15 Best Infant Noise Cancelling Headphones in : Expert’s Choice

Do you have kids, and you are concerned about their hearing protection since they are often exposed to loud noise? Then you are in the right place. You must not take the matter lightly when it’s a matter of your little one’s hearing protection.

Noise-canceling headphones come with noise reduction benefits and are suitable for infants and we have listed the best one to toil the hassle for you. We have selected the products with comfort and less weight for babies.

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The infant’s hearing system becomes very sensitive and vulnerable by exposure to loud noise. Their hearing system can be quickly and easily damaged compare to yours.

A pair of good quality earmuffs can be the best solution and protection for your baby. Even everyday noisy activities may impacts heavily on those little ears.

Here we profile 15 best infant noise-canceling headphones that feature the best qualities. Check below to discover more about our chosen earmuffs/headphones.

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Importance of Protecting Child’s Hearing

Children are susceptible by exposure to loud sounds. Consequently, they suffer ear damage more quickly than adults. Also, a prolonged noisy environment can cause your child to experience stress and sleeping problems. 

Choosing the Best Hearing Protection

Earmuffs designed for babies can be the best treatment to protect your child’s hearing system. Pay attention to the following factors while you’re choosing the best hearing protection for your little one.   

  • Pay attention to the headband of earmuffs. The headband must be soft foam padded and adjustable. Also, the headband must fit your child’s head comfortably instead of putting pressure. 
  • The ear-cups must be wrapped with soft cushions and gently rest around your kid’s little ears. 
  • The earmuff must be lightweight rather than being bulky. 
  • The earmuff must withstand all harmful loud noise. 
  • For durable and your child’s safety, the earmuff must be composed of high-quality non-toxic material. Make sure your baby‘s skin is safe with the headphone.      

5 Benefits of Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids

  • Protect the kid’s hearing system from loud noises. 
  • Baby earmuffs allow your child to sleep peacefully without experiencing any noisy disruption.
  • Earmuffs help older kids to concentrate on studying both at home and school. 
  • With a pair of earmuffs, your child can go with you to sports events, concerts, racing events, or any noisy places. 
  • Reduce stress results from noise. 

Three Types of Ear Protection for Children

There are three types of ear protection available on the market, which you can use for your child to prevent the adverse impact results from a noisy environment. 

  • Earmuffs
  • Earplugs
  • Semi-insert earplugs

Understanding the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

NRR measures the amount of sound an earmuff can reduce. An earmuff with a high NRR rating is likely to cut more loud noises. NRR measurement takes place in the form of decibels.

For measurement, subtract seven from the total NRR and then divide the result by 2. E.g. if an earmuff offers 33 NRR, measure it: (33-7) / 2 = 13. That means this earmuff is only able to reduce 13db.   

Loud Sounds Are Even Louder for Kids

The children’s hearing system is too sharp. Consequently, loud noises that are fine to adults are deafening for the children. 

Possible Hearing Hazards for Children

Some events that can be possible hearing hazards for children: 

  • Injuries results from a concussion or skull fracture. 
  • Loud noise 
  • Genetic disorders
  • An object stuck in the ear canal. 
  • Accumulate wax in the ear canal. 

15 Best Infant Noise Cancelling Headphones

01. LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Headphones for Kids,...

Our 1st pick LilGadgets Untangled Wireless Headphones is mainly designed for children who are around 4-years-old. On top of that, this one features perfect compatibility with all Bluetooth devices.

It comes with sensible and advanced SharePort technology. Consequently, you can wirelessly connect multiple headphones with one device without requiring a hub. A microfiber travel pouch comes with the package for your child’s convenience while he/she is on the go. It comes in different colors as kids can choose his one. 

We should keep in mind about the pediatric skin condition, the headband and ear pads are equipped with Soft-Touch breathable mesh material. Also, this headphone has built-in some nifty engineering to avoid frequently falling off the ear.

Thanks to the 100% LilGadgets Satisfaction Guarantee for making this headphone durable without sacrificing the style and comfort. Besides, featuring 12 hours of battery life along with a 120 hours stand gives your child a hassle-free listening experience. Frankly, we can assure you this one is the best baby headphones for music on the market. 

  • Twelve hours of battery life and 180-hour standby time.
  • Perfect for extended traveling.
  • Audio cable offers wired listening while Bluetooth isn’t functional.
  • The beautiful design is likely to impress your child.
  • Poor quality padding material lacks durability.

02. Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection

BANZ Baby Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection – Ages 0-2+...

If your little toddler is 24-months or up, and you want to gift him/her a pair of headphones, but you’re afraid of your child’s hearing protection. Then pick none other than Baby Banz Earmuffs. 

Featuring industrial-grade noise reduction rating – NRR 31dB has made it a perfect earmuff that money can buy. The design highlights hearing protection by blocking harmful external noise. 

Indeed, your child needs a headphone that offers a comfortable and lightweight design instead of the bulky one. That’s why our chosen Baby Banz Earmuffs features soft padding and very low profile design.  

Featuring ultra-lightweight and foldable design, yet very durable and built to last. This pair is truly designed for your tiny toddlers. Don’t be fooled by the bulky ear-muffs meant for kids.

  • Cushioned with foam entirely rest around those tiny ears.
  • Ultimate ear protection for your child.
  • Specially designed for babies and toddlers.
  • Used plastic material might break under pressure.

03. HEARTEK Children Protective Earmuffs

HEARTEK Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids & Toddlers -...

If you need to often visit along with your child at extremely noisy places e.g., concerts, shooting ranges, construction sites, or sports events. Also, you are conscious of your child’s hearing protection. Then, we have come up with a perfect solution for you, which is “HEARTEK Children Protective Earmuffs.” 

Frankly, this ear-muffs features a charming and eye-appealing design. Featuring a 27dB NRR noise-canceling system can withstand heavy noise pollution. 

To ensure comfort, the rotating ear-cups equipped with soft foam padded provides optimum comfortable fit and soundproof. They are designed to safeguard your child’s tiny ears against any ear damage. Also, an ideal choice for children with autism or sensory sensitivity disease. 

Besides, this pair of versatile headphone comes in many different lovely eye-catching colors.

  • Adjustable headband fits any head shape.
  • The portable and folding design.
  • Perfect music gear for travel.
  • Lab-tested protection level ensures ear safety.
  • Headband can put pressure on your child’s head.

04. Muted Designer Hearing Protection Ear Muffs for Infants & Kids

Kids Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs - Toddler Sensory and Autism...

Our chosen Muted Designer, Hearing Protection Earmuffs, can be the best treatment for your child’s hearing system. Disease like Asperger, Autism, and Sensory Sensitivity may require children to have extra hearing protection, and this ear-muffs comes with all your hearing protection requirements. 

On top of that, we can assure you that this ear-muffs can comfortably fit from your toddler to teenage children. Featuring a unique and stylish design will likely impress your child. 

Further improved by lightweight built-quality, yet enough durable and comfortable. The Foldable design makes it easy to carry and store wherever you want. 

Furthermore, the 27-decibel rating makes it a perfect noise isolated ear-muffs. Now put this lovely ear-muffs on your child and take them to a concert, sporting events, or anywhere you want.

  • Optimum comfort and fits to all ages.
  • Offers the best hearing protection.
  • Lightweight, durable, and portable.
  • Headband structure is excessively tight for springs.

05. Dr.meter Kids Noise Reduction Earmuffs

Dr.meter Ear Muffs for Noise Reduction: EM100 27.4 NRR Kids...

Yes, the good news is our chosen Dr. Meter Earmuffs are tested and certified by the American National Standards Institute. Generally speaking, this is the most efficient Noise Reduction kit available on the market.

Featuring a 27NRR noise reduction rating makes it perfect earmuffs for blocking external sound pollution. With our recommended Dr. Meter Earmuffs, your child will have the most comfortable feeling even in the noisiest place like a large crowd, fire range, construction sites, or any daily life events.

The adjustable headband melded with soft PU leather padding offers optimum fitting to any head shape. Also, the cushion ear pads give comfort and ultimate noise isolation to your child’s sensitive ears. 

You are further engineered with a 360-degree rotating ear-cups design that allows you to fold it in a tiny size while you’re traveling. Frankly, it’s a very portable, lightweight, and compact size earmuffs that you can ever have.

  • Adjustable to suit all age people.
  • Comfortable soft ear cushion entirely rests around your ear.
  • Withstand extreme noise pollution.
  • Easy breakable structure.

06. Vanderfields Earmuffs for Kids Toddlers Children

Vanderfields Earmuffs for Kids – Hearing Protection Muffs...

This earmuff is undoubtedly good for value. They are perfectly designed to block noises caused by construction sites, airplanes, large crowds, or any household tools. 

