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Paww WaveSound 3 – Active Noise Cancelling Headphone – with Airplane Adapter

The Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphones developed with cutting edge noise canceling technology let you enjoy your music, movies and more, distraction-free, even in a crowded cafe or a busy family home.
Enjoy Noise Cancelling Headphone, clear, dynamic sound, so you can drift off to another world without all the hustle and bustle interfering. Lightweight and durable metal construction of the Bluetooth headphones has created an elegant design that stays comfortable to wear for hours on end. Enjoy Pure, Uninterrupted Sound and Long-Lasting Comfort.
N.B: The E7 headphones may be also good to you as like as most of the headphones lovers at a lower price.

Product Features

Airplane Headphone:

Includes an airplane adapter and an auxiliary cable, making it a must-have for travel and a great gift idea for travelers of any age. Watch a movie or show that is playing or plug them into your laptop/Smartphone/tablet in order to listen to your own music or watch a movie/show of your choice.

Noise Canceling Headphone | Feature |:

Latest noise canceling technology effectively blocks out surrounding noises so you can enjoy listening to music or comfortably watch movies and TV shows.

Traveling Headphone Case:

Each pair of our headphones has separate own travel-friendly storage/carrying case.

Foldable Headphone:

The headphones can be conveniently folded, which means they fit perfectly in small clutches, handbags, carry-on bags, backpacks or weekender bags.

Rechargeable Bluetooth:

Provided with a rechargeable battery as well as a micro-USB charging cable. The Wave Sound 3 Headphones are easy to charge on the go and save you money on batteries.

Other Important Helpful Features:

The Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphones strike an elegant chord of premium sound quality, active noise cancellation, comfort, and value. Whether you fly a lot, work in a noisy office or simply want to enjoy a rare silent reprieve, these headphones will provide you with an optimal listening experience free from distractions.

The WaveSound 3 can be made as a great birthday or holiday gift for any of your loved ones. Uncompromising style, quality, and comfort the headphones bring to the table, they will enjoy, whether they travel frequently or are simply hi-fi enthusiasts.

Quality Engineering and Innovative Styling:

Quality engineering and impeccable design, the passionate team at Paww designs and builds cutting-edge products people actually want to use. Quality materials and innovative styling made this product unbeatable. Provided with contemporary electronics that look every bit as great as they sound.

Best Friend of a Flyer:

The topper headset for air travel, these Bluetooth wireless headphones will help you block out annoying cabin noises and chatter.

Uninterrupted Connection:

The wireless headphones can be used to make or receive calls when connected to your Smartphone. With a very simple press on Bluetooth button, the headphone will get connected with your smartphone for hands-free calls. Above all a very useful multi-tasking device usable in the office and long commutes.

Great headphones for air travel:

If you fly often these headphones really are phenomenal. You will be impressed with the quality and ease of use.

Automatic charging system:

Keeping your brand-new earphones charged system will give you getting rid of charging burden. Just plug the cord into the computer system or battery charger to fill up the rechargeable battery when required.

Paww Wave Sound 3 includes:

WaveSound 3 Headphones, Premium bring case, 3.5 mm auxiliary cable television, micro-USB charging cord, aircraft adapter , user handbook, Size (LWH): 7 inches, 3.1 inches, 7.9 inches, Weight: 12.8 ounces, Battery Type: Lithium Ion, Product Dimensions 7 x 3.1 x 7.9 inches, Item Model number 6573610

Customer Scores And Reviews:

4.4 out of 5 stars, 4 out of 5 at other market place.

Last Words:

Yes, man, it is clear that Paww WaveSound 3 one of the best Noise Cancelling Headphone.

You can also get more facilities – TRAVEL Comfort & RECHARGEABLE Facilities also.

  • Resilient Metal Building and construction.
  • Foldable Earphone Design.
  • Features Carrying Case.
  • Active Sound Cancellation.
  • Top quality Audio.
  • Separate Bluetooth Controls.
  • Includes Aircraft Adapter.
  • Great Present Idea for Tourists.
  • No battery indicator.
  • BASS is not comparatively strong.


Developed with cutting edge noise canceling technology, the Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphones let you enjoy your music, movies and more, distraction-free, even in a crowded café or a busy family home. Combined with two 40 mm Neodymium drivers to create clear, dynamic sound, so you can drift off to another world without all the hustle and bustle interfering.

The Bluetooth headphones have an elegant design made of lightweight and durable metal construction stays comfortable to wear for hours on end.

WaveSound 3 Considered to be best Earphones for a flight because they are rather flexible and easily included an aircraft adapter. You need just to plug the adapter into the outlet on the airplane to listen to the film or show that is being played on the screen. You can always plug the auxiliary cord that is consisted of with the aircraft earphones into your gadget if you prefer to listen to music or watch videos/movies on your mobile phone or laptop, as wanted.

The earphones folding feature saves space in your handbag, backpack or carry-on. This function alone makes our real tone earphones an exceptional addition to taking a trip students, executives, teens and more.

Required charging with the computer system is more advanced feature paves the way to get rid of charging tension.

A complete buying guide can also give you the ability to select a best pair of headphones for you. However some experts sometimes give decision for buy Paww WaveSound 2 in lieu of paww Wavesound 3. So that you should take a look in a short comparison of Paww Wavesound 2 vs 3.

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