Difference Between Beats Solo 2 and Studio

It is said that those who love Beats by Dr. Dre also love some chest-thumping bass, and Beats delivers to this clientele.

But bass is not the end-all for Beats headphones, and the company constantly tries to take its user feedback into account. That is why it constantly improves on its headphone specifications.

So, what difference do two models, say, Solo 2 and Studio, have between them? Let’s find out!

We are going to analyze these two models based on their ergonomics, audio quality, and other unique features, here in this post.


Let’s take Solo 2 first. Its earpads are incredibly soft. There is just the required amount of pressure to keep the device on your head, unlike other on-ear headphones.

As a bonus, the angled design of its pavilion makes it easier to wear over long hours.

Beats Studio, on the other hand, is circumaural. 

The earpads cover the ears, but the newest versions of Studio have thinner earpieces (not thinner earpads). This means that the headphone is now more naturally positioned at the sides of the head, whereas previously they used to jut out.  

Though its earpads look synthetic, they are soft and comfortable.

The headband, however, is not a comfortable choice in rubber. But this makes it ideal for jogging, as a lighter headband would topple the headphone over.

Audio Quality

Beats headphones are famously bass-centric, and though Solo 2 tries a more balanced approach, it is not quite what audiophiles call a perfect headphone in terms of audio quality.

There is still a predisposition towards bass and slight neglect of mids and trebles. 

But the overall sound quality is highly dynamic, and the sound stage is vaster than previous models of the same brand.

Beats Studio is more bass-oriented than Solo 2, but with an inclination towards mid-low sound frequencies. 

While electronic music is spot-on with the Studio headphones, the vocals can sound odd in louder volume, as the bass-effect distorts it.

Overall, its sound stage is smaller than Solo 2.

Other Features that Deserve a Mention

Solo 2:

  • Both wired and wireless headphone models are available.
  • 12 hours of battery life for the wireless design.
  • Comes with a RemoteTalk cable for phone calls.
  • Weighs only 205 grams.
  • Foldable headphones for easy portability.
  • Compatibility with IOS.


  • Both wired and wireless versions are available.
  • 20 hours of battery life for the wireless design.
  • It has a closed acoustic design.
  • Noise cancellation feature.
  • Noise isolation is better due to the over-ear design.
  • Lightweight, streamlined design for better user experience.
  • Foldable headphones for easy portability.

Final Verdict

Although the differences between Solo 2 and Studio headphones by Beats are several, each of them will attract a fixed user type.

While the Studio headphone will be the favorite of bassheads, Solo 2 will feature better with an audiophile who loves a better sound stage in their headphone.

One thing that stands out is the high price of both these headphones. The price does not fully seem justified at the moment.

But for the die-hard fans, it would not be a problem as more features are added to the impressive line-up.

That’s all. Hope this helped!

Vitaly Fedorov

Vitaly Fedorov is a seasoned audio technician and writer. After spending ten years in a studio team, I have decided to spread my knowledge to people in this domain. On this site, I work for headphone fixing or repair issues, that you’re thinking about fixing. Click on any article on my site and read the complete answer about that issue. I am excited to read your feedback.

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