Sennheiser HD 579 Open Back Headphone Review

Are you in the market for a perfect and a top performer headphone that will take your home audio entertainment to the next level? Then you need to consider the Sennheiser HD 579. 

This headphone ranks top among the wide variety of headphones currently available in the market.  The presence of an E.AR (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement) together with its patented transducer technology ensures it delivers a great performance at all times. It also helps in directing sound to the ears ensuring you never miss anything.

Most people are said to prefer Sennheiser HD 579 since it delivers a near audiophile sound level. It is also stylish over the ear unit which enables one to immerse him or herself in the music for a long period.  It is a perfect headphone for home listening. We hope you will be in position of making the right decision by the time you are through with reading this sennheiser hd 579 review.


  • Construction: Circumaural and open
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Weight: 719g
  • Level of sound pressure: 1 kHz/1 Vrms
  • Response of Frequency: 15 Hz-28 kHz
  • Color: Gray and metallic detailing
  • Harmonic distortion: 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL


Sennheiser HD 579 Open Back Headphone (Discontinued by...


The Sennheiser HD 579 is made of a sturdy and sleek design.  The headband cushion and the ear cups are incredibly soft.

This headphone grips perfectly well and can easily adjust to fit in most sizes. Its compact build does cater for individuals with small heads. Make an attempt to try them since the grip level might not be perfect for all people.

The design of this Sennheiser HD 579 headphone works well with the unique transducers of Sennheiser providing a well detailed and rich soundscape

Its matte metallic detailing and the stylish grey color provide a solid and sharp appearance.  These unique transducers make use of the aluminum voice coils which helps in ensuring the headphone produces great performance every time.

Its open back design offers a great and open spatial presentation that helps in improving the users listening sessions. It enables one to comfortably enjoy the natural listening experience.   

The open back design also helps in improving the sound spaciousness offering you with a realistic and precise sound. Its ergonomic, attractive and contemporary design is a real treat to any person who wants to listen to music with some discovery sense.

Accessories and Ergonomics

The Sennheiser’s HD 579 headphones come with ear pads made of velour and memory foam and faux leather in the headband. The structure of this headphone is made of plastic which is well coated in a metallic and ivory colored paint. 

The headphones also consist of two cables which are detachable. One measure 3 meters long and has a 6.3 mm plug connector while the other one measures 1.2 meters long and comes with a 3.5mm mini jack connector. There is also a 6.35 mm stereo plug to the 3.5 mm jack adapter.  

This makes them competitive with a variety of devices and entertainment systems. The HD 579 also comes with large ear cups that are made up of replaceable and soft ear pads while its headband is well padded and broad making it possible for one to immerse themselves in the music for hours on end.


The Sennheiser’s HD 579 are known to produce a velvety smooth with a completely gentle tone which means one can comfortably listen to the music for hours on end. 

The drums have a deep and rich impact and bass notes that produces expressive voice. However, there are no any harsh edges on the Sennheiser’s HD 579 edges. This HD 579 is known to sacrifice insight and transparency for their even tones.  

The sound quality is useful when listening to a low streaming resolution on Spotify.


Most people do find the HD 579 comfortable to wear thanks to their well padded and soft headband with large ear cups which have been fitted well and offer comfortable velour ear cushions. 

They are known to be very comfortable when it comes to long music listening sessions. This headphone comes with a cool gray and stylish color scheme which ensures it can go well with any outfit. You will enjoy a superb wearing comfort even during long listening hours when using this headphone.


The HD 579 low end will help deliver a very tight bass that comes with minimal distortion and strong impact. The vocals are very clear even in compositions that are considered complex. The contrast and articulation levels are also great.

The Sennheiser’s HD 579 is known to deliver some compression when it comes to upper mids. The headphone’s high end offers a good detail although it might not deliver every nuance which can be offered by a song. It smoothes out the high end which leads to a loss in finer details.

The sound is controlled well and lacks intense or screeching flaws. The Sennheiser’s HD 579 soundstage provides a completely extraordinary placement although the depth lacks a lot. 

Every device will be taking some sense of space although the lack of enough depth can easily lead to an oppressive listening experience.


The Sennheiser’s HD 579 comes with a warranty period of two years when they are first bought from a licensed Sennheiser dealer. However, when you are not satisfied with these headphones, you can always return them and get a replacement or be refunded your money.

  • It delivers a completely smooth and rich music
  • It is very dynamic and punchy
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to its well padded ear pads
  • It is of a compact and sleek design
  • It is a perfect choice for people who prefer analytical sound
  • Not ideal for people who want to block out environment noise

Video: Sennheiser’s HD 579

About Sennheiser Company

Sennheiser Company was founded way back in 1945 after World War 11. The company is headquartered in Wedmark Municipality in Germany. In the US, its head office is in Old Lyme in Connecticut.

It is a privately held audio firm which specializes in production and designing of different high fidelity products. Some of the products it manufactures include:  telephone accessories, headphones, microphones and aviation headsets for professional, business and personal business applications.

The Sennheiser Company has a vibrant customer care system which is very supportive to its customers in case of any problem. Never hesitate in investing in the Sennheiser products in case you are in need of a high quality and durable audio system.

Sennheiser’s HD 579 Vs. Sennheiser’s HD 599

Both the Sennheiser’s HD 579 and 599 are known to provide a decent frequency range although the specifications reveal HD 599 offers a greater coverage.

When the sound pressure level and the nominal impedance is the same for both headphones, the HD599 offers a much clearer sound. However, all these headphones can work well with any portable music player and they will all benefit from some amplification.

HD 579 shines where low are concerned which offers an articulate and clean sound with a well controlled bass and plenty of detail. 

The HD 599 will provide a more intense and detailed bass. The intense bass has the tendency of overwhelming other frequency range parts.

The HD579 midrange is usually overshadowed by the slight compression at the upper mids. It still produces a much cleaner sound when compared to the HD 599. 

Although the HD 599 offers a tiny but more detailed sound, the increase in compression usually drag down and pinch mids vocals.


For sure, this sennheiser hd 579 review made you understand the hd 579 better. The Sennheiser’s HD 579 is a very impressive headphone pair when it comes to critical listening. 

This headphone has been powered by the unique Sennheiser proprietary transducer technology which allows it to offer great performance. The headphone which has a cool gray and chic color scheme is capable of delivering sound levels of audiophile.

It is possible to replace the ear pads hence; one does not have to worry whenever it comes to replacing it. In case you are in need of a headphone that is capable of delivering comfort and solid performance during your entire listening session, then you need to consider the Sennheiser’s HD 579.  

The stylish look, amazing sound and comfortable design of this headphone makes it a great addition to any entertainment system for your home.

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