4 Reason to Go Mad over Beyerdynamic T 90 New Tesla Headphones

If you are going to splurge on headphones, it better be something extraordinary, dynamic, aesthetically-sound and packed with great features. I could find all these qualities and a lot more in Beyerdynamic T90.

These headphones are crafted in Germany Tesla. This company is known for using really big magnets in their headphones to minimize sound distortion and enhance audio performance.

I wished to own one of their products since I was a teenager. T90 is actually the first headphones I bought with my own money after getting my first job. So this one is special for me in many ways.

Now, about the headphones themselves, are they value for money? Definitely yes. The cans have a modern, elegant design, and the bass is very enjoyable too. No matter what song you throw at it, the bass will always reach a perfect level of thump and depth.

But just like pretty much everything in the world, it is not flawless either. There are a few things that could be better. In this article, I am going to document everything that is right and wrong with T90. Stay with me and read till the end for an in-depth understanding of this Tesla bad boy.

We will start off by taking a quick look at the primary features of these headphones.

Product Highlights:

  • Sports an open-back circumaural design that results in a wider stereo image and soundstage.
  • The earpads and headbands are wrapped in velvet microfiber to minimize sweating during long-term use.
  • Houses Tesla’s signature neodymium magnet system to produce extraordinarily refined and detailed sound.
  • To reproduce audiophile quality music, it uses a combination of Tesla Tesla transducer and neutral analytic sound.
  • High impulse fidelity due to the 250-ohm voice coil.

Beyerdynamic T90 Tesla Review in Detail

These high impedance limited edition headphones are insanely good-looking. These are primarily tuned for indoor listening. But that doesn’t mean you can’t carry it outside. I use these headphones in that semi-crowded cafe I visit almost every single day. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks for hours over countless cups of coffee. I simply love it.

Allow me to explain things in a bit more detail for you.


Beyerdynamic T 90 chrome looks like a piece of art. I can totally feel that the makers st Tesla have put a lot of thought behind the design. The earcups are huge which is actually a good thing in its case. It is packed with a huge magnet and powerful driver which do require this much space to fit in.

Despite its stature, it’s unbelievably comfortable to wear for long hours. I binge watch movies for endless hours on weekends and I don’t feel fatigued at all.

It comes in two stylish colors- black with gorgeous chrome accents and silver. I have the black version which costs just a few bucks less than the silver version. There’s no major difference between these two except the outer appearance and only the silver one comes with a carry bag. That justifies the extra cost.

However, don’t underestimate the importance of a bag here. Although these bad boys are pretty robust, you should treat them with care. Always store the gear in a protective case while traveling and when not in use. You don’t want dirt and dust sitting on these stunning looking cans.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The headphones weigh around 12.3 ounces which is a bit heavy, even for full-sized headphones. I use it with a 20 amplifier which takes the sound to the next level. You should definitely invest in a quality amplifier and AV device to get the best out of such high impedance headphones.

Otherwise, there won’t be much difference between this and mid-range headphones in terms of audio output. Audiophile-grade headphones need audiophile-grade AV devices too. Keep this in mind before buying.

The earcups are made from velvet microfiber, instead of run-of-the-mill vinyl. The cups are highly breathable, making the headphones airy and comfy, exactly what a high-end headphone should be.

The headband is adjustable, fits snugly on my head but there’s a slight issue. It feels kind of loose after a point. But since I am mostly sitting on a couch while wearing them, I don’t mind much. The open-back design inevitably bleeds a lot of sound. Therefore, if you are listening to loud music in a public place, people can actually hear you. But hey!  That’s their problem, not mine, right?

An open-back design also means that you will also be able to hear outside noise. Not a great thing if you want noise isolation in a crowded metro or bus. I guess that’s the reason why it is designed mainly for indoor use.

The body of the headphones is primarily built from aluminum hinges and textured fabric, giving it a solid and premium appearance. The cans are made from a combination of metal and high-quality plastic. They do feel strong and sturdy in hand too. It can probably survive a few accidental slip-ups on hard floor. However, try not to drop them, eh?

The powerful neodymium magnets housed on the earcups are optimized to reduce power loss to enhance efficiency. Instead of integrating the magnets in the driver, Tesla has included a magnetic ring around the driver for better performance.

Sound Quality

Sensational and phenomenal- these are the two words that best describe the audio performance of Beyerdynamic T90 headphones. That Tesla transducer actually transports you to a whole new, happy, lively, dynamic world.

The vocals may feel a little laid back and gloomy for slow and romantic music but it still sounds very natural and realistic. Thanks to the wide soundstage, you can actually separate the instrumental layers from the vocals.

The mids are crisp and clear, treble is high but not overpowering and the highs are full of sparkle. Crank up the volume to the max without worrying about sound distortion.

The sound remains just as detailed and clear in high-end. However, the highs might feel a bit too aggressive to some, as one of my friends pointed out. But not me, I blare heavy metal rock on my headphones at full volume. That’s how I roll.

The warmth, richness and tone balance remain the same, irrespective of the music genre. You can notice the intricacies of the instruments and the singer’s voice which is exactly what a true audiophile needs.

If you feel that the bass is not tight enough and the highs lack spark, that’s most probably the fault of your connected device. As I said before, you do need proper sound sources to enjoy the actual sound of these headphones. Get an amp that has enough juice to bring well-balanced tonality and richness of sound out of the driver.

However, there are a few minor glitches any audiophile will notice. First of all, Tesla focused so much on the tonal clarity that it negatively affected the bass. For a headphone of its stature, you’d expect a little more bass boost. At times, it is too subtle, lacking thump and impact.

Noise Isolation and Portability

The intention behind an open-back design is pretty clear. It is not meant for noise cancellation. You will hear almost everything around you at moderate volume levels. However, if you have to use them in a crowded place, crank up the volume. This will automatically isolate your headspace from your noisy surroundings.

The silver model comes with a premium carrying case that has a thick padding inside. It will protect your lovely headphones from wear and tear.

What I Didn’t Like

Why on Earth would Tesla not include detachable cord in T90? This is something I did not understand. Also, these high definition headphones can’t be enjoyed wearing in public. You will have to be at home, use premium and powerful sound devices to get the best out of this. That too is acceptable.

But there’s no active noise cancellation because of the open-ear design. I cannot complain much about it as the open-back design is the reason why T90 sounds so amazing. For noise cancellation, Cowin se7 is mine recommend.

  • Can be worn for long hours without any discomfort.
  • The audio clarity is exceptional.
  • Perfectly isolates the instruments from the vocals while sounding extremely realistic.
  • Gorgeous metallic design.
  • Open-ear design to make way for a wider soundstage.
  • One-way cable, so no worry for tangled wires.
  • Requires bass boost.
  • No noise cancellation.
  • The cord is not detachable.


Product URL
north-america.beyerdynamicbeyerdynamic Tesla system for T90
ebayBeyerdynamic T90 Open Back Headphones T 90

The Bottom Line

I can ignore all these flaws once I put on the headphones and start playing my favorites on it. It takes me to a different world, a world from where I don’t want to come back. Most other high-end headphones with such stellar build quality and audio cost twice as much as T90. Putting that into perspective, Beyerdynamic T90 Tesla is worth every penny it costs. End of story.

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beyerdynamic T 90 New Tesla Audiophile High End Headphone

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