10 Best Dedicated Wireless Headphones For Tv

With the growing need to stay in touch with trends and the latest information without causing disturbance to others around, I bet you have started looking for various means to achieve that. You don’t have to look far because we are in times when we get answers to every one of our needs, one of it is having the best dedicated wireless headphones for TV Well.

Who would have thought of that?

We have carefully selected a few of the best dedicated headphones for watching TV, a step higher than the usual ones for phones or Bluetooth headsets.

No, we are not trying to sell any product to you, but have compiled this list based on our research and different TV ears reviews we looked into.

Of course, we believe this should guide you in your choice of wireless headset for TV listening, especially at night when all are expected to be quiet.

There are so many factors to be considered before choosing a gadget of this sort. Factors such as: portability, ease of use, comfort, and leakage among others.

This we hope to discuss extensively in our best headphones for watching TV buying guide below because we know it is not very easy to choose between high-quality products. TV Speakers vs Headphones will give you more knowledge.

The table below contains a list of our carefully selected best dedicated wireless headphones for watching TV along with some details you can find at a glance before going into the reviews.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the amazing Best Wireless Headphones For Tv.

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) – Up To 40 Hours

After many years of research, Bose has finally launched its new finely engineered wireless headphones for watching TV, the Bose QuietComfort 35.

Having known them to make classy and durable products, we expect no less from this new device which they have called Series 1.

The Bose QC35 functions on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for a longer listening time as you get up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Similarly, this headphone has a noise cancelling feature to keep you focused in your world.

Its wireless technology makes it easier to use as you go about your daily activities without the clumsy feel of wires.

This wireless technology is replaced with Bluetooth and NFC pairing to connect easily to an external device. So it is safe to say that the Bose QC35 is a wireless Bluetooth headphone for TV, and its lightweight allows you to use it for hours without the feel of an extra added weight over your ears.

With all the convenient features put into this series, we are quite curious to know what will be revealed in the Series II.
Bose QC35 is very expensive, but worth every penny spent on it especially if you are an addicted headphone user.

  • Effective noise cancelling technology.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Solid and durable build for long term use.
  • Wireless Bluetooth range to keep you connected up to 75ft distance.
  • Expensive.
Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) Wireless Headphones, Noise...
  • World class noise cancellation makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. Connectivity...
  • Volume optimized EQ for balanced audio performance at any volume
  • Wireless convenience, with easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing aided by voice prompts
  • 20 hour battery life per charge; up to 40 hours in wired mode

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2. Sennheiser RS 175 RF – Who Doesn’t Know Sennheiser

Sennheiser RS175RF is of course one of our best rechargeable

wireless headphones for TV especially among the TV ear reviews we made.

With a lot of built-in user friendly features, you get to stay entertained at home anytime without disturbance.

With a closed back around ear design, the headphone stays comfortably over the ears, without sweat, while it does well to keep surrounding noise to a minimal level.

The easy to operate controls are on the headphone for you to adjust the settings to your convenience.

The Sennheiser RS175RF has the capacity to deliver an improved soundstage for you to enjoy clearer sounds from your favorite movie.

This device also has a wireless transmission range of about 300ft without affecting the quality of the sound you are enjoying. This we believe is a better advancement from the good ol’ wired days.

Sennheiser RS175RF is a flexible transmitter that can be connected to other audio devices while getting charged.

Now you need to know that this device gets to stay for as long as 18hours when fully charged, now that’s a long time for you to enjoy your music to the fullest, and you get to recharge when it is down.

  • It has an effective surrounding sound.
  • Adjustable bass setting.
  • Highly durable.
  • Snug fit blocks out ambient sounds.
  • Digital and analog sound reproduction.
  • Controls are built on the side the headset for easy use.
  • Delay in activation and transmitter connection.
  • Quite pricey.
Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System for TV...
  • Compact, ergonomic over-ear headphones. Connectivity Technology: Wireless.Frequency response 17 -...
  • Bass boost and surround sound listening modes. Maximum sound pressure level: 114 dB at 1kHz, 3...
  • Digital wireless technology ensures that signal transmission remains clear and accurate
  • Easy to set up and enjoy

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3. AmazonBasics over-ear wireless RF headphones – Convenient Recharging

The AmazonBasics wireless headphone is a simple, lightweight radio headphone; one of the best choices that allow you follow your TV shows without disturbing others.

