13 Best IEM Under 50,100,150,200 And 300

Are you a music lover? Then definitely this article is for you. Enjoying music needs our passion, are you serious about that? Listening to music is not the thing, when it soothes your mind, thats the bump you need. Now to enjoy music, people are now looking for the best iem earphones at an affordable price. Nowadays, iem headphones/earphones have built-in durability and reliability features. 

If you are in search of a quality-driven iem earphone and wondering what is the best bass iem under 200, then you are in the right place. Recently some major audio gear manufacturers have unveiled some of their most incredible iem earphones that money can afford. And here, we profile 13 best iem under 100,150,200 and 300 that features all of your demands.    

Best IEM Under 50,100,150,200 And 300 Reviews

1. MEE audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors (2nd Generation)

MEE audio M6 PRO In Ear Monitor Headphones for Musicians,...
  • MADE FOR MUSIC: 2nd-generation M6 Pro in-ear monitors utilize a 5um driver diaphragm and aluminum...
  • Product Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the...
  • SOUND-ISOLATING DESIGN: closed-back earpiece design and 7 pairs of eartips, including Comply...
  • MEMORY WIRE EARHOOKS: flexible memory wire that conforms perfectly to your ears and seven pairs of...

If you are looking for a perfect iem with a budget under 50, then pick none other than our first pick M6 PRO iem. This versatile in-ear earphone will end the sneak-peak while you are practicing music or on way to the office. 

M6 pro is an all-in-one earphone that you can get on a headphone. Built-in upgraded sound quality and further improved with accurate, smooth, and natural high-pitched audio.

For extra noise-isolation, M6 Pro includes T-Series memory foam ear-tips that reduces outside noise and improves sound quality. Also, this T-Series memory foam assists you to adjust the safe listening volume. 

Perfect sound quality also depends on perfect fitting, and to ensure it M6 PRO comes with 7 pairs of ear-tips. The cable quality has not been compromised as well. The cables are further helped by sweat-resistant along with detachable and replaceable features. 

  • Superior sound quality.
  • Seven pairs of ear-tips for a personalized fit.
  • Noise-isolation.
  • Cable with MIC & remote & ¼” adapter.
  • 2nd Generation M6 PRO.
  • No featured lacking.

2. Sennheiser IE 40 PRO

Sennheiser Pro Audio IE 40 PRO, molded in ear dynamic...
  • Innovative, dynamic 10mm broadband transducer for warm, high-resolution sound
  • Reduces acoustic stress through precise, dissonance-free reproduction even at maximum sound levels
  • Good fit and wearing comfort, thanks to ergonomic ear mold design with flat profile
  • Replaceable cable, fit for stage use and with internal cable duct (patent pending), reliable...

Sennheiser has newly launched its latest iem IE 40 PRO and can be labeled as the best iem under 100. IE 40 PRO has built-in robust technology and a piece of love for DJs, sound engineers and musicians. 

The high level of innovation and excessive craftsmanship produce warm sound adding powerful and precise audio quality. IE 40 PRO is engineered to deliver distortion-free and precisely defined music even in an extremely loud environment. 

The flexible silicone and foam tips ensure the optimal fitting and deliver resonated sound even at maximum sound levels. Other areas of improvement include an internal cable duct, replaceable cable, and broadband transducer (10mm). 

  • Frequency remains harmonious instead of split up.
  • 4 foam made pairs of tips for universal fit.
  • Optimal fitting and comfort.
  • Broadband transducer for resonated sound quality.
  • Nothing is mentioned about water/sweat resistant.

3. MEE Professional MX4 PRO

MEE Professional MX4 PRO Quad-Driver Hybrid Musician’s In...
  • QUAD-DRIVER HYBRID IEM: The flagship of the MEE Professional MX PRO in-ear monitor series, the MX4...
  • OPTIONAL CUSTOMIZATION: Convert your MX4 PRO into a custom monitor any time by ordering MEE...
  • MODULAR DESIGN WITH DETACHABLE CABLES: Built to last with a sweat-resistant construction and two...
  • SUPERIOR FIT & COMFORT: Ergonomic design with flexible memory wire earhooks that conform perfectly...

Hey buddy! are you looking for the best iem under 150 which has built-in optional customization style, then MEE Professional MX4 PRO is for you. The eartips include custom-fit 3D-printed and custom-engraved metal faceplates with dual cable, one for audio-only and other for mic & remote. 

