone so that we can enjoy the good sound quality. Among these audio jacks, 6.35 mm or ¼ is also a popular one. All of them are used for analog signals to be converted to a digital signal that we hear as audio.

A 6.35 mm jack is the same as the quarter-inch jack. This kind of audio jack is especially used on electric guitars or amps. Here the plug is 6.35 mm containing a black hoop. They are also used for connections for different musical instruments, speakers, and also line-level connections. Earlier they were used as telephone jacks for communication. Now we can use this for stereo connections as well. It can carry two audio channels together into different channels. 

The jack is gold-plated and quite compact. So, we can easily carry it around. The tip here is pointy with a ring on the front black hoop and a sleeve on the second one. All these parts of the jack have different functions. 

Parts of the JackFunctions 
TipCarries both the signals of the channels
RingTakes the channel audio signals from both rights and left
Sleeve Works as common earth between the two signals
Hoops Exists in separate forms within the ring to contain the signals

But this jack is mostly used for connections with different output devices like pianos, recording machines, guitar amps, keyboards, hi-fi equipment, and so on. The connections become balanced using TRS plugs. 

If the connection is with a single channel then it isn’t easy for the headphones to cancel background noise very effectively unlike both connections. However, when people are using headphones, this isn’t an issue since both the connections are made to shield them from outside noise. But, in cases of recording or mixing equipment, the connection is mostly mono. So, we need to check the user manuals to make a balanced audio connection. Otherwise, the audio won’t come clear and smooth. 

Uses of 6.35mm jacks

  • Connects headphones, microphones, and musical instruments to audio output devices.
  • Performs heavy-duty functions like loudspeaker connections in live studios or concerts. 
  • Mainly used on professional or domestic sound equipment.
  • Works as a single jack for electric guitars or amps, or as a stereo jack.
  • Due to these jacks, instruments get amplified easily.
  • The mono connection on guitars also works as the guitar cable.
  • Some of them also allow connection with mobile phones.

Due to their versatility, 6.35mm or ¼ jacks are widely used. We can also understand their build and sturdiness from other users and reviews to know whether it can be used for long. 

properties of 6.35mm jack in a graph

A 6.35 mm or ¼ jack is very useful for music lovers. Even though it is quite old, it still works well for various audio connections. We need to get the best adapter for conversions and make sure that the audio is balanced and clear through the output device or headphones.

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