Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 50 – Most Comfortable Headphones

Each daily activity is spurred by an inspiration, but the passion needs to be fuelled in order to get the best result.

What is a good day without the sound of music?

Most music lovers would understand the height of motivation they get from getting lost in the world of music even as the keep up with the day to day activities.

And this can only be made better with the best music companion a suitable headphone that gives a clearly defined music sound, while keeping outside noise to a comfortable level.

We have collected some of the best bluetooth headphones under 50 without leaving out the best over ear headphones under 50 in this article.

We are sure you will find the ideal one for your routine without having to exceed your budget.

Also in this article, you get to find some of the best studio headphones under 50, and a range of suitable headphones for you PCs and tablets.

1. Choosly wireless sport Bluetooth headphone

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Spice up your music sound quality with one of the best headphones under 50.

This earphone brings a difference to the normal mixed up beat you are used to and defines the sound to a higher degree of rich sounding bass.

It has an outstanding compatibility with any Bluetooth enabled device especially Androids, iOS and other smart phones.

Choosly wireless headphone operates on a 4.1 Bluetooth version that allows two devices to connect concurrently within a 30ft distance.

As a wireless device, Choosly headphone is ideal for gym workouts and other activities such that you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

The headphone is highly portable without being bulky while offering enough flexibility needed for ease and comfortable use.

It has a stylish and comfortable fit and can boast of a durable use if properly maintained.

Choosly wireless headphone is a good headphone under 50 that boasts of 5hours playtime and 110 hours of standby time.

The battery power is recharged within 2 hours of plugging it through its microUSB port. The battery level is indicated on the Bluetooth headphone panel of your connected Android or iOS device so it doesn’t go off unexpectedly.

Choosly wireless headphone also features a control panel that allows hands-free calling, easy volume controls, and to pause or play the music as you work.

2. ADAX Wireless Earbuds

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Do you need a high quality sound technology in a not too cumbersome ear device?

ADAX wireless Earbuds is a best headphone under 50 you can boast of.

ADAX wireless headphone is designed to be worn just like a necklace around your neck, without leaving long lengths of cords.

This design already settles the issue of portability and convenience as it stays in place throughout its period of use.

This is further ensured by the magnetic hook that clips the ends together around your neck while the earbuds are made to rotate 360° for easy fit in the ears.

This wireless device is a good headphone under 50 and it features the latest 4.1 Bluetooth technology.

This enables it to pair easily with other compatible smartphones, tablets, iPhones and music devices. Like other best headphones under 50, Adax wireless can conveniently connect to two devices simultaneously without any interference.

It is also one of the best PC headsets under 50 that work effectively with your laptop.

ADAX wireless earbuds is powered by a 100MA rechargeable battery.

This gives up to 6hours music play time on a single charge, thus providing a longer listening time as you get busy.

The ear device also allows phone calls as it features a built-in mic to make or receive calls.

Adax wireless ear buds comes packed in a hard carrying case and a presentable gift box packaging making it one of the best you can offer your music loving friend or family this yuletide season.

3. SENYANG Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

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There are places where noise cannot be totally removed, but there is a device that can provide you with a noise cancelling benefit.

Senyang Wireless headphone is one of such new generation earphones built with compatible features to help you cope with daily hullabaloos.

As one of the best noise cancelling headphones under 50, Senyang wireless headphone features a CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology that filters outside noise and allows for a clearer listening and call sounds.

The device produces a high sound quality with a rich and heavy bass for a better music experience.

You can also switch easily into any of the 3 built-in sound effects for your enjoyment.

The ear device has a comfortable and secure fit that ensures it stays snugly in place as you go about your daily activities.

Just like Adax wireless headphone, Senyang headphone has a magnetic suction that lets you attach the earphones together as you wear it around your neck: a more convenient way to carry the earpiece about.

Senyang headphone is undoubtedly among the best bass headphones under 50 that are worth the price.

It also features the CSR 4.1 Bluetooth technology that connects seamlessly with any Bluetooth compatible device.

You can enjoy the wireless Bluetooth connection at a 10m distance from the source while you also enjoy a flawless pairing of 2 devices at the same time without interruptions.

This Bluetooth headphone can reach a full charge within 1.5hours.

On a full charge, you can enjoy up to 6hours talk time and 5 hours music time at 80% volume.

While on standby, the battery lasts for up to 200 hours before you need to recharge.

4. MPOW Bluetooth Headphone

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The MPOW Bluetooth headphone is rated one of the best over ear headphones under 50.

Molded with the latest sleek design, this headphone comes with a lot of built in features for your convenience and a longer earphone use.

One of such features includes the passive noise isolation which cancels noise to an acceptable level for you to enjoy your music.

This has placed MPOW headphone among the best noise cancelling headphones under 50.

This feature does not in any way cause a drain the battery nor does it affect the sound quality.