MX4 Pro comes with over-the-ear memory wire for optimal fitting and exempts you from re-adjusting the earphones. Also, 4 sets of silicone eartips and a ¼” adapter come in the box and the eartips have built-in memory foam tips. 

Besides, it’s engineered to deliver you deep bass, clarity, and crisp detailing music even in a noisy environment.  Further developed by a hybrid quad driver for high-fidelity sound at stage and studio performance. 

Other areas of improvement include detachable, replaceable cables with the added benefit of sweat/water-resistant features. Also, the cable includes microphones and remote for gadgets like smartphones and tablets. 

  • Superior sound quality.
  • Best iem with mic.
  • Perfect gym, stage, and street performance.
  • Removable faceplates.
  • Quad driver module.
  • Nothing mentionable.

4. MEE audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile

MEE audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile In-Ear...
  • High-fidelity in-ear headphones utilize an advanced moving coil transducer and acoustic diffuser...
  • Balanced frequency response with superb handling of spatial cues for the ultimate...
  • Built to last with zinc alloy housings and interchangeable, replaceable cables
  • Unique ergonomic design can be worn two different ways and fits all ears comfortably

The P1 is engineered to deliver you the ultimate pleasing and dynamic audio along with crisp detailing and great clarity. Enjoying music over MEE Pinnacle is like sitting beside a cascade!

This iem can be categorized as the complete music kit. Featuring silver-plated headset cable which has built-in high-fidelity audio. And the package includes 3 sets of memory foam eartips, 6 sets of silicone eartips, and 6.3mm stereo adapter. 

Further developed with a 10mm moving coil driver to deliver a bass note and warm tone containing high resolution and refinement. The P1 incorporates acoustic diffuser which boosts high frequency and resonant music along with excluding harshness. Frankly, these exceptional features make it the best bass iem under 200.   

  • Ergonomic design to wear 2 different ways.
  • High-graded silver-plated cable made of zinc alloy.
  • Premium carrying case and a shirt clip.
  • Advanced High-Fidelity Sound quality.
  • 3 sets of memory foam eartips, 6 sets of silicone eartips for optimal fit and comfort.
  • Cable lacks longevity.

5. Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones - Clear
  • ROAD-TESTED BY PRO MUSICIANS - The SE215 provides detailed sound with enhanced bass for personal...
  • STRIKING FULL-RANGE SOUND from a single, vented balanced armature driver. Hear music the way it was...
  • CUSTOMIZED FIT - Includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves. Experiment with...
  • SOUND ISOLATING TECHNOLOGY - Blocks up to 37 dB of noise to eliminate distractions. Enjoy the most...

A music masterpiece can sure come from Shure SE215-CL for its optimal fitting and noise isolation. This complete music kit comes in 3 different sizes: S, M, and L. 

Pick the right size and style that suits you the most. Shure SE215-CL is designed for extended wear. And a quality-driven seal against your ear is the key to block ambient noise and optimize bass sound while you are on the go. 

For perfect noise isolation, proper fit is the prerequisite to have the best music experience. SE215-CL is claimed to block as far as 37 dB of ambient noise with the help of its sound isolating sleeves. So, the outside noise can no longer interfere with your listening to the music experience.

Further helped by the detachable cable system which facilitates you to enjoy multiple connectivity options: USB-C, Standard 3.5mm Jack, Lightning, and Bluetooth.  

Other areas of improvement include durable cable, gold plated MMCX connector for 360-degree rotation, low-profile design, and lightweight. Also, it’s designed to perfectly and comfortably rest in your ears. 

  • Single Dynamic Hi-Def Driver.
  • Sound Isolation.
  • Detachable cable.
  • Nothing mentionable.

6. Sony XBAH3 Hybrid 3-way Driver In-Ear Headphones

Sony XBAH3 Hybrid 3-way Driver In-Ear Headphones
  • HD Hybrid 3-way Driver for deep bass/radiant musical detail
  • Suppression housing for smooth frequency response
  • Beat Response Control for tight bass response
  • Noise isolation Earbuds provide increased noise attenuation

Sony XBAH3 will admirably serve your purposes if you are looking for the best iem for bass as well as the best iem under 300. When Sony makes the piece, why doesn’t it come with a shocking performance!

