Best Single Bluetooth Earbud For Music

All kinds of wireless headsets are mostly used for daily communication, as they are portable. Headsets like earbuds are very popular and favorite for audiophiles due to their comfortable design and convenience. Among them, single wireless earbuds have grabbed our attention, as they require only one ear. We have listed here some of the best Bluetooth single earbuds to help you find one for yourself and understand why they are so useful.

The best Bluetooth single earbud will have good sound quality, a microphone, good connectivity, and compatibility. But most importantly, it will be comfortable to the ear for long-wearing. This is the best device for communication without using your hands.

Check this article to learn more about single earbuds, their benefits, and buying tips.

Benefits of Single Earbuds

First, we need to understand how single earbuds are beneficial more than double ear ones so that people will think of buying them by making a comparison.

Bluetooth Single EarbudDouble Earbuds
One speaker and headset to keep the other ear free.Active noise cancelation from surroundings.
Can be interchanged between the two ears. Comfortable and lightweight design for long wear.
Easy and comfortable design to wear.If one runs out of charge, the other can be used.
Attention to the surroundings, but clear and uninterrupted sound. Isolates the user from the outside without any distractions.
Portable and compatible with various devices.Compatible with various devices including better sound quality.

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Quick Summary

You can check out this brief description of each product for a quick understanding.

Timmkoo S60 Single Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset- Most Versatile Earbud

ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset- Best Overall Earbud 

Angteela Bluetooth Earpiece- Fastest Charging Earbud

NVAHVA Single Bluetooth Earpiece- Great for Long Wear

Kinganda Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece- Good Noise Cancelling

Kendir Bluetooth Headset- Best for Running

SLuB True Wireless Bluetooth Single Earbud- Best Battery Earbud

Philips T2205 True Wireless Earbuds- Most Comfortable Earbud

Sunffice Ear Hook Bluetooth Wireless Headphone- Most Unique Earbud

TECKNET Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset- Complete Package Headset

Comparison Chart

Comparing the different earbuds will allow us to understand more about their unique features. 

Products Weight Charging TimeDesign
Timmkoo S60 Single Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset2.89 ounces2 hours Bi-fold 
ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset0.5 ounces 1.5 hoursEar hook
Angteela Bluetooth Earpiece0.28 ounces 1-2 hours Ear hook
NVAHVA Single Bluetooth Earpiece0.704 ounces Less than 2 hoursIn-ear 
Kinganda Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece4.3 ounces 1.5 hoursIn-ear 
Kendir Bluetooth Headset0.529 ounces1-2 hoursEar hook
SLuB True Wireless Bluetooth Single Earbud0.48 ounces1-2 hoursBehind the ear 
Philips T2205 True Wireless Earbuds1.13 ounces2 hoursIn-ear 
Sunffice Ear Hook Bluetooth Wireless Headphone0.32 ounces 1-2 hoursEar hook
TECKNET Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset5.3 ounces2 hoursOn-ear 

01. Timmkoo S60 Single Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headset

TIMMKOO Bluetooth Earpiece for Cell Phone, S60 Single Ear...

TIMMKOO S60 Bluetooth headset is a very compact, comfortable, and excellent device for your daily communication. The Bluetooth connectivity is very great, it pairs faster and is compatible with various smart devices. The user can have smooth and clear audio with an Apt-X technology and active noise cancelation. The best thing is the very long battery that allows continuous audio. Overall, a very easy-to-use earpiece that remains free of any damages. 


  • We feel it is lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.
  • It has brilliant connectivity and fast pairing.
  • Long battery life allows the users to use it for 46 hours.
  • Outstanding design and style that have waterproof qualities as well.
  • Several technological builds make it versatile. 


  • The mouthpiece isn’t as strong.


Product URL Earpiece for Cell Phone, Timmkoo S60 Oman | Ubuy
walmartBluetooth Earpiece for Cell Phone, Timmkoo S60 Single Ear Hands-Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic Apt-X CVC8.0 for iPhone, Samsung, Android, PC, Laptop, Tablet, TVs (Gold) –

02. ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset

No products found.

As the name suggests, this one has a comfortable design with a retractable ear hook for convenience. The microphone and speaker both have good audio due to the advanced noise cancelation. Bluetooth technology is also very unique and innovative. Due to the long battery, you can enjoy continuous music and every day call for hours. This has very easy functionality with various settings. 


