3 Reasons to Love 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

I am incredibly picky about my headphones. It has to sound just right or I’ll simply stop using them. The problem with most in-ear headphones is that either they are not loud enough or don’t have a balanced sound.

Thankfully, my latest 1More Quad Drivers Headphones deliver both. I have quite an enviable collection of headphones, some way more expensive than 1More headphones.

But when I’m working for hours at my desk or simply binge-watching a web series on Netflix in my empty room, I always end up using these. They are very comfortable in my ears and provide a genuine stereo sound effect. They won’t completely drown out external noise as I could still hear my breath in an isolated room. Unless you need powerful noise cancellation, these in-ear headphones are definitely worth trying out.

But before you make a decision, I want you to read my detailed review. It is important to understand a product inside out before buying. After all, just because I love them doesn’t mean you’ll love them too. Everyone’s audio needs are different. That’s why I am here to explain why and how 1More Quad Driver delivers the best-in-class audio in its price range.

I will also review other variants like Triple Driver, Triple Driver BT, and Over-ear to help you make an informed decision.

Before I get down to the details, let us take a glance at the key features of these in-ear phones, shall we?

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Product Highlights:

  • The Combination of 3 balanced armatures and 4 dynamic drivers to produce crystal-clear audio with punchy bass.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • The in-line remote has control buttons for volume, track pause/skip and calls.
  • The diamond-like carbon driver minimizes distortion at high volume levels.
  • The frequency range expands up to 40,000 Hz.
  • It has built-in memory chips that identify your device’s operating system and adjusts functions like volume control, track adjusts and calls accordingly.
  • Uses tangle-free, tear-resistant Kevlar core cable.

Top 3 Reason to Buy 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones- Detailed Review

Design and Ergonomics

Boy! These are a handsome pair of earphones. With that metallic finish on them, they certainly look way more expensive than they actually are. Although the earbuds are slightly large, they are soft enough to comfortably fit into my ears.

Lots of extra tips are included in the package to help you find the right size. You will get the best bass response from these earbuds only when your ear canals are sealed properly.

I also loved the 3.5 m.m L-connector made from aluminum. It certainly looks like it can withstand heavy abuse. The earphones are also very breathable. I would put them on while jogging and it won’t make my ears sweat a lot. If you are looking for sports or gym-ready earbuds, this could be an ideal choice.

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Sound Quality

The closed-back in-ears integrate 4 drivers to divide the sound frequencies. As I said before, you need to find the right pair of foam ear tips to get the original Hi-Res audio. The detailed sound profile and slightly laid back sound presentation give you the feeling of being in a rock concert.

The treble may feel a bit too bright at the beginning. Don’t worry as it will sound more balanced and detailed after the earphones are burned for a day or two.

The lows are neither too strong nor too dull, it’s just right. The low notes are very smooth and don’t have a muddy bass, which leads to great accuracy. It can be a little overpowering at times but overall, it makes up for an immersive listening experience for an average listener.

The mid-range is even better. It is refined, full of details and truly makes the music come to life. The low-mid has a hint of high-bass overemphasis. I didn’t like it in the beginning and I gradually used to it. Mid-mid and high-mids are very consistent which make the vocals and string instruments sound very natural, sharp and lively.

However, I do notice a bit of harshness at the highs. At max volume, a bass feels muddy. However, turning down the volume a little will solve the issue. These earphones are pretty loud so that won’t be any problem.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation is not up-to-the-mark as you don’t get a proper seal with its large ear tips. However, if you have large ears, that shouldn’t be any problem. And thanks to the size of the buds, the sound leakage is minimal. During daily commutes or while reading a book in a cafe, simply crank up the volume to drain out a good amount of external noise. Since I use these in-ears mostly indoors, noise cancellation is not a priority to me.

What I Didn’t Like

There’s nothing majorly wrong with this product, at least nothing I can think of. People with small ear canals might have a bit of difficulty with the fittings, though. Also, mind you that Quad Driver Isn’t meant of audiophiles who use headphones for audio mix analysis.

Rest is just fine. The design of the control modules, premium built, strong and thumpy bass combined with crisp mid-range, 1More Quad Driver in-ears are definitely worth the price for EDM, Pop, Country, Jazz music lovers, and movie binging.

  • Stylish design with a metallic finish.
  • Extremely well-balanced frequency response.
  • DoWarm and refined sound.
  • Tear-resistant cable.
  • Responsive in-line remote control.
  • Large earbuds, not an ideal option for people with small ears.
  • Slight distortion in high volumes.
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1More Quad Driver Alternatives

Now many of you must be wondering why you should spend a couple of bucks more on Quad when you have cheaper alternatives like Triple-Driver In-Ear and Triple-Driver In-Ear BT

There’s a Triple Driver Over-ear version too, the costliest in this group. It is primarily designed for true audiophiles and has the best sound quality among the 4 versions. It is designed by Grammy Winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. Still wondering why it costs more?

Here’s a brief overview of  the other 3 versions of 1More headphones to help you choose the right pair:

1More Triple Driver Review

Just like Quad, it also boasts of the premium built and stellar stereo sound. The earbuds fit nicely. It comes with a bunch of ear tips too to help you get the best fit. The buds slightly stick out your ears, therefore, you will feel discomfort while sleeping with these earphones on.

The sound clarity of 1More Triple Driver is absolutely incredible. All the instrumental layers in modern songs are audible. This, coupled with the warm tonal balance and impactful bass make these buds sound almost as good as its expensive counterparts.

The design and quality of the in-line remote control are no great, though. Also, when it comes to sound details and audio crispness, Quad Drivers win the race by a slight margin.

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1More Triple Driver BT in-ear Headphones Review

1More Bluetooth headphones are not for their superior audio quality and ergonomic design. This one is no exception. For unmatched audio quality and minimal audio compression while BT transmission, it uses Hi-res LDAC technology.

It also has a decent battery life. In case of emergencies, charge the device for 10 minutes and you’ll get a runtime of a whopping 3 hours. With 1 hour of normal charging, you get a playback time of 7 hours. I also loved the addition of a volume rocker on the neckband. It is easy to maneuver even when I have my gloves on.

I’d say that these headphones are ideal for pop, metal, and EDM listeners. The energetic, punchy and beefy bass is definitely the star of the show. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the greatest BT headphones for bassheads in the market right now.

As far as noise isolation is concerned, it can block out quite a bit of environmental noise of traffic, crowded metros, and airport. While there are definitely better-sounding headphones in its price range, if you are a huge fan of bass-heavy songs, it is totally worth your time and money. At high volumes, the bass and sub-bass can reach an unbelievable level of depth.

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1More Triple Driver Over-ear Headphone Review

Despite getting tough competition from Quad and Triple In-ear, Triple Driver Over-ear manages to make its impact. It utilizes a full-range 40 mm dynamic driver coupled with a bass reflector. These headphones are Hi-res certified. To juice out its full potential, you might wish to use it with a Hi-res digital audio device.

The adjustable headband of the device is generously padded and will comfortably fit people with average head size. The bass of the headphones is thankfully not overpowering. It has a lot of depth and doesn’t feel muddy in high-notes. The mids and highs are crisp, dynamic and beautifully detailed. Be assured that you won’t miss out the finer details of a complex mix wearing these headphones.

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Each 1More headphone featured in this article is excellent in their own way. While the Triple Driver In-ears are best suited for bass-loving audiences, the 1More Quad Driver In-ear headphones along with Triple Driver Over-ear are geared towards audiophiles who would want to use them for analytical playback.

All of them justify their respective price tag. To figure out the best option for you, consider your audio requirements, preferred wearing style and choose accordingly.

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