XBAH3 features HD Hybrid 3-way Driver and has built-in deep bass to deliver you high musical details. Further helped by vibration suppression for smooth frequency and mid-high range sound quality. 

The diaphragm is composed of liquid Polymer Film for a dynamically balanced sound. And further improved by cutting edge armature technology for extensive frequency and significant vocal clarity. 

For best fitting, this iem comes with Hybrid silicone earbuds available in S, M, L sizes and Noise isolation earbuds available in SS, S, M, L sizes.

  • Cords are tangle-free and detachable.
  • Silicone ear hanger coated with teknorot.
  • Smartphone/iPhone compatibility.
  • Noise isolation earbuds.
  • Beat response control for deep bass.
  • Lacks optimal fitting.

7. Westone AM Pro 10 Single-Driver

Westone AM Pro 10 Single-Driver Universal-Fit In-Ear...
  • WESTONE SOUND FOR THE ASPIRING MUSICIAN & MUSIC LOVER : The AM Pro 10 features patent-pending SLED...
  • TWISTED MMCX AUDIO CABLE: Westone’s professional-quality MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is manufactured...
  • TECHNICAL SPECS: The Westone AM Pro 10 features a full-range, single balanced-armature driver with...

Westone AM Pro 10 is perfectly designed for those who are aspiring to be a musician and love music.     It has built-in SLED Technology combined with a single rotating coil to produce a dynamic sound. This unique feature brings more detail and clarity in the sound which you can expect from a professional iem. In short, AM Pro 10 is committed to meet all the demands of a musician or a music lover. 

AM Pro 10 contains the most compact, ergonomic, and low profile design. Also, promises to be incredibly comfortable, and this level of craftsmanship means it can be worn for a long time listening. The silicon foam eartips are claimed to provide ultimate noise isolation and super fit. 

The audio cord features high strength, flexible, tensile wire, lightweight and comfortable. And the traditional 3.5mm stereo plug is compatible with any smartphones. 

  • Perfect for on-stage or personal listening.
  • 5 pair silicone eartips and 5 pair foam eartips.
  • Built-in SLED Technology and balanced armature driver.
  • Product Longevity might be less.

8. Final Audio Design Heaven V-Aging Balanced Armature Earphones

Final Audio Design Heaven V-Aging Balanced Armature...
  • Brass Barrel Finish
  • Custom-made Balanced Armature driver
  • BAM mechanism optimizes air movement inside the housing
  • Highly rigid brass housing

S’NEXT is a Japanese audio gear manufacturer and sells high-end earphones and headphones under its sub-brand Final. S’NEXT is very famous for producing good quality and expensive audio gears. 

Heaven V-aging is claimed to be the first earphone that is engineered to produce human voice sound perfectly. For greater performance, the housing compact of chrome copper and further improved by Balanced Air Movement (BAM). The BAM mechanism flows air inside the housing to achieve the deep bass tone.  

Besides, brass barrel finishing is applied on the outside for an outstanding look.

  • Brass barrel finishing.
  • Balanced Air Movement.
  • Updated Armature driver.
  • Simple Design.

9. Etymotic Research ER3SE Studio Edition

Etymotic ER3SE Studio Edition Earphone,Black
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 16 kHz. Transducers: Single high-performance balanced armature per...
  • Precision machined metal bodies; high performance Balanced Armature micro-drivers
  • 4ft reinforced detachable cables with 3.5mm Gold plated stereo Plug and MMCX connectors
  • Noise Isolation: 35dB using silicone ear tips, 42dB using foam ear tips

Etymotic means true care for ear and they have been producing noise isolation iem for the past 30 years. So, a piece from an expert should do the trick! Etymotic has recently unveiled its studio-grade iem:  ER3SE Studio Edition. It’s made for professional musicians and has a supreme quality output to the users. 

The outer surface features a sleek metal body that can easily call anyone’s attention. Besides, this high-performance iem has built-in balanced armature microdrives. Other areas of improvement include 4ft detachable cable along with standard 3.55mm gold plated jack and the MMCX connectors. 

  • 35-42dB external noise isolation.
  • Studio-Grade sound quality.
  • Balanced Armature Drivers.
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 16 kHz.
  • Lacks sweat and water-resistant feature.

