TOZO T5 vs TOZO T6 vs TOZO T8 vs T10 vs T12: Which One Should You Get?

For the longest time, I have been tangled in wires when I wanted to go hands-free: wires to get music and calls in my ear, and wires to charge my poor dying handset.

I wish someone had told me earlier that great music and value for money did not mean big brand names. Well, here I am, telling this now: if you are looking for affordable, truly wireless stereo headsets that fit in your ear and sounds bomb, you have come to the right place. 

In this Comparison “TOZO T5 vs TOZO T6 vs TOZO T8 vs T10 vs T12” I bring you my favorite brand in the affordable earbuds section. These will make you wonder why you ever considered breaking your wallet to buy high-end earbuds! Read on.

TOZO T5 vs T6 vs T12: Head-to-head Comparison

Common Features

The common features of these ergonomically designed earbuds include touch control, Hi-Fi stereo, wireless charging for the case, 1-step pairing, and Bluetooth v.5.0. 

No matter what you look for, it is here in these earbuds. Let’s find out what amazing features they have!

Comfort and Ease of Use


The T5 is by far the most distinct among these touch control TOZO models, with its gel-flexible silicon ear-caps. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the ear-caps that loop over my ears do not interfere with my glasses at all! They are a snug fit, lightweight, and on par with the loop-less models, in terms of noise canceling.

The touch controls are pretty straightforward too: one tap for play/pause/accept call; long hold to increase or decrease volume, and 3 taps to get Siri or Google Assistant as the case may be.

The T5 charging case is rather bulky compared to other models because it has to accommodate for the ear loops. But you can still carry them in your pocket or purse without much ado.


Look-wise, these are identical to the T10 model, except with no buttons, but a highly responsive touchpad on the buds. One-touch will pause the audio, and lets you listen if someone talks to you without having to take off the buds. The controls are similar to T5, and when you select an option, the earbuds say it in your ear so you know that you chose correctly.

Its case has magnets to keep the buds locked in place until you pull them out, which means two things: one, you don’t have to worry about losing the buds accidentally; two, if you have really big fingers, you might find it slightly difficult to get these extremely small buds out of the case.

TOZO provides 4 sets of earbuds with these earphones. By selecting your proper fit, you have an in-ear seal that sits snugly and works to reduce ambient noise.


These earphones are a very snug fit that is more discreet than any other models, because of its small, ergonomic design. Due to this, the case is smaller and more pocket friendly than any other, without compromising its sturdiness.

The magnetic lock on this polymer fiber case will prevent the earbuds from falling off. But this didn’t mean that my butterfingers didn’t drop the earbuds on more than one occasion. But when snapped back onto my ear, they worked as if nothing happened!

The case has Smart LED Digital Display, a pleasant feature that shows the charges of both earbuds separately as well as the charge left in the case. The buds can be used independently of each other, and the touch sensor is highly responsive.

You tap once on any of the buds to play/pause music, tap twice on the right bud to go to the next track, and tap twice on the left bud to go back one track. Tap three times, and Siri comes on! (or Google Assistant, as the case may be)

T12 also has voice assist to confirm that you chose your options correctly, and it plays in the left earbud. Therefore, when you use the buds independently, better use the left one.


With Bluetooth v5.0 and 1-step pairing, all these earphones have fast connectivity, but some are faster than others.

1-step pairing means that you take them out of the case and they pair with each other automatically, and then you connect the coupled set with the phone, tablet, or laptop by going to their Bluetooth settings.


The 15 seconds that it takes for pairing is not wasted, for I need those seconds to loop these buds into my ear. I found that I could go upstairs to my bedroom leaving the phone in my living, and the connectivity remains great. And finally, calls made using T5 spokes volume about the terrific quality of the mic. 


Connectivity is similar to T5, and stable even in environments where you know there is interference. I waited at a noisy and crowded railway station wearing these, and never once was its connection bad or even close. I thought maybe the mic won’t work as good as T5 because it is nowhere near my mouth, but T6 surprised me again with its noise isolation.


Connection speed is excellent in under 5 seconds for the T12. This lightning-fast connection works well in calls as well, with T12’s amazing mic.



On a single charge, the T5 goes on for 6 hours, with 24 hours left in the charging case! This makes the bulkier case an easier thing to carry, reminding you that the larger the case, the more charge it holds!


These earphones also have about 6 hours of playback and 24 hours in the charging case. Coupled with its slighter build and its LEDs indicating charge left in the case, the T6 is a real steal for money!


The T12s last 5 hours on a single charge, and the charging case can hold up to an additional 18 hours. The LED display on its case accurately displays the charge left in each earbud as well as the overall charge left in the case.

Other Features:


Both T6 and T12 are given IPX8 rating, which means that they can be submerged in 1m water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged. This means that you don’t have to worry about it getting water damage even if you use it in the shower. (Again, the charging cases are waterproof.)

The T5, however, is only rated sweat-proof. I use the T5 for a secure fit during cycling, and they perform well even after I am dripping with sweat. Even though an IPX rating would be preferable, I find no reason to believe that sweat will damage this earphone, for I have used it plenty of times this way.

Driver Size and Sound Quality:

T5 boasts of a 12mm driver, which translates to amazing in bass stereo. It provides crisp highs and amazing mids as well, on par with high-end headsets.

The T12 has 10mm drivers, providing great bass and decent mids and highs.

