Best True Wireless Earbuds for Android: Top Ten Picks from an Audiophile

Have you decided to try something new and make the transition from wired to wireless earphones? Or are you here trying to help out a friend get their best fit? Whatever your reason, you are here to know all that you can about true wireless earbuds for android, and I am here to help you.

Trust me, I know the struggle. Years ago, when I first decided to make the transition from wired to wireless earphones, I sifted through what seemed like a million products so that when I made an investment, I would be left with a pair of earphones that I am proud of.

It is not an enviable job, mind you, but I have already done it. And being an audiophile, I have now a huge collection of TWS earphones, out of which I bring you my top ten picks based on performance and usage.

Without further ado, let me clear the way towards my top ten picks of the best true wireless earbuds for android users. But before that, here are a few things I would like to clarify:

1. What is True Wireless Earbuds? 

Ans. True wireless earphones, on the other hand, connect to each other and to the music source through Bluetooth. It sits securely in your ear, and doesn’t publicize the fact that you are using a headset!

Depending on the size and shape, the earbuds can be barely visible in your ear! 

Tws earphones bring the ease of wireless earbuds to the next level, for TWS helps out in work situations where you are either not allowed to use headsets while working, or if you want to look premium doing your work like a pro!

2. What’s the difference between “wireless” and “true wireless” earphones?

Ans. In normal wireless earphones, the two earbuds are connected to each other via wire, which you may wear around your neck. Some wireless earphones may come with just wire connecting them, or with a wear-around-your-neck case shaped like a bow protecting the wires.

Either way, “wireless” headphones mean they connect to your music/sound source via bluetooth. But they are still connected to each other via wires!

True wireless earphones have absolutely no visible wire. In the box, you will see just two buds which can be used together as well as individually.

Just connect them with your audio source via Bluetooth, put them in your ears and enjoy. As simple as that. 

3. Is it worth buying true wireless earbuds?

Ans. It is. Your life is made a lot less complicated if you don’t have to deal with tangled in wires everywhere you go.

If you can shell out some extra money, you can get your hands on audiophile-grade true wireless earphones that’ll snugly fit your ears and provide an immersive listening experience peppered with fantastic noise cancellation.

10 True Wireless Earbuds to Root for This Year

01. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Most Stylish TWS Earbuds

Sale SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbuds US Version...

If you want to have a blast and look cool doing it, Galaxy Buds Live could be the way to go. Instead of the traditional, silicon tipped earbud, this entire earbud is shaped like a bean! Yes, a bean. 

This shape gives the GBL an open-air quality, meaning: first, you are aware of your environment while enjoying the benefits of its 12mm speaker. Secondly, you wear them for hours on end, because they are lightweight and provide super comfortable fit. 

Also, people don’t give you weird looks because you are shouting at the top of your voice in a conversation as you can hear yourself, and therefore regulate your voice!

The claim of ANC is debatable, for noise canceling is minimal if you are somewhere crowded. This doesn’t compromise its functionality: the music that you listen through the GBL is balanced in terms of bass and treble, and the mids are quite clear. 

If you aren’t getting amazing sound, it is because you haven’t figured out your proper fit from the several wings that are provided in the box.

This is the coolest, most comfortable earbud in my collection. After you pair it with several devices, the switching back and forth between them is a breeze. Given that I own a Galaxy S9, I was able to access Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. It stays on unless you turn it off manually. 

If you have both the ANC and Bixby on, you get only up to 5.5 hours of playback time. This is still a magnificent battery backup at this price range. With both ANC and Bixby off, I get up to 8 hours of playback. The wireless charging case with up to 29 hours of storage makes it value for money as well!

  • Exquisite shape, lightweight, and comfortable fit
  • Up to 8 hours of playback on one full charge
  • Wireless charging case with a storage capacity of 29 hours
  • Quick charging, with 18-100 % in under 50 minutes
  • Excellent balance in sound with AKG
  • The bean shape might feel strange at first

02. Sony WF-1000XM3: The Best Buds for Crystal-clear Audio

Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly...

Next up on this list of the best true wireless earbuds for android is Sony WF-1000XM3 which has several things going for it. This earphone is a lightweight work giant with the ability to pair up to 8 devices at once (only pair, not connect. Both are not the same thing. It can obviously connect to only one Bluetooth activated source at a time). 