10. In-ear monitor earphones, IKKO OH1

in-ear monitor earphones, ikko oh1 crystal sound quality...
  • Aerospace alloy sound cavity: it is made of advanced lightweight alloy with only 6 grams on one...
  • Double titanium drive 1BA + 1DD hybrid power: Knowles 33518 balance armature and 10mm polymer...
  • High-purity OFC silver-plated cable: 2-pin 0.78mm detachable design. 4 strands of 8-purity...
  • Specifications: sensitivity 106 decibels, frequency range 20-40kHZ, impedance 18 ohms, cable length...

This best iem earbud has all your requirements. IKKO OH1 has built-in dual-driver to deliver you the high frequency and ultra-high frequency sound. 

On top of that, the 10mm diaphragm is coated with polymer titanium to produce transient and dynamic music. The body is further constructed by advanced lightweight alloy which ensures the hardness of the structure. 

The dual titanium coated driver reduces distortion in the sound and makes the sound more natural and resonant. It’s a fulltime buddy for you, who will accompany you everywhere; from regular tasks to free time passing. 

  • Eye-catching design.
  • Standard 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Stylish carrying pouch.
  • 6 pairs of silicone eartips.
  • Lacks fastener to tighten the cables.

11. CCA C10 Five Drivers Hybrid in Ear Monitors

CCA C10 Five Drivers Hybrid in Ear Monitors in Each...
  • 10 Driver Hybrid EARBUDS :CCA C10 earphone has 10 drivers hybrid technology. 1 Dynamic&4...
  • DURABLE Zinc Alloy Shell+Resin. High quality function matches form with an extremely...
  • NOISE CANCELLING AND HIGH SOUND QUALITY:Built-In MEMS Noise Cancelling,Reduces environmental...
  • DETACHABLE CABLES DESIGN . Earphone adopts detachable design. 0.75mm Gold Plated 2 Pin...

If your budget is tight and looking for a good quality earphone, CCA C10 can be the complete music kit for you. Our chosen CCA C10 is the best cheap iem on the market, yet enough to see this earphone performing very well. Perfectly designed for gym, jogging, hiking, running, biking and more!

CCA C10 comes with 10 drivers hybrid technology along with 1 dynamic and 4 balanced armature. This level of innovation produces deep bass, a rich sense of quality, detail, and alive like audio. 

Besides, this earphone is composed of Zinc Alloy Shell plus Resin which makes it a heavy-duty iem. In consequence, it features lightweight, sturdy and sleek appearance. Also, it can withstand any tough conditions. 

  • Detachable cable.
  • Noise cancelation.
  • 10 units Hybrid technology.
  • 4 balanced armature and 1 dynamic.
  • Lacks Bluetooth functionality.

12. Hidizs Mermaid MS1in-Ear Monitor Headphones

HIDIZS MS1 in-Ear Monitor Headphones, Hi Res Headphones...
  • ♪【High Fidelity Sound】Our HIDIZS IEM Earphones are designed with single Dynamic Drivers and...
  • ♪【10.2mm Dynamic Diaphragm】Our HIDIZS Hifi in ear monitor earbuds patented 10.2mm...
  • ♪【Convenient Detachable Cord & Stylish Design】Our MS1 Hi-Res Headphones opts for 0.78mm 2pin...
  • ♪【Comfortable & Snugly Fit】Adopting enhanced secure ergonomic design, our Quad Driver...

Don’t hesitate to pick Hidizs Mermaid MS1, if you are looking for a HIFI iem or a Hi-Res certified iem. For subtle highs and smooth bass sound production, 10.2mm dynamic diaphragm is included to upgrade the High Fidelity system. Listening to music indoor or outdoor does not matter with Hidizs.

The detachable 4 thread cord coated with anaerobic copper silver and has reduced in wire oxidation. Also, the longevity and durability of the cord are ensured because it has passed over 8000 swing endurance tests. 

For all-day comfort and secure fit, Mermaid MS1 has built-in ergonomic ear hook and soft silicone eartips. Other areas of improvement include bio-diaphragm armature, customized cavity, CNC aluminum alloy, and interchangeable cable with 2-pin 0.78m gold-plated connectors.

  • Superior sound quality.
  • Excessive innovation and craftsmanship.
  • Customized Cavity compact of CNC aluminum alloy.
  • Single Dynamic Drivers HiFi.
  • Lacks any microphone.