The overall structure gives a perfect fit for your child’s little ears along with a stylish look. The durable construction makes it the most sturdy and robust ear-muffs available on the market. 

The ear cups incorporate foam cushion for optimum comfort and perfect noise isolation. Also, the lightweight design will deliver your child a fatigue-free using experience. On top of that, the foldable design makes it easy to store and carry anywhere any want.

  • Adjustable fit to any head shape.
  • Lightweight and portable to use.
  • Delivers comfort even in long time usage.
  • Not an ideal choice for children with sensory issues.

07. Mpow 068 Kids Ear Protection

No products found.

Our chosen Mpow 068 comes with the ultimate noise reduction feature. Moreover, the noise isolation feature is ANSI-certified and CE-approved by the American National Standards Institute. Also, the noise reduction rating amounts to 25dB NNR. They are designed for children age between 3 and 12-years-old.  

Besides, the ear cups will completely cover your ear for optimum noise reduction. And the surrounded foam-padded design will deliver you the most reliable safety.

Giving priority to your child’s sensitive skin, the ear pads are composed of very high quality and safe material. Frankly, very comfortable and safe to use for children while they are wearing it for a long time. 

The headband is completely wrapped with foam padded to ensure comfortable and safe fitting to your child’s head. Plus, this earmuff offers the perfect position on your ear along with an adjustable height.

  • Foldable design makes it portable and storable to anywhere.
  • Blocks harmful noise and keeps your child’s ear safe.
  • Premium materials for maximum comfort and strong durability.
  • Insufficient noise reduction.

08. ZOHAN EM030 Kids Ear Protection Safety Ear Muffs

ZOHAN EM030 Kids Ear Protection Safety Ear Muffs for...

Most importantly, an ear-muff must not look ugly; otherwise, your little child is not going to appreciate it. Thus, our chosen ZOHAN EM030 ear-muff features colorful Nebula pattern design, which is very eye appealing to all ages.  

Children’s skin is susceptible. Thus, ZOHAN EM030 ear-muffs are entirely made of premium plastic material. No metal part is used to this ear-muff to avoid potential harm to your child. 

The over-ear design covers your kid’s ears thoroughly. The ear cups include soft foam cushioned, which provides the ultimate comfort. Also, the headband is adjustable and fits all head sizes. 

Most noticeably, ZOHAN EM030 is claimed to prevent most types of harmful sound but doesn’t block all sounds because blocking all sounds can be dangerous to your kid.

  • Unique pattern to impress kids of all ages.
  • Blocks the most harmful noises.
  • Reliable build quality confirms durability and reliability.
  • Foldable design, easy to carry and store at any place.
  • Unfortunately, the build quality may appear flimsy.

09. AmazonBasics Kids Ear-Protection Safety Ear Muff

No products found.

Protect your kid’s sensitive ears from outside noise pollution with our recommended AmazonBasics Kids Ear-Protection Safety Ear Muff. AmazonBasics is one of Amazon’s store brands, and they are best known for delivering superb quality-driven products. 

These ear-muff works were excellent in any noisy environment. The design highlights perfect ear protection against any harmful noise, including construction sites, concerts, fireworks, or airplane rides.   

Your comfort has not been compromised. The over-head design will easily slip on your head. This lightweight earmuff comes with an adjustable headband, which gives you a very comfortable fit and fatigue-free wearing experience.  

On top of that, this safety ear-muffs features a sleek and compact size design. Due to the foldable design, you can easily store it into your backpack or take it anywhere you need. 

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Adjustable soft padded headbands for a comfortable fit.
  • Composed of ABS and PU material for strong durability.
  • May feel too tight to some head shapes.

10. Snug Kids Earmuffs/Hearing Protectors

Snug Kids Ear Protection - Noise Cancelling Sound Proof...

Sung Kids Earmuffs is a perfect ear protector at an affordable price for children with autism disorder. Ideal for the children who need extra ear protection against harmful noises results from the large crowds, sports events, airports, or any other annoying noise. 

On top of that, the low profile design ensures a secure and safe fit around your ear. Also, the design adds a stylish look. 

Plus, Snug Kids Earmuffs has built-in robust and high-quality materials to make the structure sturdy and robust. Furthermore, the lightweight and comfortable design make it perfect for your child’s tiny ears. 

It was further improved by cushioned padded ear, which provides optimum comfort noise reduction. The foldable design makes it easy to store it into your backpack, also portable.

