Best wired headset with mic for android and purchase guideline

Here you are, my friend, if you are looking for some best Bluetooth headsets or wired headsets, then welcome here. Also, Headsets with mic for phone calls, gaming, official and other purposes within 50-100$, have a vast clarification on this page. I hope it’ll be helpful for you to get your desired product.

When it comes to buying a new headset, some things come to mind, like comfort, quality, durability, sound clarity, and affordability. We always want headsets at a low price that is hassle-free but can be used for a long time in a very comfortable way.

In the days of this epidemic, communication with family members, relatives, study, and even office work is going on online. In these cases, a headset with the best quality and comfort can make your day more beautiful. People of all classes mostly use android versions of phones. As a result, the demand to know the best headsets for android phones with mic is much higher.

As a user, I always wanted to use such a headset, which I can buy at a cheap rate. The sound is clear, and the volume range is much higher. So I’ve to use many and finally made a list of the best-wired headsets, including mic. Here on this content, I’ll give you my personal experience of using an enlisted headset. Hopefully, it’ll help you to choose your desired one.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right headset for yourself. I’ve noticed it personally. For your sake, I’m describing it below.

What is Android?

Android is nothing but an operating system. It consists of different touch devices such as mobile, tab, watch, tv, etc. Android gives the best opportunity to enjoy your daily life. It’s generally based on various open-source software, which increases the range of deeds of a general mobile phone.

Where is the MIC in earphones?

Well, there are two types of headphones. People usually use wireless and wired headsets. The term MIC comes with the wireless or Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. Generally, the microphone of headphones is located inside the case. But in some cases, MIC is just in the connector band.

What are the best Bluetooth headphones for phone calls?

Best Bluetooth headphones are those which contains some of the desired qualities that are
Sound clarification

Which headphone with a mic is considered to be best?

Now come to the point which headphone is best including microphone. well obviously that one which contains all or most of the qualities of above. Which headsets can maintain most of them are the main view of this page.

As we all know, comfort is our priority. So we often think that Bluetooth or wireless headphones may be more useful because they have no wiring problems. They are easy to carry. On the other hand, the quality and durability of wired headsets are still unbeatable. Here I’m trying to give you a comparative and guideline on both wired and wireless headset. Let’s see it.

Top 5 wired headsets with MIC

Table of Contents

01. Sephia SP3060: Enjoy the world of highest melody

Sale sephia SP3060 Earbuds - HD Bass Driven Audio, Lightweight...

Sephia SP3060 can be the most favorite headsets of yours. It provides the most comfort with the quality sound care to your ear. And don’t worry if you still don’t know about it. Let me introduce it to you.

If you are just tired of getting noise from your earphones then undoubtedly it’ll be the best product for you. Its sound clarification will amaze you.

The music volume is quite satisfying. It’s 10 mm Neodymium magnet provides it with a dominant sound clarification power. Also, prevent sound leakage.

It has a beautiful bass that balances its sounds so perfectly. It’ll impress you. Also very friendly to your styling. You can carry it easily in your pocket and enjoy your moments.

The wiring system of this earphone is much more manageable. The wire doesn’t make any tangle to bother you. So you can stay tension free about this hassle. Last but not least, It supports both Android and IOS devices. Though I also used it on my PC and didn’t face any problems.

  • Loud volume
  • Pretty clear sound
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tangle-free wire
  • Unpredictable earbuds
  • Earbuds are not so perfect for ear sizes


Product URL
ebaySephia SP3060 Earbuds Wired In-Ear Headphones

02. Betron Bs10: Give maximum comfort to ear while enjoying all day long

Betron BS10 Earphones Wired Headphones in Ear Noise...

If you are finding the best headsets with mic under 50$, then you can look it up. Let me know some of the great features of it.

They are specially designed to avoid noise. It Provides you crystal clear sound clarification.

The most comforting side is adjustable earbuds. Earbuds have three different sizes. You can choose according to your comfort.

Betron Bs10 has a stylish outlook. Come in different colors. Equally suitable for multiple devices. Android, iPhone, Mac book, Note pad are preferable for this headset.

The most beautiful thing is the multitasking mic. You can speak through it during gaming, office, and phone calls. you can enjoy your moment wearing this.

