What is the difference between 7mm and 10mm drivers in Bluetooth earbuds? Find out the Exclusive Features

Ideally, drivers of any earpiece from the range of 8mm to 15mm are said to be great for the clarity and loudness of the audio. In that sense, a 10mm driver is naturally preferable for Bluetooth earbuds to a 7mm one. The difference is mainly in the bass provided by these drivers. But as always, the driver size isn’t the only factor that determines the quality of any earbud. Each one will offer different uses.

The larger the size of the driver, the better the bass. So, a 10mm driver will have higher bass than a 7mm driver. It will also provide stronger sound waves for louder sounds. The loudness will become higher, but with the higher bass, there won’t be any effect on the clarity. Those who want to have a higher and better bass, they will find that the 10mm driver can give this without distorting the audio quality. However, the 7mm driver can also provide a good sound quality in earbuds.

10mm driver

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Features 7mm Driver10mm Driver
Size and Weight Lower Higher 
Bass Lower Higher 
Treble More Less 
Frequency RangeGood Great
Loudness Less  More 

A 7mm driver earbud is quite new to the earpiece gadget community, and users are still experiencing the new functions. Several great brands have created some of the best quality earbuds with a 7mm driver that also have some additional features like dual resonance and fine-tuning of sounds. The best part is, due to the lower loudness, and the overall construction, these earbuds are comfortable for long wear, which might be more than a 10mm driver. 

7mm and 10 mm driver feature evaluation graph

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The best quality earbud is still the one that has the best construction. As mentioned, driver size isn’t the only factor that affects sound quality. So, if the material build is poor, then a 10mm will provide poor audio than a 7mm driver. Both of them are dynamic drivers, but the earbud can be wired or wireless. Most 7mm driver earbuds are wired with a comfortable hook system for wearing around the ears. We can easily find many earbuds that are made for comfortable long-wear, especially for professional purposes. 

Hence, those who want more bass range for listening to different types of music, then they can choose a 10mm driver earbud. Besides, this driver will offer other features such as noise cancelation, greater frequency, and also a good gaming experience. The choice of the driver type of any earbud depends on the purpose it will be used. Usually, a wired earphone can be used for longer than the wireless one since it is battery-operated. However, wired ones have a lesser mobility option than Bluetooth ones. 

Overall, a 10mm driver earbud can be said as better than a 7mm driver, because of its features and quality. As mentioned, the ideal range for in-ear earbuds contains the 10mm one. Usually, people choose below this range for the cheaper price and the minimal use of earbuds. But for premium usage and longevity, a sturdy and larger size driver earbud will last longer for any user.

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