Its sound quality is on par with the claim of 24-bit audio signal processing. This translates to excellent music, clear phone calls, and effective gaming experience. It is one of the best true earbuds for running because of the built-in preset that cancels wind noise. 

While you enjoy music with the clearest set of stereo earbuds, the WF-1000XM3 has a surprising feature that will make you smile. Sony Headphones Connect App has Smart Listening technology that detects when you remove the bud from your ear, and pauses your music. When you insert it back, the buds start playing again!

These buds have 6 hours of playback time, supplemented by 24 hours stored in the case. A hectic workday is a piece of cake for this bad boy! Plus, the WF-1000XM3 has Alexa built-in, and the ANC is one of the best in this price segment. 

Touch controls on WF-1000XM3 are easy enough to remember. They activate Quick Attention mode when you tap once on the multi-function button. Tapping and holding the left earbud lowers the volume, and you tap to select ANC, Ambient Sound mode, or to switch the buds on or off to preserve its charge for longer.

If you tap and hold the right bud, your voice assistant wakes up. The right bud also controls music: 1 tap to play or pause, 2 taps for next track, and 3 for the previous one.

  • P2i coating provides effective protection against sweat and water
  • Automatically turns on when you open the case
  • Wind noise preset ensures quality phone calls while outside
  • Quick recharge of 20 minutes equals 6 hours of playback
  • Adaptive sound control based on your activity
  • No wireless charging

03. 1MORE Stylish: Enjoy Fast Charging & Fantastic Battery Life

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0, 24-Hour...

You might have heard about Luca Bignardi, or you might not have. But it was this Grammy award-winning sound engineer who tuned the sound for these sets of earbuds! And let me tell you, it shows! 

The punchy bass through the 7mm drivers of these earphones mix well with notes across the sound spectrum. This creates one of the best listening experiences you could ask for! 

Not only that, it has a Qualcomm chip with aptX and AAC, which are just fancy words for a highly stable, superfast connection, through Bluetooth v.5.0. 

These lightweight earphones pack a playback time of 6.5 hours on one full charge, while the case carries another full day with it. The buds can be used independently of each other, so that the per bud usage time doubles. 

There is passive noise isolation, enabling you the benefits of a well-balanced, distraction-free listening experience without draining the battery even a little bit more than usual.

The design of these buds is remarkable. Usually, earbud buttons are on the side. Not for these. These are on top of the buds, so that instead of pushing your earbud and hurting your ears, you pinch the bud and get your job done. This effectively cancels out any irritation you might have with using a button instead of touch control. 

Pick these for the sound quality, and therefore these are a great earbud for listening to music on android. 

  • Push-button release for the case so the buds are protected at all times
  • Passive noise isolation that doesn’t drain battery while securing your ears
  • Proper fit and bass with several eartips and wings to choose from
  • Light indicator to find your buds in the dark
  • Buds work independently to each other
  • Only micro USB for charging

04. Pasa-T2 Plus: Most Lightweights Earbuds for Workouts 

No products found.

Now we have come to the true budget section of TWS earphones. The Pasa-T2 Plus from Pasavant has everything you want, at a budget friendly range. 

First of all, it is waterproof, with IPX6 rating. I played my way through rain a couple of times with these, and they worked fine all through and after!

Secondly, it has touch control. You control your music and phone calls on the earbud itself, without having to reach for your phone. You can tap to play or pause music, change tracks, answer calls, activate voice assistant or control volume. 

Combined with its 8mm stereo drivers, Pasa-T2 gives you value for money with its double bass. These TWS earphones offer dual-mic noise reduction too, so that you play your music in just the right volume without damaging your ears. 

Most importantly, these earphones have a massive battery. At 2200 mAh, the Pasa-T2 plays for 8 hours straight! The charging case contains enough to charge it for as many times as you possibly want in a day or more, with its 40 hours of storage! Abundant, isn’t it! 

I use these as my travel buds: the case is compact enough, the buds are magnetically held inside, and the battery never dies! I pick these as the best budget friendly true wireless earbuds, and trust me, they are worth the hype.

