7 Best Headphone Covers to Protect You and Your Device

Over-ear headphones are more prone to the ingress of moisture than in-ear ones, due to their design. This is why protecting them has become an important topic among headphone geeks. 

One of the ingenious methods of protecting your headphone is by using a headphone cover. When you hear that, does your mind go immediately to the small, round zipping boxes where you keep your in-ear headphones

Well, you may not be alone in that line of thinking. But the headphone covers that I am talking about, are not those. 

Our interest is in those simple headphone “gloves” that fit over the earpieces of your over-ear headphone. 

They cover your velour or leatherette earpads so that there is a barrier between your sweat and the drivers. These covers also keep out other forms of moisture, and most importantly, dust. 

They are also useful when the leatherette earpads have started flaking away, to make it look cleaner. If you use them from the first, the leatherette might even last longer. 

Before the end of this article, you will also learn how these earpad covers can give you a healthier life as well. 

Here we have handpicked 7 of the best headphone covers in the market so that your devices live out their normal, expected lifespan (and you are protected from diseases, as you will see!).

Care to see more? Let’s do it.

Top 7 Headphone Covers on the Market Today

01. Ancable Earpad Cloth Cover

Headphone Covers, Ancable 2-Pairs Washable Flex Headset...

With a stretching size of up to 5 inches, the Ancable earpad cover comfortably stretches over all the over-ear headphones without breaking a sweat. 

And yes, it absorbs sweat–because it is made of a soft cloth. Due to the quality of the material and the stitching, dust prevention is top-notch as well. 

Since these are stretchable, they can fit on a wide range of headphones, from different companies. 

You will find these extremely helpful during summers when the over-ear headphones cause the area around your ears to sweat profusely.

  • Washable, soft cloth
  • Size of 3” * 4”, stretchable up to 5”
  • Fits a wide range of headphones from different companies
  • Absorbs sweat and protects the headset against dust and moisture
  • No negative change in sound quality
  • They do not fit the huge earpads that some companies have.

02. Geekria Sanitary Earcup Protectors

Sale Geekria 2 Pairs Flex Fabric Headphones Ear Covers, Washable...

The Geekria Protectors are for on-ear headphones. These are stretchable fabric, lightweight and thin, with the option to be washed by hand or in the machine. 

These, like the ones above, are for those times when you know for sure that you will be sweating while you wear the headphones. 

Geekria has a wide range of sizes in their products, but when it comes to the product that we tested, it was the smallest. 

Yet it fits our Bose35II, which has mid-range earpieces, as you may well know. 

These fit small to mid-range earpieces and protects them against sweat and dust quite well.

  • Variable sizes, from small to mid
  • Covers a variety of different headphones
  • Protects mainly against sweat
  • Elastic to hold the covers in place on the earpiece
  • Washable soft material and well stitched
  • You have to give it a thorough wash first, because the black dye transfers in the first use, despite the quality of the cover. Light earpads are especially vulnerable to dye transfer.

03. Bingle Headphone Covers

No products found.

The Bingle covers are for headphones with earpads ranging from 2 to 4.5 inches. It is made up of stretchable fabric, so it can cover up to 5 inches easily.

If you are worried about dust getting in your headphone speakers, then these are one of the best covers to help you out. 

They are thick against dust but breathy enough to not feel hot against your skin. 

They are also quite good against sweat if you perspire too much. 

All in all, these protect the earpads of your headphone in the dual areas of sweat and dust, while adding a classy look! 

They are washable when they get dirty and will last you a long time with a little water and detergent.

  • Breathable material, washable and soft
  • Thick enough to withstand dust and sweat
  • Size of 2” to 4.5”
  • Can cover up old earpads without replacing them
  • Fits a range of headphones
  • If you try to stretch it beyond a point, it might make the earpads slippery over your ear. Therefore, choosing the correct size is extremely important.

04. Geekria Medium Disposable Earpad Protectors 100 Pairs

Geekria 100 Pairs Disposable Headphones Ear Cover for...

What could be better than headphone covers? Well, that would be disposable headphone covers, like these from Geekria. 

These are 100 pairs of headphone covers from Geekria. They are made of non-woven, lightweight fabric, and protects the earpads without getting hot. 