  • Perfect for babies to travel by air.
  • Soft cushioned headband and ear-cups.
  • Adjustable, compact, and portable.
  • Possibility of pressure on head size.

11. Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection

Baby BANZ Earmuffs Infant Ear Hearing Protection –...

While you are taking your child to a noisy environment, don’t forget to grab our chosen “Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection.” This earmuff is designed to withstand any extreme noise result from wedding events, parade, festivals, sports, or any household chores. 

We advise you to choose an earmuff for your baby that is built to last and protect your baby from permanent hair damage. Baby Banz Earmuffs can be the perfect solution for you since it comes with all your requirements. 

Comfortable foam pads, adjustable headbands, lightweight, and foldable design make it a perfect earmuff that meets all your demands. On top of that, composed of high-quality materials, making it sturdy and ready to withstand your kid’s strikes.

  • Cushioned foam ear cups gently rest around the ears.
  • Adjustable headband reasonably fits all baby head sizes.
  • Collapsible and compact design
  • Secured storage and portability.
  • Noise reduction capability shortage.
  • Product quality issues.

12. Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection

Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection (Over-The-Ear...

If you are looking for a hearing protection kit for your child that works like professional ear-muffs. Then, we recommend you to go for Lucid Audio HearMuffs. 

This one has built-in industry-leading technology. Featuring passive noise reduction gives your child the ultimate ear protection. In this case, the ear-cups completely seals the ears, but very comfortable. 

On top of that, our chosen earmuffs are specially designed to be entirely safe for your child. The entire construction is made of non-toxic materials to ensure reliable compatibility with your child’s sensitive skin. 

Besides, the adjustable headband features smooth foam padded to ensure maximum comfort and great fitting. Also, the soft padding and flexible features make the headband to fit all head shapes.

  • Passive noise reduction provides ultimate hearing safety.
  • Manufactured with non-toxic material for child skin safety.
  • Adjustable headband along with foldable design.
  • Insufficient noise reduction.

13. LilGadgets Connect+ PRO Kids Premium Wired Headphone

LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Kids Headphones for School -...

LilGadget is best known for producing premium grade headphones for people of all ages. Our chosen LilGadgets Connect+ PRO is perfectly designed for the kids above 6-years-old to provide them the crystal clear listening experience. 

On top of that, this headphone has built-in SharePort technology i.e., you can connect other multiple headphones to your headphone without requiring any spare hub. Now, enjoy your favorite music with your friends together!

The beautiful design highlights outstanding craftsmanship and eye-catching design. Also, offering crisp and resonant sound quality make it a perfect music listening kit. 

For appealing eye design and strong durability, the overall construction is composed of polycarbonate substance along with deco plate metal and stainless steel material.

  • Compact design makes it a perfect travel companion.
  • Beautiful eye appealing design.
  • Built-in SharePort Technology connects multiple headphones.
  • Short of expected durability.

14. Bebe Muff Hearing Protection

BEBE Muff Hearing Protection - BEST USA Certified Noise...

Are you having a child ages between 3 and 24 months and looking for a good quality earmuff? Then, grab none other than Bebe Muff Hearing Protection. As it features certified noise reduction compatible with US standards. 

Ergonomic, lightweight, and unisex design makes it a perfect earmuff for both boy and girl kids. Also, the adjustable foam-padded headband fits firmly and comfortably to your little kid. 

It was further improved with soft padded ear-cups that significantly reduce the harmful outside noise. Also, the foldable and compact design makes it easy to store and carry. 

Frankly, with this earmuff, your child will feel safe even under a boisterous environment e.g., concerts, racing, shooting range, or thunderstorms.

  • Reduces loud noise and keeps the ear safe.
  • Best adjustment for comfortable and firm fitting.
  • Ergonomic and unisex design.
  • Adjustment problem for kids.
  • Product quality not maintained.

15. CozyPhones Kids Headphones Volume Limited with Ultra-Thin Speakers Soft Fleece Headband

CozyPhones Over The Ear Headband Headphones - Kids...

If your kid doesn’t like sticking earbuds into the ear or wearing headphones over the head, then we have the perfect solution for you. Grab our chosen CozyPhones Kids Headphones because it comes with a soft fleece headband. 

Simply you need to put the headphones into the headband in the correct position. The soft fleece is claimed to be flexible and won’t wear out in your daily use. 

