What Are the Benefits of Wearing Headphones While Lawn Mowing?

Lawn mowing is noisy but necessary work. If the lawn is left on its own, we will find it a mess within days. Hence, regular lawn mowing will keep the lawn clean and tidy. But it isn’t easy work particularly because of the loud noise that ensues. Such loud noises are harmful to the person mowing because they will severely harm the ears.

But the amount of noise level will depend on the mowing type. For garden or hill tractors, the sound is very loud and so the mower needs to get sufficient hearing protection. Besides, the electric mowers are also harmful to the ears even though they are quiet. Regardless of the type of lawnmower, it is now recommended to wear ear protection before lawn mowing. The user will find several benefits from this protection.

Usually, headphones are used to protect the ears. These earpieces have several features to save the ears from loud noises. Mostly we wear headphones for daily communication or playing music with active noise canceling features. The same goes for the headphones worn during lawn mowing.

  • The headphones have adequate size to fully cover both ears. Hence, the ear is shielded from the outside noise. 
  • Moreover, these headphones have active noise canceling which is needed to get rid of the loud noise. For this, it will get easier to listen properly dodging the noise when needed. They allow the user to have some control over the noise and communicate. 
  • But mostly, the headphones will ensure comfort. They are usually cushioned to sit comfortably on the ears. The headband also doesn’t feel heavy on the head and is adjustable as they don’t weigh much. 
  • In addition to noise reduction, the user can also put on headphones to listen to their favorite music. We all know that lawn mowing is quite boring, so a little music can both protect the ears and make the work interesting. 
  • We don’t know how long it will take for mowing. So, the best thing about wearing headphones is that they can be worn for hours without any discomfort. They now have wireless options so we don’t have the hassle of extra wires. 
  • The materials are also resistant to damage and dirt, so the mowing won’t cause harm to them. Since the work continues for a long time, the headphones also remove stress on our bodies.

Wearing noise cancelling headphones while mowing and trimming the lawn is both a necessity and fun. Necessity because the noise of standard mowers can easily go above 85 dB. Gas-powered machines can be a loud as 106 dB. 

Constant exposure to such noise levels could result in hearing impairment. Wearing a headphone bearing certified NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of up to 24 dB will keep your ears safe. 

And fun because who doesn’t like to listen to music while cutting grass?

It has been advised that anything that would cause noises above 80 dB should be handled with ear protection since the normal hearing level is only around 60 dB. So, check out the lawnmower sound level to ensure the good health of the ears. 

Type of Lawn MowerNoise level (dB)
Electric Lawn Mower (Corded or Cordless)75
Gas-powered Lawn Mower90-105
Others 80-110

Mainly, the advantage of wearing headphones during lawn mowing is the protection of the ears. Many people neglect the risks of ear damage which is in most cases unrecoverable. So, we must get the best-suited headphones according to our preferences and comfort to protect against loud noise. They are the best safety gear for proper lawn mowing.

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