  • IPX6 waterproof
  • One-step pairing as soon as you open the case
  • Massive battery with 8 hours playback and 40 hours in the case
  • Magnetic lock for the earbuds inside the case
  • Dual mics, for noise reduction and excellent call quality
  • Bluetooth v.5.0 with range up to 30 feet
  • Slightly difficult to get the buds out due to strong magnets

05. TOZO T10: Tough and Sweatproof for Running and Gymming

The TOZO T10 is one of the best true wireless earbuds for working out. They are touch control and waterproof. I have used these in the pool more often. Note: But not for swimming underwater, because the signal can not be transmitted underwater.

With an IPX8 rating and sturdy build quality, it is often amusing to watch as water soaks them while they surround me with music!

The 8mm dynamic drivers provide soft bass, and clear highs and mids. The vocals are perfect, as are the phone calls with its built-in mic. 

One of the best things about TWS earphones is their ability to be used independently. The TOZO T10 doesn’t disappoint, although the right earbud is primary. 

What I do is take them out of the case so they pair with each other, connect the coupled set to my phone, and then place the right earbud back in the case where it will continue charging. Or use the right bud without coupling at all. 

T10 has a 600mAh battery and 55 hours of playtime in total. The case supports wireless charging also. I can leave them on my charging pad at my table and use one earbud at a time to maximize usage time!


  • One-step pairing and ease of use with accurate controls
  • IPX8 waterproof earbuds and charging case
  • Independent earbuds that can be used in either ear
  • Clear phone calls
  • Passive noise isolation with the proper fit


Charging case is a bit bulky

06. Bomaker SIFI II: Ideal Earbuds for Bass Lovers

No products found.

The Bomaker SIFI II is equipped with 6mm graphene drivers, and high quality, dynamic range amplifier for HD voice and video calls. The fact that they can be paired in mono or stereo mode is an added advantage. 

The touch controls give you access to voice assistance with 3 taps. For music, you tap twice for next or previous in the right and let buds respectively. Holding 3 seconds on the right and left ear bud will increase and decrease volume. 

With Bluetooth v.5.0, they pair with the previously connected device at lightning speed. The LDS antenna ensures stable connection with no latency. Coupled with DSP noise cancellation, these buds let you forget your surroundings to have an immersive experience whenever you use them.

This is why gaming online using these earbuds are of another level. You get high quality sound, coupled with 7 hours of battery and seamless connectivity, with excellent call clarity to connect with other players, all in one earphone!

The case stores another 30 hours, so if you are using it in mono mode, you might well make it through hours and hours of gaming without having to put it in charging. And when you do, its type-c cable charges the case rapidly, so you can get back to your game! 

These are IPX7 rated, and waterproof, which are bonuses for when you might want to get off your couch to stretch your legs before the next game! 

All in all, the Bomaker SIFI II is my top pick as the best true wireless earbuds for gaming.

  • Smart Tech providing HD voice calls
  • Zero latency between paired devices
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Type-C charging
  • DSP noise cancellation
  • Mono and stereo mode
  • Might give a slight ear fatigue after several hours of use

07. BEBEN-X8: Most Travel-friendly TWS buds

True Wireless Earbuds, BEBEN 5H Continuous 25H Cyclic...

These earphones are one of my favorite all-rounders. Their 6 hours playtime with a total 30 hours of charge on the go means I don’t have to worry about these buds dying on me beforeI reach home from office.

Once you get the proper fit from the number of silicone eartips provided with it, the sound quality is on par with high end earphones. 

The 6mm graphene drivers provide a pretty neutral sound stage, which is good, if only because it is so rare in earphones within this price range. This means that both rock and classical music plays equally well in these, which is not to be taken lightly. 

The Bluetooth v.5.0 connectivity has a range of upto 50ft. I sometimes forget to take my phone from my office on my way to the cafeteria which is a floor below my office, because the connectivity issues begin only when I am in the elevator going down! 

I activate my voice assistant to lock my phone remotely through the buds, and go my way merrily away.

The Earfun Free are waterproof with IPX7 rating, so you can take them anywhere without fear of getting it wet. These are lighter than many high quality earphones, so that’s a plus. 