  • price is low according to its quality
  • comfortable earbuds size
  • can use this one headphone for all of your devices
  • Has lackings of durability according to price

03. Vastland Earbuds with Mic: Long-lasting Happiness at an affordable price

vastland Wired Earbuds with Microphone

Having a healthy balance between two earbuds, it can blow your mind. Its main attraction is its multitasking, adjustable speaker. One can easily change the previous song, the next song through the speaker. Also, phone calls receiving, denying is part of its function.

Sound is quite clear, and the volume range is high. Easy to carry. you can easily bear it in your pocket or bag.

Mainely serves best for the Samsung devices. Samsung S series phones are best for this headphone. So if you are a Samsung user and are looking for a headset, then you can go for it.

  • Price is pretty low
  • Sound quality is good enough
  • Wire length is quite long
  • The wire can be tangled easily
  • Phone call quality through mic needs a massive space for improvement

04. Mpow 071 USB headset: Enjoy your chill moments canceling all noises

No products found.

It provides a vast clear sound quality with a chat headset. Prevent enough background noise from clarifying the sound. You can use it for phone calls, gaming, skype, video calls, etc.

I am having a 3.5 mm jack add its perfect connection to pc or other devices. All types of volume switch, noise reduction, and other control features are in the attached speaker.

Earset has a fluffy ear pad that gives comfort to the ear. Also, consist of skin-friendly material. Depending on your head size, you can adjust it. 

Though it is called a multitasking headset, I’ve noticed that it provides the best result during chatting and music. Gaming is not a complete task.

  • Adjustable microphone
  • Comfortable
  • Skin-friendly, soft earpads
  • It’s not so easy to carry
  • I think a little costly

05. MuveAcoustics wired headphone: listen to your tracks tangle-free

MuveAcoustics Drive Earphones with Microphone Headphones...

If you want a fantastic sound quality with a small price, you can go for it. It has developed its technology to the next level to isolate the noise.

Its highly designed flat wire gives no hassle of tangle. you can carry it easily. Easily adjustable to your pocket.

It also has an excellent ability to connect with approximate kinds of devices. It is finely compatible with iPhone, Android, MacBook, notepad, Samsung(especially) s series phone, etc.

Earbuds are quite comfortable. Custom sizes are available. You can adjust according to your ear. Overall I think you can try this.

  • Tangle-free wire
  • Easy to move with
  • Comfortably fit
  • Quite budget-friendly
  • As a flat Wire, it can be broken easily
  • Not so perfect for daily rough uses.

Top 5 wireless Headsets for Android:

01. Samsung Galaxy Buds: super battery life for your all-day activities

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, True Wireless Earbuds (Wireless...

If you are ready to pay over 100$ for incredible earbuds, then check it out. Samsung Galaxy wireless earbuds provide a high sound quality without any background noise.

It comes out with delightful colors. It has a long-lasting charging Battery. One can use it continuously 11 hours after one time full charge. Forget to charge a whole night?

Don’t worry. Only a 3-minute charge gives you one-hour capability. The music sound is so excellent. Compatible for both Android and IOS. Adjustable earbuds are very comfortable to carry during walking, jogging, even in-office time.

  • great quality battery
  • fast charging
  • charge stay long
  • Good sound quality
  • cant afford with a little budget

02. EarFun Wireless Earbuds: Waterproof earbuds with high tech stereo sound.

Sale EarFun Free 1S Wireless Earbuds, [2023 Version] 4 Mics ENC...

Earfun Free Wireless earbuds are an Extremely affordable featured pack. Pair of two Earbuds with wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, Ipx 7 Waterproof rating.

I’ve been checking for many wireless earbuds, and Earphones have recently launched in the market. Come with a finely well-packed way in a pretty standard case. Silicon buds, uspc charger, a manual come with the box.

The incredible thing is you can charge it wirelessly. Just put it on the battery area. It will be charged automatically. About the case, everything is fine, and earbuds are placed securely. But it seems to be a little cheap.

Earbuds come in different sizes. But I felt a little bit of a problem choosing the right size for me. Otherwise, it provides an excellent service. The sound quality is pretty good when listening to music.

I didn’t find any connection issues with Bluetooth. It’s absolutely a great feature according to its budget.