T6, however, has 6mm drivers, that still work closer to the high-end earphones.

Final Words

The three touch control earphones from TOZO are all excellent in their own merit. Which one to choose from them is your personal preference, since each of these has something to offer for everyone.

TOZO T8 vs T10: Which is the Better Button-Controlled Option of the Two?

Common Features

Both these TWS headsets boast Hi-Fi stereo, ergonomic designs, and super-easy pairing, with a Bluetooth range of close to 35 feet. They both have an in-built mic for phone calls, with noise isolation for better communication.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The T8, weighing at about 3.5 ounces, is by no means uncomfortable to wear. In fact, T8 and T10 are very ergonomically designed to fit your ear snugly. You just have to choose the right fit from the various rubber tips that are provided with the headsets!

It took me a while to notice that the right fit means three things: firstly, they are comfortably tight in your ear. Secondly, they reduce the ambient noise, letting you focus on the actual sounds that you are trying to hear. And finally, the right fit means that you get the best bass, which in turn means better sound quality!

Both these wireless headphones are great for sports and gymming. But I must say that the T10 is really, really lightweight at 0.071 ounces, which is a bonus over the T8.

Both are button operated headsets, with the provision for playing and pausing music with one press, and for redialing with a double press for T8 and a long press for T10. Although these are pretty basic, they work smoothly. I would have liked the option to skip a track or to go back to a previous one, but you can’t ask too much at this price range!


Apart from the wireless feature, you always choose a headset with the best connectivity, and here, the T10 outperforms the T8. With its sophisticated v5.0 Bluetooth, T10 connects faster in one step pairing. It also stays more stable.

The earbuds can also be worn independently of each other. Thus, you can leave the charging case and an earbud at home when you go out for a long walk, and come home to a fully charged earbud. 

Note that for T10, only the right bud connects to your phone automatically when you are using the buds independently. If you want to use the left bud without taking out the right one too, just go to your phone’s Bluetooth setting and connect to TOZO-T10-L manually.

For the T8, too, buds play mono and can be used to listen to music, just like the T10. But its mic is only on the right side, so when using the left earbud alone, it cannot be used for calls. I had to switch off the Bluetooth to attend calls while using the left earbud. But if you are using both, as I imagine you will be, this shouldn’t be a problem.


For me, this is a very important segment in choosing wireless headphones. The T8 headsets give about 3 hours of battery life on continuous use, with the charging case providing two additional charging. If you are using the buds separately, this might mean around 12 hours!

But as with most of the features, the T10 outperforms the T8, giving 4 hours on a single charge and up to 14 extra hours in the charging case! This meant that I could go without charging the case for a full day without compromising on usage time!

The T10 charging case is compatible with any Q1 charger, though it is not provided with the headset. I have one at home for my phone, but when at a friend’s home and without my wireless charger, I found it really easy to charge my headset with a micro USB that my friend uses for her phone! It wasn’t as quick as wireless charging, but it was serviceable.

Other Features:


The T10 has an IPX8 rating in waterproofing, while the T8 is registered as sweat-proof. For me, I use both while exercising, and have so far found no problems. I would be reluctant to go outside wearing T8 when it is pouring but have worn the T10 in rain without any issue. (Quick fact: the T10 case is also waterproof!).

Look and Feel

The T8 is slightly bigger than the T10. The latter has left and right labeled on the outer side of the MFB, while the T8 has only a slight dip indicating the button. T8 flashes a blue light when it is on, so you know whether the headset is turned on or not without skipping a beat. The T10 drivers are 8mm, which means stereo quality audio with deep bass.

Final Words

The T8 and T10 have different uses. The T8 is for lighter uses, like listening to music or an audiobook while relaxing by your fireside, but the T10 shall withstand heavier, more vigorous activities without blinking.

Finally, Touch-controls or Button-controls?

This is the final question—whether to choose button controls for their sturdiness, or the touch controls for their ease of use. In this TOZO T5 vs TOZO T6 vs TOZO T8 vs T10 vs T12 comparison, I have tried to show the merits and demerits of all of them. 

The T8 and T10 are certainly user friendly, with their buttons not prone to accidental presses. Whether this would really count over the convenient, sleek, easy-to-use touch control of T5s with their ear loops, or T6 with its IPX8, or T12 with its flash-quick connectivity is entirely your choice.

Best TOZO Headsets Based on User Preference:

T5: Its convenient, silicone ear-cap design loops over your ear for better security while moving, and the 12mm stereo drivers provide great projection and a bright sound. 

T6: IPX8 rated, sleek, and small, these are really convenient earphones to carry in its magnetic case with wireless charging.

T8: Button operated, sturdy, and lightweight, these earphones have one year warranty and huge Bluetooth range.

T10: Massive battery in the button-operated section, this one provides smooth and beautifully balanced audio through its 8mm drivers, and great convenience with wireless charging, and IPX8 rating.

T12: IPX8 rated, wirelessly charging with USB-C for cable, this one connects instantly, providing 5 hours playback through 10mm drivers.

Wrap Up

This comparison ( TOZO T5 vs TOZO T6 vs TOZO T8 vs T10 vs T12 ) was fun to write because I got to critically evaluate the performances of a beloved brand. I have done my best to give you an all-round account of the TOZO earphones, and hope you have a clearer view of them now. The rest is up to you. As always, go with your gut, and have a happy time choosing!

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