13. Westone UM Pro10

Westone UM Pro10 High Performance Single Driver...
  • WESTONE SOUND FOR THE ASPIRING MUSICIAN: The UM Pro 10 features a proprietary, single...
  • TWISTED MMCX AUDIO CABLE: Westone’s professional-quality MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is manufactured...
  • TECHNICAL SPECS: The Westone UM Pro 10 features a full-range, single balanced-armature driver with...

Taking inspiration from the previously mentioned AM Pro 10, the latest model Westone UM Pro10 highlights a single balanced armature drive that provides detail, clarity, and resonance in music.   

UM Pro10 comes in the most compact and ergonomic design which calls anyone’s attention. With the added benefit of low profile design, allows you to enjoy music all day without ear strain. And the audio cable features twisted design, tensile wire with aramid fiber, flexible, and high-strength. 

Frankly, this professional iem is engineered to deliver you the dynamic and articulate sound on-stage or on-the-go. Besides, Westone has been producing audio gears for the past 60 years, and they are committed to deliver you the best quality-driven product at an affordable price.  

  • True fit technology.
  • Designed to be worn for an extended period.
  • Acoustic Symmetry.
  • Balanced armature driver.
  • MMCX audio twisted cord.
  • Cable lacks longevity.


1. IEM vs. Earbuds

IEM or earbuds these sound similar. But before you shop an audio gear you must know the difference between IEM and earbuds.

IEM stands for In-Ear-Monitor. The eartips of an IEM fit into your ear canal. Usually, the eartips are compact of foam or silicon. And these eartips blocks the passage of your ear canal and prevents the outside noise from interfering with your listening experience.

Earbuds and IEM are similar in size. Earbuds don’t go into your ear canal rather they fit on the outer structure of your ears. They lack ultimate fitting and often come off ears. But earbuds can be an ideal choice if you like outside awareness while listening to music. 

2. What is an IEM?

IEM stands for In-Ear-Monitor, also known as earphones. IEM is often preferred by musicians, audio engineers, and people who are enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound. IEM is perfect for noise isolation and can catch any low-pitched sound.  

3. What’s the fuss about decibels?

Decibels (dB) measure the loudness of sound. The noise level follows the decibels level. The loudness of noise increases with the increase of decibels noise. 

According to experts, sound above 85dB can possibly damage one’s hearing system over a period of time. 

4. What are you using your IEM for?

To understand the low pitched and high pitched of music you need to wear an in-ear-monitor. Also, promising better sound quality can only come from an IEM. Besides, wireless IEM gives great mobility during a stage performance

Besides, exposure to high volume stage performance can damage your hearing over time. Therefore, IEM can be the perfect solution to isolate your hearing system from excessive noise. 

5. Benefits of an IEM

The benefits of using an IEM are many: professional-level performance, ultimate noise isolation, built-in advanced technology, comfortable and best-fitting, can be worn for long period, great mobility, customized personal control, great to listen to various musical genres, and low profile design.

6. Importance of proper fit.

If your earphone lacks proper fitting outside noise will interfere with your music listening experience and can possibly come off ears. 

7. Can you use IEMs as normal earbuds?

Yes, as long as they have different connectors. 

IEM buying guide

Things that you should consider before you choose an IEM:

  • Features: The best IEM must feature superior music quality, noise isolation, comfortable, sweat-resistant, built-in advanced technology, and optimal fitting. 
  • Connection type: The cable should be detachable and durable. Also, your selected IEM must compatible with your smartphone, Tab, and PC
  • Exterior: The exterior must be heavy-duty and can withstand any environment.   
  • Brand: Choosing an IEM following top brands can also be an ideal choice. Top brands which are dominating over audio gear market are always committed to providing quality-driven IEM. 
  • Sound quality: The sound quality must be Hi-Fi and detailed. Also, your chosen IEM must produce resonant sound along with deep bass.  

Final Verdict

This article for best IEM comes with information about Best iem under 100,150,200 and 300 to toil your hassle in finding the piece. The aforementioned 13 IEMs are the best IEMs that you can have under 200. Once you begin to use them, you will have the feeling that you are getting your money’s worth out of this heart-touching IEMs. Superior sound quality, noise isolation, and durability are three keywords when it comes to IEM. Frankly, our chosen IEM comes with all your requirements.  Hopefully, the above discussion will guide you to find the right IEM per your need.  

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