The MPOW Bluetooth headphone can be enjoyed both in the wired and wireless mode. In the wireless mode, the headphone is powered by a 420mAH rechargeable battery to give 13 hours music time on a single charge while it can be plugged into your device with a wired cable to keep the headphone from powering off.

The Bluetooth technology is compatible with other Bluetooth devices and connects wirelessly within a range of about 33ft.

It also has a foldable design for portability and convenience.

In some cases, MPOW headphone could get a tad bit tight on the ears depending on the size, therefore, it is recommended that you take it off at intervals to keep the ears from hurting.

MPOW also has a closed back ear design that keeps you immersed in the music coming from the 40mm driver in each earpad.

The device also has a built in mic that works only in the wireless mode. This allows you to make or receive calls without having to stop in your tracks.

You should also know the comparison of Mpow 059 vs Mpow H1.

5. NPMB H12 Wireless Stereo Headset

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Need an all day motivation to keep up with your schedules and activities?

The NPMB H12 is the best studio headphone under 50 you can afford to serve as your perfect companion.

The device connects seamlessly to other Bluetooth device and allows you to work with both hands even as you enjoy quality sounds boom from it.

NPMB H12 also has a long battery life span that gives you a longer listening time as you run, jog or workout in the gym without break.

The headset is an easy to operate device that gives no issue at all while in use.

The headset are comfortable and stays fitted in the ear, reducing the need to replace whenever it falls off.

One gripe though is that it is not sweat resistant.

Other than this, this wireless headphone is one of the good headphones under 50 you can, a fair price for a quality product.

It has a perfect fit especially in the ear holes and gives a great sound quality you need to keep going.

The Bluetooth pairing is very fast and reliable and can connect easily to androids, iPhones, tablets and PCs.

As one of the best PC headsets under 50, NPMB H12 is perfect for your laptops even as you connect live on Skype and whenever you chose to stream live online.

The sound quality is good for its worth and gives no break or crack.

Unlike bigger headsets, NPMB H12 is very lightweight and can be worn through the day without any feel of discomfort.

6. TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphone

TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds...

Stay connected to your music and steam live videos and all with the long lasting battery powered Treblab headphone.

Treblab XR500 is recommended among the best noise cancelling headphones under 50 and has enough features and quality to maintain the stand.

It features a passive noise cancelling technology with stretchy ear tips to block out surrounding noise.

Treblab XR500 is rated best studio headphone under 50 an true to its rating; it features a high definition sound with exclusive output speakers.

This produces a strong bass and clear treble sound, giving the extra motivation you need to keep going.

The earphone is skillfully designed to offer you an updated level of comfort without compromising its versatility and convenience.

It is in fact extra comfortable and stays firmly in the ears with its XDrop ear hooks.

Treblab XR500 is also sweat resistant and stands no risk of damage no matter how much sweat you break while working out.

XR500 bluetooth headphone is your best work-out partner as it allows you to break over limits without apologies.

The Device is a good headphone under 50 that offers more than its price.

Among the cheap headphones around, Treblab has the longest battery lifespan that keeps running uninterrupted for 9hours on a single charge.

Talk about easy connection, Treblab XR500 features the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology that connects you with other compatible devices within seconds.

Treblab 500 is built to wirelessly connect within 38ft distance from signal source without crackling while you also get to make or receive calls without having to disconnect the device.

With a multipurpose and versatile device as this, your search for the best is over, as Treblab offers you way more that you pay for.


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ebayTREBLAB XR500 – Ultimate Cordless Bluetooth Running Headphones

7. SENBOWE Wireless Bluetooth headset

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Spice up your music sound quality with the beast IEM under 50.

Senbowe wireless headset defines sound to a higher degree even as it gives a first class stereo sound with clear bass definition and distinct middle and high pitch.

For a more convenient handling and storage, Senbowe wireless headset has a sleek, foldable design that makes it easy to store and pack into bags without the fear of damaging it.

The ear device is designed to fit onto the neck like a neckband with retractable ear buds.

This solves the problem of clumsiness often experienced with wired earphones.

At first sight, one might think that the Senbowe headset has no cords; this is because at the push of a button, the cords retract into the bigger neckband, only to be brought out when needed.

Asides this, the Senbowe headset functions with the Bluetooth 4.1 technology and is compatible with almost all Bluetooth compatible devices. The wireless Bluetooth function can easily connect within a 10m radius while giving a stable and strong, undisrupted signal.

The Senbowe wireless headset can no doubt be rated among the best bass headphones under 50; a low cost for more quality.

Just like other high quality headphones brands, the Senbowe headset is sweat-proofed with a soft silicone gel surface.

This ensures that it can be safely worn for tedious gym exercises and other workouts like jogging and running without the sweat affecting its function.

Senbowe headset is also one of the best noise cancelling headphones under 50 that features the latest CVC 6.0 noise cancellation.

This helps as much as possible to reduce outside noise to the barest minimum level to keep you focused on the tasks ahead of you.