Moreover, the tangle-free cord is very flexible and easy to twist, bend, and stretch. Also, it’s designed to be comfortable, portable, and foldable. You can easily carry it and store it wherever you want. 

The stretchy headband will allow your child to take rest very comfortably while traveling. Moreover, it has built-in volume-limiting technology to ensure the ultimate safety of your child’s hearing system. 

  • Volume-controlling feature keeps the volume within 90 dB levels.
  • More comfortable compared to earbuds and over-head headphones.
  • Volume limiting technology ensures the safety of your child’s hearing system.
  • Shortage of sound quality and earpiece adjustment.


01. Why Do Infants Need Baby Earmuffs/Headphones?

Our world is a very noisy place, and babies are very sensitive to harmful loud noise. A pair of good quality earmuff protects your kid’s sensitive hearing system from extremely loud noises while you are in a very crowded place with your child. 

Also, earmuffs can be an excellent device for those children who need extra ear protection like kids with autism disorder.  

02. When Should Infants Wear Baby Earmuffs/Headphones?

Baby earmuffs/headphones are mainly designed for infants following their age, head size, skin sensitivity, and more. Whereas, adult/teen earmuffs are very bulky, and the headband tends to be very wide. 

The infant needs something that is composed of non-toxic or safe material and weighs very lightweight. Thus, protective headphones for infants are designed to be perfectly compatible with them. 

03. When Is My Child Most Vulnerable?

Generally speaking, your child becomes most vulnerable by exposure to noisy environments.

The most harmful noisy environment includes music concerts, sports events, shooting range, construction sites, airports, or any overcrowded place. 

04. Do baby headphones help on planes?

Taking infants into a plane is highly discouraged. Yet, your child must need a good quality earmuffs/headphones while they are traveling on an airplane. This is how you can only protect your baby’s ears on an airplane. 

Avoid using cotton balls since they might come off from ears. 

05. Are noise-canceling headphones safe for babies?

While you are shopping for noise reduction/cancellation headphones for your child, you need to check whether this headphone is certified by the American National Standards Institute. Also, the headphone must be made of non-toxic and safe material. 

06. When should babies wear noise-canceling headphones?

Children are more vulnerable than adults by exposure to noise. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recommends that everyone should wear headphones/earmuffs when the noise level exceeds 91 decibels. Some experts even recommend to earmuffs when the noise is above 85db. 

07. What are the best Noise-Cancelling headphones for babies?

  • Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection
  • Snug Kids Earmuffs/Hearing Protectors
  • AmazonBasics Kids Ear-Protection Safety Ear Muff
  • ZOHAN EM030 Kids Ear Protection Safety Ear Muffs
  • Mpow 068 Kids Ear Protection
  • Vanderfields Earmuffs for Kids Toddlers Children
  • Dr.meter Kids Noise Reduction Earmuffs
  • HEARTEK Children Protective Earmuffs

08. What is too loud for a newborn?

The sound that is mild noisy for you, it may be too loud for your child. Keep noisy toys and household machines away from your child. 

09. Does my baby need noise-canceling headphones?

Your baby certainly needs a noise-blocking headphone if you need to carry your child with you at noisy places like music concerts, sports events, shooting range, construction sites, airports, or any overcrowded place.

10. How many decibels is too loud for a baby?

Gradual and permanent hearing loss may happen if the sound decibel ranges between 90db and 150db. The recommendation is to keep your home environment sound at 60db.

11. What age is safe for headphones?

No research confirms the minimum age limit for headphones. Yet, the total listening hours and the volume must not be excessive. In the case of newborns, consult a doctor regarding the usage of headphones.   

12. Can my baby listen to music on headphones?

Best to our knowledge, it’s not recommendable to allow your infant to listen to music at a very young age. Since at this time there brain and hearing system develop. 

13. Can headphones give you cancer?

As per the American Cancer Society, the headphone cannot directly damage your DNA inside cells to cause cancer. 

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned infant noise-canceling earmuffs/headphones feature the best qualities. Also, these products come with the required hearing protection features that your child will need in a noisy environment. They are durable, portable, and comfortable enough that your child is likely to appreciate them. These earmuffs are built to withstand any harmful noise that can interfere with your child’s hearing system. We owe your child in terms of providing them the most comfortable and safest childhood experience. Thus, we presented in this article the best earmuffs with pros and cons so that you can grab the right earmuffs for your beloved child.   

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