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Bass is good
  • let you enjoy the exact tune for its highly developed audio Balance
  • Very slippery pads can be dropped easily

03. Plantronics BackBeat PRO 5100: Do your daily stuff with lightweight, noise isolating ear tips

Sale Plantronics - BackBeat PRO 5100 True Wireless Bluetooth...

For regular use, the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 5100 is pretty expensive. It delivers 5.0 Bluetooth and offers 5.0 mm drivers. I’m quite happy to get the sound signature. So yeah, the sound is pretty good.

Plantronics is known for its microphone, and it has a CVC noise-canceling microphone, which creates a transparent noise-free music environment for you. 6.5 hours lasting battery on a single charge. I can say that the battery has a good quality. Approximate 11 hours run with double charges to both buds. So the battery is stable enough.

Plantronics did an excellent job with its packaging. Earbuds have a subtle looking finish with neat finishing. Styling is quite impressive. Overall I’ve been quite satisfied with these earbuds.

  • Accessing process is easy
  • Good looking
  • Sometimes pick up noises.

04. Asimom True Wireless Earbuds: Never miss a beat with sweatproof earbuds

ASIMOM True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth V5.0, TWS Bluetooth...

Well, Asimom true wireless earbuds come with 5.0 Bluetooth. It has a magnetic enclosure. The case has a belt so you can hang it on your neck.

You can play it continuously up to 6 hours after 2 hours initial charges. I’ve used it for approximately 1 hour with 10 minutes charging.

Can easily control tracks, phone calls, call receive, deny, voice mail by tapping on earbuds. I haven’t found any problems with the Bluetooth connection. Also, the price is quite low.

It comes with silicon ear chips with three different sizes of earbuds. The product has a great look. Considering the overall sound quality, features, I can say it’s quite reasonable.

  • Sweatproof
  • Stylish look
  • Bluetooth range is good
  • Tapping isn’t so responsive
  • Itching can occur due to earbuds

05. Willful BT 5.0 Wireless Headset: Run your meetings with a directional microphone

No products found.

This is a Bluetooth wireless headset that is used for gaming as well as calls. The actual headsets just come with one side, so not a stereo headset.

It provides decent audio quality, and is not much expensive. Quite affordable. I used it roughly 8-9 hours after 2 hours of complete charge.

Easy to wear. An adjustable microphone is attached. The headband is soft.

5.0 Bluetooth gives a wide range of connections. Provide a pretty good music sound. High tech has developed to avoid noise. But taking it out is quite a hassle. I couldn’t bear it properly when walking in the morning. but it’s good for home calls and gaming.

  • Soft earpads
  • don’t pick much noise
  • stable connection
  • People wear glasses. It may be tough for them to carry

Frequently Asked Questions About Headsets with or without Mic for Android:

1)Do all headphones have a mic?

No, not all headphones need to have a mic. People generally use headphones to listen to music. But today people also use it for phone calls, gaming, meeting, and other purposes. For this purpose, technology has added a microphone to the headsets. Nowadays most headphones have a microphone attached to it. But not all headphones. There are still many types of headphones without any mic. They are only used for listening to music or gaming vibes.

2)Is a USB mic better than a 3.5 mm audio jack? 

Yes, USB is better for its transporting ability. USB means a universal serial bus. USB is connected to an open USB point. Then it processes its hardware and drives. USB mics do better than 3.5 mm audio jacks. If you use a USB mic and 3.5 mm audio jack, both you’ll feel the difference. USB mic allows to transfer data and power digitally. Another hand 3.5 mm audio jack just transfers data as line-level audio. So overall, the USB mic is better.

3) What is the difference between earphones with mic and without a mic?

There are different types of earphones. But the basics are two types.That is headphones with mic and without a mic. Now come to the point what’s the difference between these two. Generally, people use earphones without mic for just listening to audio from cd players, music, notepad, phones, iPods, etc. Headphones with mic do all these things, plus it allows talking over the microphone for phone calls, meeting, gaming, and other purposes. It’s the main difference between earphones with mic and without a mic.

4) How do I know if my earphone has a mic?

When you connect an earphone to the pc, there is a socket for headphones. That socket is marked with the sign of the shape of earphones. There is a color code which defines whether your earphone has a mic or not. When you connect your headsets to the pc if the sign is colored green, it’s for only earphones. If the symbol is colored pink outside there, it’s for a microphone.

 5) How do I use my earphones as a mic on Android?