The wireless headset can connect to devices within 45 feet range with much clarity, such that you can still go about running other tasks without a break in connection.

The radio frequency headphone also has a supporting 3.5mm jack that enables you to connect easily to your phone through its charging dock.

It is one of the cheap wireless headphones you can get for TV listening while on bed. It is very easy to use and set up.

One important feature is its charging dock that has ports where you can connect easily to the TV or other gadgets while it stays charged. It is powered by 430mAH rechargeable batteries.

AmazonBasics is an over the ear headphone just like other TV ears reviews made, thus making it a very comfortable piece to wear for a long time. Based on consumers’ reports, this wireless headset is perfect for noise cancellation to an acceptable degree while even though it’s connecting function has a limited range.

  • High sound quality.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Extended battery use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use multipurpose charger.
  • Handy noise cancelling feature.
  • Stable reception.
  • Use is restricted to just 45ft from source.
  • Its RCA cable is quite short at 3.5mm.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) – Dual-Microphone System

When we reviewed the QC35 series I, we knew something bigger was cooking with the Series II, a second generation of the QC35 built with an integrated Google assistant that allows you to multitask conveniently without disrupting your music flow.

In addition to this, each notification you get from your phone is spoken to you through the headset and you can reply messages the voice-to-text way by holding down the left button till you finish.

The QC35 II is also a wireless Bluetooth headphone for TV that can connect to two devices at a time without confusion.

All you need is to pause whatever you are listening to on the first while it plays from the new device without you missing a beat.

The fit and shape of this device is quite similar to its first series. It is a very comfortable radio headphone that can serve you for up to 20hours battery life and 40hours in wired mode.

The media controls are conveniently placed on the right side for easy operation. All these additional features do not in any way compromise the sound quality and wireless connection range of the device. It works as fine as you would want a wireless headset to be.

The device has a sleek and stylish build that draws you at a first glance.

  • Effective noise cancellation even in a noisy environment.
  • Sleek and durable build.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Has a wireless connection range of more than 300ft.
  • Very pricey.
  • Works with only selected devices such as I-phone devices.

No products found.

5. Artiste D1 – Crystal Clear Sound

Enjoy amazing sounds with the Artiste rechargeable wireless headphones for TV.

The device offers a frequency signal of up to 30Hz- 20 kHz for TV listening.

This signal gives an enhanced sound quality with deep bass. The radio headphone is designed with features that allow it to be conveniently used.

Such features include the volume memory preset, power alerts and on/off indicators.

Its wireless range allows it to be used at a distance of up to 100ft and sometimes when the transmitter is not in view. The transmitter also serves as a charge point for the wireless headset when the battery is down.

The headset has 31 channel frequencies for an improved sound quality all the time. The wireless headphones is powered by NI-MH rechargeable batteries that can last up to 20hours while the headphones recharge automatically when placed on its base station.

The device also comes packed with a 3.5mm stereo jack for use as though you were in the studio. The radio headphones is padded for comfort for as long as you intend to wear it while you listen to your favorite program on TV at night.

  • Long battery life.
  • Easy to recharge.
  • It is like a regular headphone.
  • Connection range of up to 100ft.
  • Well built to last long.
  • Transmits easily without unnecessary interference.
  • Cannot be used while streaming online.
  • Gives a crackling sound at times.

No products found.

6. Noontec Hammo TV Headphones – 50 Hours Long Battery Life

Noontec wireless Bluetooth headphones for TV is an over-ear device that allows you to enjoy your late night views without distractions.

It has a wireless docking station with low latency. This allows you to easily synchronize the visuals with the audio coming out from what you watch.

The wireless headset has HD wireless technology to prevent RF interference without adjustment.

Unlike most headphones, Noontech wireless headphone has a connection range of 10m, which means you can go about your chores while you enjoy soft beats from the headset.

The device is lightweight and neatly constructed to offer the best you can expect.

