DTS Headphone x vs Dolby 7.1: Key Differences

It isn’t a new thing when you hear the names of DTS and Dolby as the two giants in the surround-sound arena. 

And if you’re a serious gamer, you’ve probably experienced both. But with great surround-sound systems comes great confusion!

The confusion between the features of the two systems DTS and Dolby made me research extensively. And here are a few facts that might help you too. 

DTS Headphone X

The DTS X works on the concept of object-based surround sound. This means that the sound source is placed as per the wishes of the creator but it always creates a multi-dimensional effect. 

Primarily, it is the object-based surround sound system that differentiates it from the usual speakers. 

Additionally, the processor for the DTS headphone X produces a well-structured multi-dimensional effect than the Dolby high channel speakers. It’s comparable if not better! 

However, unlike Dolby, DTS doesn’t have the overhead speakers to create that extra layer of sound to blanket you from the top. 


  • The processor produces an efficient multi-dimensional effect.
  • It also provides the flexibility to change voice volumes in gaming situations.


  • The only and major drawback for a DTS X is that if you’re planning to use it for binging Netflix, that’s not going to happen. Most of the major OTT platforms do not support the DTS:X.

Dolby 7.1

Bet you’ve seen the Dolby Atmos ads playing at the theatres. And let’s be honest, we all were a little awestruck the first time we heard the sounds! 

After all the Dolby Atmos made its mark in the cinema surround field. 

No doubt it’s the one being compared to the DTS:X. The Dolby 7.1 is an improvement over the Dolby 5.1. The 7.1 system comes with two extra surround system speakers. 

Dolby technology creates a “bubble effect” to give more depth to the sound. Additionally, Dolby includes height channels and these are perfect while creating overhead sound effects.


  • The presence of the second set of surround speakers helps to create an added depth effect. 
  • Dolby uses height channels which are extremely useful when you’re trying to create that overhead effect. 


  • Dolby uses overhead speakers that go up on your ceiling. So if you’re not in the mood to drill holes into your ceiling, you might want to reconsider!

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In Conclusion

I don’t blame you for having a confusion if you’re trying to choose between the two. It is extremely difficult especially because both systems are exceptionally well designed and thoughtfully crafted. 

You really have to pick at the details if you have to do any comparison. 

Both the systems have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages so it really comes down to your own personal needs or preferences. 

And it goes without saying that these technologies are always evolving and the companies continue to surprise us with improvements that we didn’t even expect. 

So here’s to hoping that the next upgrade really brings all your surround system needs to one device!

Vitaly Fedorov

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