When you realize that they can be charged wirelessly over any Qi charging pad, the Earfun Free becomes even more worth your money. No more the irksome wires to get you stuck to your charging port, so these true wireless earphones are real value for money. 

  • 3D sound and binaural stereo effect gives reality sound
  • Wireless charging for hassle free user
  • Lightweight with upto 30 hours of playback and 35 hours of phone calls
  • IP68 dust tight and waterproof rating
  • Bluetooth v.5.0 with a range of upto 33 feet
  • Micro-USB might be a letdown if you don’t have wireless charger

08. Earfun Free: For Fast Connectivity and Great Bluetooth Range

EarFun Wireless Earbuds, [2020 CES Award] Free Bluetooth 5.0...

With BEBEN-X8, you are looking at a solidly built earphone with IP68 rating. This means that not only is this earphone waterproof, but it is dust-tight as well. You can probably use this in a desert or your swimming pool with equal ease!

Its Bluetooth v.5.0 connectivity is decent at 33 feet range. Though it is not operated through touch controls, the BEBEN-X8 is one of the most user-friendly earphones that I own. 

The intuitive button controls are super-easy to remember. Their accuracy made me fall in love with BEBEN-X8 on the very first use!

By pressing the buttons on both buds for 3 seconds, you turn them on. You press twice on the left for the previous song, and twice on the right for the next one. 

You press once on either bud for play/pause or accept/hang up a call, and to decline an incoming call, you press twice. By holding the button on the right, you increase volume, while holding the left button decreases it. 

For activating your voice assistant, you press any of the buttons three times, while pressing once will turn the assistant off. Pressing both buttons for 5 seconds turns off the earphones. 

These earbuds have a playback time of 6hours on a full charge, with 24 hours left in the case. You can use your wireless charger to effortlessly charge the case. 

The buds pair singly or as a couple to your phone, so the battery is twice the usual amount in practice. The coupled buds provide some astonishing reality sound with 3D and binaural stereo effect, so I can pamper myself with some high quality audio while in the bath.

I must tell you something else. One of my friends, who is vision impaired, loves the reality stereo and ease of use of these earbuds. According to her, these are the only earbuds to provide her those features, and I am inclined to believe her!

  • Bluetooth connectivity upto 50 feet
  • IPX7 rating
  • Wireless charging or USB-C
  • 30 hour playtime
  • Lights on the case to show amount of charge left
  • Neutral soundstage
  • The bass lacks punch

09. Rowkin BitCharge Touch: Comfortable Earbuds with Excellent Battery Life

Rowkin Bit Charge Touch Control True Wireless Earbuds...

Small, lightweight, connected via Bluetooth v.5.0 and controlled via touch, the Rowkin BitCharge has many features that makes it value for money. 

Take its battery for example: you get 50plus hours of charge for your earphones, and it works also as a power bank for your smartphone for one full charge!

The dynamic mylar drivers of the BitCharge touch makes it a joy to listen to: premium stereo surround sound doesn’t get much better at this price range, or as this lightweight! They turn on and pair with each other as you take them out of the case, and you are good to go. 

Its IPX5 rating means that drizzle and splashing wouldn’t hurt them, and I have worn them in moderate rain as well with no troubles. They are secure in my ears with a decent noise cancellation to help me get some work done at home or in the park.

The touch control commands are rather elaborate, which is the only thing that annoys me with these. But the touch is super-sensitive, so people with an affinity for it will love these. 

Apart from that, you have a better experience using both of the buds together, and I do, because I don’t have to worry about being stuck without charge if the massive charging case is with me! 

The Rowkin App provides EQ customisation and locates the earbuds when they are connected, so that is a bonus. 

  • Massive, multi-purpose battery: 50 plus hours for earbuds and one full charge for smartphone
  • IPX5 rating for water resistance
  • Bluetooth v.5.0 connectivity upto 25 feet
  • Earbud locator and EQ customisation via Rowkin App
  • Auto on and pairing for ease of users
  • Elaborate touch controls can take some getting used to

10. FIIL T1X True Wireless Earphones: Block Distracting Ambient Noise During Workout

Sale True Wireless Earbuds - FIIL Bluetooth 5.2 TWS Earbuds, True...

