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Buying the perfect headphone for yourself could be a tough job, especially with all the options out there in the market. Mostly, when you come across budget-friendly headphones, they do not give many features to feel delighted about. Or maybe sometimes, the audio bass output is out of the world, but you get stuck with the remote controls.

Of course, there are a few models, which have just the right combination of good sound quality, proper ANC and aesthetic appearance but they might be heavy on your shoulders, or maybe just out of your price range!

Well, considering all these critical factors, it must be increasing your blood pressure to get hold of a reasonably decent headset with minimal flaws. However, when I was out with my quest to pick the best headphones for myself , I was fortunate enough to come across a pair of AILIHEN C8 headset. I will share my experience with you in this article and you can decide for yourself.

The AILIHEN C8 headphones come in a whole package of durable yet attractive design, bass-heavy sound quality and a fabulous active noise cancellation feature. Moreover, if you are a daily commuter with a habit of enjoying good music on the go, this headset will not disappoint you for a bit. With comfortable cushioned ear-cups and foldable wires, this headset saved me from my daily boredom while stuck in traffic, without any hustle.

Before I go deeper into the detailed features and full review of AILIHEN C8 headphone, please keep one thing in mind. There are many more headphones available in the market that have a better sound resolution or features like Bluetooth or custom ANC. But, if you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket just because you want to avail the excellent quality music with effective noise cancellation, AILIHEN C8 headphones could be your dream come true. 

In the upcoming section, I am going to discuss all the exciting features of this headset. But before that, let’s go over the key features very quickly.


  • Attractive Metal design with the colourful plastic-foam interface, which is visually aesthetic yet lightweight.
  • Cushioned ear-cups designed for comfort and durable experience. 
  • Tangle-free nylon coated 47 inches long audio cable, with 3.5 mm stereo plug.
  • Deep bass and sculpted highs for the ultimate sound.
  • Active noise cancellation with on-ear structure.
  • Foldable and adjustable headband, suited for custom use.
  • Remote control functions for easier access on the go.
  • Variety of colourful appearance for a vibrant approach.
  • Balanced audio outputs with enhanced bass.
  • Soft and snug earmuffs.
  • Smooth remote control operations.
  • Enabled active noise cancellation.
  • Ease of wire handling.
  • Attractive colourful options.
  • Lack of custom ANC.
  • Lack of custom audio elements control.
  • Can seem a little pricey.

AILIHEN C8 headphones Detailed Review:

AILIHEN C8 Wired Headphones with Microphone and Volume...


The first and foremost thing to consider about a headset is its outlook. With a simple and sleek metal backbone and durable plastic construction, this headphone can never give you a headache even after long-time usage. Moreover, it is available in nine exciting colours to suit your moods without having to go for the usual blackish look. I mean, who wouldn’t love their share of raunchy pink or soothing turquoise shining on their headphones?

Also, if you are somebody who is always glued to their tablets, mobile phones or PCs for peaceful binge-watch or hour-long playlist, this is the headset for you. The soft and widely framed leather-covered cushions inside the ear-muffs will never hurt your ears. They provide an on-ear structure for proper active noise cancellation, but there is more time to talk about that.

Another thing that keeps on getting on our nerves is the unwanted tangling of the audio cord on most wired headphones. But with AILIHEN C8 headphones, you get a 45 inches long, well-braided, nylon coated audio cable. It not only saves you the trouble of unwinding but also is protective of minor mishandling.

User Accessibility:

This headphone has an inbuilt HD microphone so that you can talk with ease even if your hands are full.

The remote control button has multiple features like play and pause, skipping to the next or previous tracks for easy control over audio tracks playing.

You can play and pause the tracks with just a press of the remote button.

If you want to go to the next track or the previous one, you can just double-press or triple-press.

Also, you can receive or disconnect a call from your headset only in case your phone is not right at your hands.

The detailed instruction manual explains every kind of possible functions of the remote control, which I found very easy to comprehend without having to waste much time. I also found essential and basic solutions to troubleshoot from the manual. Just take a glance to the short and straightforward manual once, and eventually, you will get the hang of the various controls.

Another thing to get excited about is its compatibility with multiple devices. It can function with iPad, iPod, iPhone, Laptop, Mac, DVD players and many other audio devices.


The headband is easily adjustable because of the flexible hinges. You can pull them up and adjust to your required shape, and it will automatically fit the head without any discomfort. The leatherette ear-cups are foldable, which makes it portable so that your best kind of audio experience is never hampered even if you are travelling.

This particular headset has the high-end bass output, but that would never seem heavy on your ears, because of the structure of the ear-cups and the custom headband. Honestly, my daily routine of Netflix-and-chill would never have my patience if it weren’t for this comfortable headset.

Sound Quality:

I have had to go through dozens of reviews of AILIHEN C8 headphones to get a proper idea about its sound quality and resolutions. From what I realized from my own experience, this headset is ideal for almost every music lover out there. Listeners of rock, pop, hip-hop or even metals- none would feel the lack of detailing in this. 

This headset has a high-quality bass output, which is fortunately not that overpowering. You can follow the sculpted high notes along with the lower base as the device is sensible to 105+/-3 dB sound outputs at most. It is equipped with 40 mm dynamic driver elements that provide a clear stream of balanced sound.

Active Noise Cancellation Feature:

Coming to the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature, this headset is a fantastic deal if you are looking for a casual dealing and not a professional one.

As there is no separate ANC control, you can not manually determine how much noise you want to reduce. But the structure of the headset allows a decent amount of surrounding noise cancellation, including the noise of machines, passing cars or simple jibber-jabbers in a crowded ambience.

The leatherette earmuffs are fitted over the ears, which naturally strikes off unwanted noise interruption. In short, you can enjoy your music while taking a stroll in the park or riding a jam-packed bus, but to expect an outright noise cancellation effect from this headset would not satisfy your imagination.

Comparison with AILIHEN MS300 Wired Headphones vs AILIHEN I60 Wired Headphones:

These two headsets are the available best quality headsets that come within the same price range of AILIHEN C8 headphones.

Although all three of them have similar kinds of features and functions, the AILIHEN C8 model won my heart for a simple reason.

Despite coming with an affordable cost, this headset provides custom volume control functions and the supreme feature of an in-built mic.

While the I60 headphones do have the facility of a microphone, it does not have a volume control option; the other one, AILIHEN MS300 model lacks both the features but also costs a bit less compared to C8 headphones.

Final Thoughts

If you are prioritizing a decent, well-balanced sound quality along with easier accessibility while finalizing a headset, AILIHEN C8 wired headsets can be your best pick. 

With the bright outlook and flexible structure, it has become a must for my daily commute. Also, for a lengthy usage period, it has proved to be a comfortable and lightweight headset. Its useful noise cancellation feature and portability makes it a perfect travel companion.

Of course, this is not the ultimate headset available at present; there are many more headsets which are far-better and upgraded in terms of audio quality, custom functions, and especially ANC. But, AILIHEN C8 headphones are quite good for a budget-friendly, regular use, quality auditory experience. 

I hope my AILIHEN C8 wired headphones review helps you get a fair idea on the product.

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