You can’t use Earphones without a mic as a microphone. Earphones with mic have a feature to use it as a mic. For using it as a mic on Android, first, connect the headphone to your phone. Then press the speaker button tha has come with the earphone. And use it as a mic.

6) Can you use an external mic with Android?

Yes, Obviously, you can use an external mic with Android. You have to use just a USB microphone with an appropriate adapter. Nowadays, most of the android smartphones have the option to connect with adapters. so it’s pretty easy to use an external mic.

7)How do I turn my microphone on?

  You have to follow some steps to turn your microphone on. Don’t worry.

Actions are much more manageable. I’m telling you one after by one.

  1. First, go to the right bottom corner of the windows, find the sound settings icon, and click on it.  
  2. Select the recording device option
  3. Press on recording
  4. If there’s any device option select your desired device
  5. Select enable

You are then done. Your microphone is ready to use.

8) Can you talk on the phone with earbuds? 

Yes, you can talk with the wired earbuds with a mic. Every smartphone, either Android or iPhone, comes with a pair of earbuds which is wired. They allow you to listen to audio, video, as well as speak over the phone. Through these earphones, you can talk over the phone. Also, press on the speaker call receive, deny, volume high- low also occurs. So yeah, you can talk on the phone with appropriate earbuds.

9) How do you use a headset on Android?

It’s effortless to use a headset. Just connect the headset properly with the desired device, and it’s ready to use. Some tools may take permission to adapt your headphone.Then click the allow the option to permit your device, and it’s all done.

10) How do I change the headphone setting on my Android?

One can change the headphone settings willingly. Every latest smartphone of the android version, over KitKat 4.4 version, easily allows us to change it. I’m telling the process step by step.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click Accessibility
  3. Select ‘Hearing’
  4. Enable ‘Mono audio’

11) How do I get rid of the headphone icon?

Okay, just unplugged the headphones. The headphone icon will be removed. If you plug in headphones and want to remove the image, then you can also do it. But maximum android phones generally don’t show the headphone icon. If so then you can remove it in the following steps.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select sound and vibrations
  3.  Click on Audio setting
  4. Select a headphone type
  5. Plugged the Headphone in 
  6. Then remove it.

12) Why is my phone showing the headphone mode? 

Sometimes your phone shows that it is in headphone mode still, there is no headphone connected with it. It can happen anytime. Generally, It happens for some hardware problems. The software problem isn’t responsible for it, so it can’t be fixed with any software on the phone. It occurs because the phone thinks the light and data of headphone connection still exist though there is no headphone plugged in it. In this case, you have to check its hardware accessibility.

13)Can you use wireless and wired headphones at the same time?

No, You can’t use wireless and wired headphones at the same time. If a wireless headphone is connected to the device, you can’t join another headphone, whether it’s wired or wireless. And if the other headphone can’t be connected to the invention, then it’s impossible to run it. So it’s clear that you can’t use wireless and wired headphones at the same time.

14)How can I listen to two headphones at once?

You can’t listen to two headphones at once. When one is connected to the device, others cant be connected, so one person cant listen to two headphones at once.

15) How do I play sound through both headphones and headphones on Android?

You usually can’t play sound through both headphones and headphones on Android. But one way I can tell you is to connect my splitter cable to your phone. Then connect one of the wires to your headphones. By this, you can play both at a time.

 16)Can two Bluetooth headphones be used at once Android?

Yes, two Bluetooth headphones can be used at once, depending on the device. Bluetooth devices do not need to connect with the device through the cable. So you can think about how many headphones can be connected to the phone through Bluetooth at a time. Well, for android O users, they can use only two headphones through Bluetooth at a time. Smartwatch, android auto, multiple Bluetooth headsets are useful for numerous Bluetooth connections of headphones.

17)Is there a way to disable headset controls in Android?

It is only possible by changing the hardware settings of the phone. In this case, there is a software on the play store called ‘Button Mapper” is useful. Using it, you can change hardware settings and disable headset controls in Android.


Finding out a headset with a mic that goes with all of your requirements is a harsh deed. It needs vast research, time, and product experience for selecting one. Which is not possible for every user. Considering their need, this is our little step to help them. Giving a bit of effort, just going through the guides provided, you can find your desired products according to budget. So, hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you. Happy buying.

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