The best part of the Senbowe headset is its outstanding battery power that beats other ear devices and gives up to 16hours music time, 18hours talking time and 300hours standby time on a single charge.

The battery also reaches a full charge in about 2-3 hours which is enough time to get to back into the music mood. You can also monitor the battery level when you pair with your iPhone or iPad with the iOS battery indicator.

The device also has control buttons for calls, to increase or reduce the volume and to switch between tracks.

While the isolated power button is within your reach to keep the headset off till next use.

8. PHAISER BHS-730 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

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Connect to the real world of music with one of the best noise cancelling headphones under 50, Phaiser BHS-730.

This ear device is lightweight with comfortable bullet shaped memory foam tips that offers a perfect noise isolating advantage.

With a highly defined sound quality, Phaiser BHS-730 allows you to enjoy your music better with the powerful booming bass in the background.

Each ear bud has an 8mm speaker that effectively carries the rich sound into the ears while blocking out external noise as much as possible.

The Phaiser headset has a sleek design with a short length cord that allows you to wear it around the neck whenever it is not in use. As one of the best headphones under 50, Phaiser wireless headphone also features a sweat proof body protected by Liquipel Nano coating, this allows you to work out tirelessly without worrying about the sweats.

It has a water resistant guarantee and therefore faces no risk of damage by water.

You can choose to use the Phaiser wireless headphone as an over or under earphone depending on your choice. But whichever way the headphone stays firmly in place throughout the period of use especially when the training gets rigorous.

Because the battery life is important, Phaiser BHS-730 has a battery power that stays up to 8hours on a full charge which is enough fuel to keep you going until there is a need to recharge.

All in all, Phaiser BHS-730 is a very comfortable headphone you can wear for as long as you want without hurting.

The ear device connects wirelessly to other Bluetooth compatible devices within 30-40 feet to give a stable and flawless rich quality sound and of course a good headphone under 50 you get without breaking a bank.

9. TRITINA Sport Headphone

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Tritina sport wireless headphone is built with the latest technology in order to get you moving without extra weights of phones or other devices.

This is so because your earphone stays connected to its wireless source as far as 30ft without causing a jam or interference.

The Tritina wireless headphone is also one of the best headphones under 50 that connect through the latest version 4.1 Bluetooth technologies with all other Bluetooth enabled devices, smartphones, iPhones, tablets, pcs and Androids.

Found among the best noise cancelling headphones under 50, Tritina wireless headset works so great and effectively in isolating surrounding noises while it amplifies its rich and quality sound for a crystal clear audio/music time.

Tritina wireless headphone, a good headphone under 50 is all weather resistant such that it is well protected from beads of sweats on sunny days, especially when you have to push yourself harder; without restricting your routing on rainy days because you are well covered and protected by its water resistant body.

The ear device fits comfortable and stays securely in the ear without repeated cases of falling out.

This gives you the confidence to keep working without stopping to replace a fallen ear bud.

The short cable can be placed comfortably behind the head or over the head, as you deem fit, and is not too long to cause clumsiness or tangles.

The headphone is also very lightweight and can be worn around all through the day without feeling an extra burden.

One other features that has earned Tritina wireless headphone a place among the best PC headset under 50 is its long battery life of 7-9hours on a single charge.

This offers you more time and hours to feel motivated to give a better result. While you wait, the battery only gets recharged in about 1-2 hours and then you are back on your feet.

The headset also has a LED indicator that shows its battery level so you won’t be cut off unexpectedly.

10. TECART RUNNER A6 Wireless headphone

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Go faster with the newly designed TECART Runner wireless headphone.

Tecart A6 is designed to filter noises around you and keep you focused on the task ahead.

This is achieved by the built-in CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology and you get to enjoy a crisp sound and clear voice calls on the go.

This is why we recommend Tecart A6 as one of the best noise cancelling headphones under 50.

You can never get a break from listening daily as the headphone is built with a 90mAh battery that can run for as long as 8hours of talking and music time and 190 hours standby time without interruption.

One of the numerous advantages you always get to enjoy is the hands-free wireless operation that allows you to maintain a distance of 10m from your device while still listening to unaltered and uninterrupted music even as you keep busy.

The Bluetooth headphone also features the latest Bluetooth version 4.1 and the EDR APT-X audio technology to give you a seamless audio quality all day long.

Tecart Runner A6 can be simultaneously paired with two different devices and is designed to be compatible with PCs, tablets, Androids, MACs and iPhone 7.

The device is sweat proofed to make you cover farther distances than you can with other usual headphones. You need not worry about damaging the earphone with sweat. We got you covered!


Every music lover can attest to the fact that having the best headphones brings a redefinition to your daily schedule and allows you to stay balanced through the day. This is why it is important you choose from the collection of good headphones under 50 we have brought to you.

Explore, enjoy and revel in the guaranteed satisfaction you can get from any of these best headphones under 50 without breaking your budget.

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