Its built-in rechargeable battery is designed with energy saving technology to consume less power. This battery lasts for up to 50hours on a single charge. This means you can enjoy your headphones non-stop for 2-3days before you consider recharging.

The TV hook up provides a crisp and clear audio for movies and games with a great fit that keeps it over your ears without adding pressure.

The wireless headset also offers enough flex and can be extended to fit any head size.

This device is a great recommendation from us especially to people who suffer from hard of hearing. You don’t necessarily need to increase the volume to be able to keep up with your favorite TV show.

  • Awesome build.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Soft padding for comfort.
  • A good deal for your bucks.
  • Needs a Bluetooth compatible TV to function.
  • Volume is not high enough.
  • Does not stay synced with the TV except you turn on/of.

7. Brookstone Wireless TV headphones – Soft-Touch Padded

Do you wish to gift a friend or family something simple with all the benefits it has to offer?

Then the Brookstone wireless headphone for watching TV is the best for you. The wireless headset let you keep up with every part of your TV show without creating a disturbance for the people around you.

Brookstone Headphone is one of the infrared wireless headphones in the market today that offers you the best viewing.

It is a lightweight device and can stay over your ears without any feel of discomfort.

This Brookstone device gives up to 19ft range of wireless connection using an advanced infrared technology; this allows you to listen to an unhindered flow of sounds from your source.

Its infrared wireless transmitter is easily set up by connecting to your TV or VCR.

Brookstone wireless Bluetooth headphone for TV is ideal for people with or just recovering from hearing problems as it makes TV viewing easier for them.

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Works without interference.
  • It is too tight and uncomfortable.
  • It gives a clicking sound repeatedly while in use.
Wireless TV Headphones
  • Our wireless TV audio headphones let you hear all the details of your favorite TV show, without...
  • Wireless stereo headphones let you hear every detail in your TV show
  • Soft-touch padded headphones let you listen in comfort for hours

8. Ausdom AH3 – Over-Ear Foldable

You can now stay up all night watching different channels on MyTV without any distraction whatsoever with the new Ausdom wireless Bluetooth headphones for watching TV.

One striking feature that draws you to this headphone is its red and black color, but the device has more built in features for your convenience.

Talk about comfort, Ausdom wireless headphone has feather soft foams on each ear cup, with an adjustable headband made from fine leather.

The over-ear headphone is easy to carry about by folding it into a smaller size.

Ausdom wireless Bluetooth headphone also features a built-in mic. This allows you to pick your calls without hassle while you get reconnected to your Bluetooth source almost immediately.

It runs on a 400mAh lithium battery with a low power consumption that allows you to go wireless all day for as long as 16hours.

Its CSR Bluetooth version 44.2 chip gives a wireless transmission of over 33ft distance. This Bluetooth headset is compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as TV, blackberry, Android phones and iphones.

The rechargeable wireless headphones for TV can also be used with its 3.5mm cable as a wired headphone.

The device has one year warranty offer and is rated among the best wireless headphones for TV.

  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Very affordable.
  • Moderate sound quality.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight and adjustable.
  • Tight fit.
  • Sound quality is lower and volume is quite low.

No products found.

9. iDeaUSA V200B – Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones

This Bluetooth device is one of the best wireless headphones for TV with an active noise cancelling feature.

Not only do they allow you to enjoy you music or TV shows, but also ensure that you stay focused in your own world, with little or no external distraction.

This feature is capable of reducing noise by 85%. It is also Bluetooth enabled with the latest 4.1 Bluetooth technology.

The device has a rich bass sound quality without any interference of sort.

The sound can keep you wrapped up in your music while you get to hear very lyrics and sound clearly.

iDEAUSA Bluetooth headphone can be used either in the wired or wireless mode. In the wireless mode, its Bluetooth feature allows you to connect through a distance of 33ft.

It is also built with mic for TV. The device is packed with a 3.5mm jack that allows it to be used in the wired mode for a longer battery life.

Speaking of the battery, the device has a 300mAh battery that get charged up in 2hours to provide up to 16hours usage in Bluetooth mode or 14hours in its active noise cancelling mode and 8hours when both features are used.