The FIIL T1X are the last one on my list of the best true wireless earbuds for android. These have 6.5 mm dynamic drivers to provide a tight bass and clear trebles and mids, and DSP reduction gives 30 percent more clarity to the sound. 

These are one of my favorites to use when I am outdoors. They are lightweight and comfortable in-ear, and the extra ear-tips and wings will make sure they fit any ear size.

With Bluetooth v.5.0, connection is super smooth. They pair automatically when you open your case near your device, if you have paired them once before. The call clarity is excellent, so if that is your purpose, these will suit you best.

For the FIIL T1X, you get 36 hours of phone call, or 30 hours of playback. On one full recharge, my buds last for 6 hours, and after the case is discharged, its Type-c charger fully charges it in under 45 minutes.

The flashing lights on the case to indicate low charge is a useful feature. The lights shut off once the case is fully charged. 

Again, the only thing that bugs me a bit about these earphones are its elaborate touch controls. By now you must know that I prefer the accuracy of button controls, but for those who prefer the super sensitivity of touch, these earphones are every bit the trouble! 

Superb connection speed and awesome sound quality makes them one of the best true wireless earphones for phone calls and office work.

  • Bluetooth v.5.0 connectivity and easy pairing
  • Lightweight for hours of use
  • Type-C charging with under 45 minutes for fully charging the case
  • Battery back up of 36 hours for phone calls and 30 for playback
  • 30 percent clearer with DSP noise reduction
  • FIIL plus app support for 15 types of EQ sound modes
  • Touch controls are not super intuitive

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What does TWS mean in Earbuds?

Ans. TWS means Truly Wireless, meaning there is not an inch of wire connecting the earbuds. In normal wireless earphones, the two earbuds are connected to each other via wire, which you may wear around your neck. 

In both cases, you connect to your phone through Bluetooth, and TWS earbuds are preferred by those with discretion as their purpose. Truly, depending on the size and shape, the earbuds can be barely visible in your ear! 

This brings the ease of wireless earbuds to the next level, for TWS helps out in work situations where you are either not allowed to use headsets while working, or if you want to look premium doing your work like a pro!

02. How does True Wireless Earbuds work?

Ans. In most of the TWS earbuds, one bud is primary and connects to the other and to the Bluetooth device that you are trying to pair the buds with. 

But because sound signals take time to reach from one unit to the other, the buds communicate (transfer signals) between each other, and calculate the amount of time needed for sound to reach themselves from the source. 

This would depend both on the tech used to build the buds, the strength or version of the Bluetooth, as well as environmental factors like crowded places with lots of signal interference. 

After calculating the time needed for this, the primary earbud compensates for any delay within the network, and syncing happens without any latency or audio delay.

03. Are TWS Earbuds good?

Ans. While this is largely subjective, most users of TWS earbuds find that they fall in love with them. This is because the wireless earphones are always easier to use than wired ones

Depending upon its design and tech, TWS earphones can provide very satisfactory user experience. These are preferred and ideal for someone with a very active lifestyle with little or no patience for the tangled mess that wired earphones make. 

04. How do you use TWS Earbuds? 

Ans. TWS earbuds come with their own charging case, so a fully charged case is a portable battery that gives storage of anywhere from 12 hours to 50plus hours. 

In some cases, you find that the cases can also be used as portable chargers for your phone. The earbuds are inserted into the case for charging. You can keep them inside for secure transport or storage.

In many cases, you find that the TWS earbuds pair with each other as soon as the case is opened or once you take them out of the case. Then you connect it with your Bluetooth device, and you are good to go!

Many times, you can use the buds independently of each other, while keeping the other one inside the case. 

Some companies provide wireless charging for the case, making the whole unit truly and completely wireless!

Wrap up

Here I have tried my very best to provide you with a proper guide to using TWS Earphones. I hope that my top ten picks for the best true wireless earbuds for android will help you find one that best suits your needs. I added the section on some basic info regarding TWS, because I get asked those doubts when people see me using these buds. 

It is important to understand your needs and pet peeves before making an investment, and I hope that this article helped you clarify your doubts. I have only one thing more to say to you: select a pair of earbuds that meets your requirements, and be the master of your time and energy!

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