AKG K702 vs HD650: The Older AKG or the Newer Sennheiser for Professionals?

Everyone has that doubt from time to time, when your device is nearing the end of its life–upgrade it to a newer model or go to a different company altogether? 

This AKG K702 vs HD650 is specifically written to alleviate such doubts about these two models. Here we give you the model details, the key features comparison, and try our best to provide you with an objective, scientific comparison that hinges on genuine user experience. 

So, if you are confused between the K702 and the HD650, do give this a read-through to see which one might better suit you. 

First, let me highlight the salient features of these two headphones:

AKG K702

Sale AKG Pro Audio K702 Over-Ear, Open-Back, Flat-Wire, Reference...
  • This reference headphone’s open-back design promotes precision listening with a wider soundstage, which is ideal for sound mixing
  • The Varimotion two-layer diaphragm ensures accurate response
  • 3D foam earpads with gel construction and self-adjusting leather headband give maximum sound output by ensuring accurate fit
  • Flat-wire voice cables give spacious sound with an accurate transient response and improved pulse, while minimizing energy loss in the form of heat

Retailers (AKG K702)

Product URL
akgK702 | Reference studio headphones (akg.com)
sweetwaterAKG K702 Open-back Studio Reference Headphones


Sale Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 650 - Audiophile Hi-Res Open...
  • This open-back headphone with 103 dB sound pressure level and 0.05% total harmonic distortion (THD) gives a wide-open soundstage ideal for precision listening
  • In this over-ear headphone, neodymium ferrous magnet systems give optimum sensitivity in crisper trebles
  • Precision damping from low to the high-frequency range is ensured by the special acoustic silk, reducing the THD
  • Transient response is incredibly fast with the lightweight aluminum voice coils

Retailers (HD650)

Product URL
sweetwaterSennheiser HD 650 Open-back Audiophile and Reference Headphones
Sennheiser-hearingHD 650 | Sennheiser (sennheiser-hearing.com)
headampSennheiser HD 650 Reference Headphones
neweggSennheiser – Around Ear Headphones (HD 650)
moon-audioHD650 Headphones
walmartSENNHEISER HD650 HD-650 Professional Stereo Headphones
worldofstereoSennheiser HD650 Reference Class Stereo Headphones

Feature Comparison

Let’s compare these two incredible headphones! Here is AKG K702 vs HD650:

Design and Durability: The OFC Copper+Velour+Plastic design of the HD650 outshines the other in durability, but in design, the K702 is better. With its velour and plastic, K702 is 30gms lighter, and the headband is a bonus. 

Both their cables are detachable, but the AKG K702’s cable comes out only on one side. 

Connectivity: The AKG K702 has a 3.5mm connector with a ¼” adaptor, while the HD650 has a ¼” connector with a 3.5mm adaptor. In effect, both connect via 3.5mm connectors if they are required to.

Battery: As it can be surmised, these wired headphones do not work on battery. You plug them and they play. 

Drivers: For the AKG, the two-layer Varimotion diaphragm tunes the sound without feedback. The HD650’s neodymium is another class altogether and gives excellent sound quality.

Sound Quality: The higher frequency response of the HD650, along with its neodymium drivers, give crisper trebles than the K702. But the latter has low impedance, which means that it can get louder than the HD650 without consuming as much power. 

Both have a very wide sound stage. The sound pressure level seems higher for the AKG K702, but the 103 dB of HD650 is more soothing than the other.

Weather Sealing: Neither is weather-sealed, unfortunately. This means that they are indoor headphones, and not for all weather. 

Comfort: The oval-shaped HD650 fits over the ear, and has a tight pressure fit at the beginning. It tends to loosen with time and becomes ideal for use. 

The round-shaped earpieces of the AKG K702 are very large, and coupled with the headband, give the perfect fit from the beginning. The ears are covered well, the headphone fits lower on the skull, and not much pressure is felt. 

Both are good for hours of use. 

Price: Since the AKG K702 is an older model, it is far less expensive if you buy it now. It costs half of what you may have to spend for HD650. 

Speaking of price, AKG K712 might also be a good option to consider if you are looking for a more economical option. You can check out my AKG K712 vs HD650 comparison to find out more.

Final Verdict- Which One Is Worth Your Money? 

If the question is whether to upgrade to HD650 from the K702, we would say that in most respects, the latter compares with the former without much leeway given to either. Both are great headphones with only slight differences from each other.

But if you are buying a brand new headphone, HD650 is worth all the money that you spend. Aside from being the older model, the AKG K702 lacks a neodymium driver, and its sound pressure level is not that much improved over the HD650. 

You can listen to the HD650 for hours upon hours without fatigue. That said, it is not a professional headphone like the AKG K702. So if you are a professional sound mixer, you may want to buy the K702. 

Did you find what you were looking for in this AKG K702 vs HD650? We hope that you did. Hopefully, you have got your mind made up and are on your way to shop for some awesome headphones! 

Happy listening, y’all!

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