As a customer, you get a 30day money back guarantee and a year warranty on this product.

  • Active noise cancelling feature.
  • Wireless Bluetooth headphone.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Long battery life in wired or wireless mode.
  • Rich bass sound and clear mid-tones.
  • Noise cancelling feature functions when the device is off.
  • Connection or pairing could be an issue at times.
  • Weighty and adds a bit of pressure on ears.

No products found.

10. Sony 3290424 – 900Mhz Radio Frequency Transmission

Among the best wireless headphones for TV is this Sony device. It is rated so because it is quite affordable and functional.

It is designed with a noise reduction technology feature that helps keep outside noise to a minimal level while you keep up with your TV channel or play you music from your phone.

The neodymium magnets on each ear cup allow the production of high quality sound.

These ear cups are padded and completely cover your ears for your optimum comfort and enjoyment.

Not only that, the headband is adjustable for you to extend it to your best fit, which implies that even your kids or friends can use it by adjusting to their head size.

The Bluetooth headset is easy to use with function keys and controls built into each sides of the ear piece. Its wireless radio frequency can transmit over a distance of 150ft through barriers. This is way more than what other headphones can boast of.

You don’t need to worry about how long its power will last because the device is provided with a nickel-metal hydride battery that charges automatically when placed over its transmitter base station

  • It has a sleek and stylish design.
  • Provides great fit with adjustable headband.
  • Durable battery provides up to 18hours of use.
  • Wireless connection range of about 150ft.
  • Easy to use functions and control.
  • Auto switch on of headset when placed over the ears.
  • Loose grips cause a slack fit over the head when worn for a long time.
  • Ear cup padding wear out easily.
  • Not compatible with just any device.
Sony Noise Reduction 150 feet Long Range Wireless Dynamic...
  • Noise reduction technology reduces interference from other distracting noise around you and...
  • Padded Earcups, Closed Dynamic, Comfortable fit with adjustable headband and complete coverage of...
  • Volume control on ear piece, auto power On/Off, Manual tuning via switch on both base and headphones
  • Wireless Analog 900MHz radio frequency transmission with up to 150 ft transmission range, even...

Best wireless Bluetooth headphones for TV – Buyer’s guide

Wireless Bluetooth headphones for TV come in different sizes, forms and styles and they are mostly used especially when you are just recovering from or you have a hearing loss.
This will help you to keep up with TV programs without feeling left out in the home.
In other case, headphones for TV can also be used when you want to watch TV or play games without disturbing others especially at night.

Whenever you want to buy a headphone for TV, here are few things you should consider:

Your budget: how much you have compared to how much the product is sold. There are really expensive headphones as well as cheap and affordable ones that will provide you with what you expect.

What you expect: there are different reasons why you need a headphone for TV and this would influence your choice. For people with hearing issues, you might want to get headsets that are capable of giving an improved sound quality, while another person might just want a better sound and style that comes with a particular product.

Features: The feature built into a device determines its cost and consumer’s choice. Features such as noise cancelling effects, wireless connection, Bluetooth compatibility and ease of use among others will guide your choice of headphones.
Battery life: you will agree with me that no matter how sophisticated a headphone is, it is nearly useless without a long battery life. This is why it is important to check and confirm the type of battery your headphone uses whether it is rechargeable or not, easy to replace, lithium or nickel and how long it lasts on a single charge.

Portability: this also means the ease of use and carrying about either over your ears or in the bag. Some headphones are foldable and take little space when packed into bags, while some are slim without being bulky and so can be taken from place to place.

Weight: the weight of a headphone will determine how long it will stay over ears before adding pressure to the ears. This could give a feeling of discomfort and pains after use.

Comfort and fit: Some of wireless Bluetooth headphones for TV are made with adjustable headbands to get a customized fit. These types are usually preferable because they can be worn by others and adjusted to fit. Comfort could also be in form of padded headbands and ear cups which prevents buildup of sweats even as you listen to or watch the TV.


Getting the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for TV could be tricky at times, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for, but when you do it becomes very simple. We hope you get what you want from our reviewed products while the guide will help you in selecting the best dedicated wireless headphones that can be your ear partner for as long as they last. Happy buying!

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