6mm Driver vs 10mm Driver Earbuds- Are they Different?

Any earpiece is incomplete without a driver, although only a few users know what it means. However, if you are an audiophile who seeks the best earbuds on the market, you would probably know a lot about drivers. Sometimes, good knowledge about the different sizes and types of drivers can help you choose the right one easily. So, you should know then that drivers are one of the main parts comprising any earpiece.

In simple terms, the driver is generally the speaker part of the earbud that allows air through the device and lets you hear a sound. The air that enters the ears through the drivers is the sound wave. It might sound complex about the different mechanisms that occur inside the earbud, but simply know that each driver induces different air movements inside the earbud, and creates a difference in audibility. 

This means that when you get a 6mm or 10mm earbud, you can understand that they are different from the quality of the sound. But, this won’t mean that one is better than the other but only different.

An earbud driver has three different and fundamental parts that allow this mechanism:

  • Magnet – For a magnetic field inside the earbud. The stronger this field, the better the sound quality.
  • Voice Coils – Moves the diaphragm for vibration stimulation.
  • Diaphragm – Vibrates to move air inside for the sound wave.

The 6mm Driver for Earbuds

Most wireless earbuds are seen to have dual 6mm drivers inside for driving in the air. The most notable feature of such earbuds is the superior quality sound with crisp audio. A super bass with impressive clarity is possible with 6mm drivers. As a small driver, the clarity isn’t compromised at all. Hence, this is a perfect choice for music lovers to listen to any musical genre.

The 10mm Driver for Earbuds

An ideal range of good quality earbuds includes 8mm to 15mm drivers. So, an earbud with 10mm drivers is a great one for use. Such an earbud offers high performance along with a high frequency that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or harsh to the ears. But this also provides a stereo-quality sound inside the earbuds. The bass is deeper, and the sound is clear enough for regular uses, partly for any communication purpose, like a business call. It may also work great for video games online.

6mm Earbud Driver10mm Earbud Driver
Higher bassLower bass
Good frequency Higher but smooth and clear frequency 
Suitable for listening to musicWorks better for formal communication
Drives in lesser airDrives in more air

Several factors indicate the quality of sounds in an earpiece. So, we can largely come to the conclusion that the size chosen for an earbud depends on the user’s preference. Some may feel that the larger size offers better sound quality. Generally, many users and audiophiles have estimated a range from 8mm to 15mm that are ideal for earbuds. Hence, people will take the larger size for various purposes.

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