But what possible use could a single person have for 100 pairs of earpad protectors? 

Well, think of it in terms of when you have to share your headphone with someone else: maybe your roommate, or your sibling, or your co-worker. 

You could just put on a different cover when you give it to them! This economic option is there so you never run out of covers!

  • Each earpad protector is 4” in diameter and stretchable
  • There are 100 pairs, which makes it hygienic to share
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • No change in sound quality
  • Fits a variety of headphones with up to 5” earpads
  • These are not washable, only replaceable.

05. TVP Disposable Earpad Covers, 200 pieces

200pcs Stretchable Headphone Earpad Covers/Disposable...

Essentially, these are 100 pairs like those above, but black. They are also half an inch smaller, with a diameter of 3.5 inches. 

These protect your earpads well enough that sharing your headphone is no biggie. If you are an artist, you may have faced this situation in the studio where you have to share the headphone that everyone uses. 

If you have these covers, you can just slip a pair of these on the studio headphone and use them without a worry!

What could be more reassuring than that!

  • Each cover is 3.5 inches in diameter and stretchable
  • There are 200 pieces, which means you will never run out
  • Replaceable, without the hassle of washing them
  • Non-woven fabric, ideal for sweating
  • Ideal option to keep it hygienic
  • If you run out, you can’t wash them. They have to buy them again. But will you use up 100 pairs that easily!

06. Aleicx Washable Earpad Covers

Aleicx Stretchable Fabric Headphone Covers/Washable Sanitary...

These covers are 3 pairs of washable earpad protectors that will give your headphone a cool look while barring dust and sweat. 

They are 2.3 to 3.3 inches in diameter, so you have this option for smaller on-ear headphones as well. They are stretchable, and you can get it to cover most earpads. 

And when you wash them, the material allows for flash drying, so that it is ready to go within a short amount of time. 

Not that you would need the flash dry feature–did I mention that there will be 3 pairs in the pack?

  • High quality washable soft fabric earpad cover
  • 3 pairs with the ability to flash dry than normal cloth
  • 2.3” to 3.3” in diameter
  • Fits smaller earpads snugly
  • Black in color, and very lightweight
  • Not for larger earpads.

07. Tvoip 100pcs Germproof Washable Earpad Covers

Tvoip 100Pcs Black Non-Woven Sanitary Headphone Ear Cover,...

Our last earpad protector is the biggest on the list. Going at 5.12 inches flat, these are stretchable and made of latex-free non woven fabric. 

They protect your headphone speakers against dust and sweat. The multiple pieces ensure that you always have a back up in case you have to share the headphone with someone else. 

You can’t be too careful in a world full of contractable diseases and deadly viruses. This is where the option to change earpad covers sanitarily is a blessing. 

Along with protecting your headphone speakers, therefore, these germproof covers also protect you.

  • Assured germproof and sanitary
  • 10 pcs of 5.12 inches earpad covers
  • They are washable
  • They are made of latex-free non woven fabric
  • Protection against dust, sweat, viruses, etc
  • They will only fit the larger earpads.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I protect my headphone cushions?

Ans. Headphone covers can protect the cushions of your headphones against sweat, dust or for preventing the flaking of the leatherette. 

2. Do I need headphone covers?

Ans. You may need it if you want to protect the headphone’s speaker drivers against dust and sweat.

3. What is the use of disposable earpiece covers for headphones?

Ans. Disposable earpiece covers enable you to switch between users without the potential threat of communicating pathogens safely and hygienically. The potential threats include viruses or bacteria, hair lice, irritating hair products, etc. 

Wrap up

So here we are. What did you think of our list of 7 of the best headphone covers? Did you find in them what you were looking for?

We certainly hope so. 

We had two objectives in writing this article: we wanted to give you an option to protect your headphone’s most vulnerable parts, and also to give you a hygienic way of sharing your headphones.

Because, let’s face it, in the wake of this global pandemic, we have become afraid to share. This is where earpad covers are so important. 

They protect our ears and guard against the spread of pathogens too. 

Let’s do all that we can to give ourselves and our loved ones a chance at beating those viruses. 

Let’s all live a bit happy, sharing healthily, shall we?

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