Is It Safe to Wear Headphones While Mowing?

Many people opt to use headphones while lawn mowing because it helps to reduce the background noise. Since the ears will remain covered, the loud noise won’t cause any damages. However, there is still a concern about whether headphones are safe to use while lawn mowing. This might be because of the problems of wearing headphones for a long time.

Some people have different approaches to mowing. It can be a leisure activity to smoothen or tidy up the lawn a bit. But if the lawn has become a mess with weeds and long grasses, then we need professional mowing for a long time. It is in this case where the headphones work as protective gear. Since lawn mowing is difficult and loud work, it needs the right attire for safety purposes. In lawn mowing the biggest harm is done to the ears, so we need hearing protection.  

So, we can say that headphones are safe to wear while we are mowing. The headphones that are found in the market are specially designed for various factors, that will keep the users safe and relaxed. Along with other safety clothing, wearing headphones is recommended so that the ears are protected from hearing impairment. Most lawn mowers have a noise level above 80 dB which is beyond the human limit. The safety of a headphone will depend on the type of the user will purchase. Several factors ensure that the headphones are great for use that will also aid in hearing safety while lawn mowing.

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Features Purposes 
Comfort For long wear
Wireless For greater portability and hassle-free
Snug fitDoesn’t feel bulky
Noise-cancelation To protect from harmful noise

Yet, many people wonder whether the headphones will be effective enough to ensure safety by blocking the loud noise. They may completely block the ears such that we can’t hear any background sounds. This can be a problem when the lawnmower is having any problems and we can’t understand. If it is sputtering or comes to a halt suddenly, the mower might get hurt. But if the headphones don’t block sound properly, then there won’t be a point in wearing them.

Although these headphones can actively cancel noise, they may cause discomfort and sweating if worn for a long time. Besides, as both the ears are closely covered, some may also feel pain. Hence, we can try taking breaks between lawn mowing to prevent these issues as well as protect the ears. 

Another question arises, whether to use headphones or earbuds. Undoubtedly, earbuds won’t have the problems of headphones, but they aren’t very effective. Since they are small and do not with the same sound level, they might feel more comfortable, but not sufficient to block the loud noise. So, headphones are the best and safest options.

Noise cancelation effectiveness in a graph for earbuds and headphones

There is no doubt that headphones are safe to use for all purposes, and especially for lawn mowing. At present they are built with the latest technology and excellent materials. But, to ensure that it will keep us safe during lawn mowing, we must select one carefully, and also remain cautious while mowing to prevent any probable dangers. 

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