  • It is very lightweight and easy to store.
  • Pairing with several devices is fast and easy.
  • Great earpiece for daily wears even during travel.
  • Supports various functions for tethering with another device.
  • Durable product with high-quality sound.


  • Low-volume sounds may seem difficult to hear.

03. Angteela Bluetooth Earpiece

No products found.

This is another very stylish and lightweight earpiece that can stay all day on the ears and not feel a thing. For a wireless earpiece, this has a superb battery life and incredible sound quality for both the listener and the speaker. Due to the advanced Bluetooth, the pairing is fast and easy with several other functions. The user can enjoy seamless audio with comfort anywhere. By checking the LED indicator, they can know when to charge. 


  • Very stylish and comfortable for business work.
  • One can easily travel wearing it with portable charging.
  • High-quality audio without background interruption.
  • The battery lasts a long time.
  • Consists of various smart device functions. 


  • Adjustment with android is a little difficult.

04. NVAHVA Single Bluetooth Earpiece

NVAHVA Single Bluetooth Earpiece10 Hrs Playtime,Wireless...

This is a very compact and gorgeous earpiece with extraordinary features. Similar to other products this one also has a strong battery and charges very fast. The user can keep it on both of their ears by turn for about 10 hours. The size is so small that it becomes invisible when worn. Besides, it is very easy to function with various compatibility. Enjoy high-quality audio regularly for any occasion. 


  • Very comfortable and small in size for a custom fit.
  • Bluetooth connection is very strong and fast, connecting to two devices at once.
  • Strong battery life that charges fast.
  • We can check the charge on the device paired with.
  • Connects well to a USB cable for charging.


  • Touch function may cause problems sometimes

05. Kinganda Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece

Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece for Cell Phone, Hands-Free V5.1...

The user can enjoy stable transmission of audio through this earpiece. Including a superb Bluetooth connection, it also has good noise cancelation. We also experience a unique way of communication using a high-quality microphone and speaker. All the keys included are multifunctional and a case is given to charge and store. Due to the hook system, we can wear it for hours in comfort, which can also be rotated for convenience. 


  • Advanced connection with two devices at a time.
  • Long battery life that charges fast.
  • Comfortable design for wearing even while traveling.
  • Lightweight with an adjustable hook.
  • Various compatibility options and functions.


  • Not suitable for professional use.

06. Kendir Bluetooth Headset

Sale Kendir Bluetooth Headset, V5.0 Ultralight Wireless Headphone...

Even as a small earpiece, it has all kinds of buttons and functions like any other headset. It has such a comfortable and gorgeous shape for the ears. We can easily control the audio with the buttons. Along with high-quality audio, the battery is long enough. We can easily use it for daily communication while traveling or any other activities. It has compatibility with various smart devices. Using the case, we can carry it anywhere when needed.


  • Earhooks for easy adjustment.
  • Highly functional as a compact device.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for wearing anywhere.
  • Powerful battery and Bluetooth connection.
  • Stylish design that works as a gift.


  • Works only for common purposes.

07. SLuB True Wireless Bluetooth Single Earbud

SLuB True Wireless Bluetooth Single Earbud with Microphone...

Here we have a great Bluetooth earbud with high definition audio like stereo. So, it is a perfect headset for enjoying music on the road. But it is more than that, with an excellent mic and speaker for business communication. The materials are superb with waterproof qualities and other damages. Besides, the connectivity and battery life are also very strong. It is also a very lightweight and comfortable earpiece for keeping on both ears with a snug fit. 


  • Ergonomic design that works as a fashionable item.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long wear.
  • The battery is also powerful with fast charging.
  • High-quality mic and speaker.
  • Good compatibility and Bluetooth connection.


  • Voice doesn’t come out very great.

08. Philips T2205 True Wireless Earbuds

Philips T2205 In-ear True Wireless Headphones with IPX4...

Here we have one of the finest earbuds that excel both in functions and design. They are so small but provide high-quality sound. In addition, the soft materials make them extra comfortable and switchable on both ears. We can enjoy around 12 hours of music continuously. Besides, the charging case is portable for storing the earbud. The pairing with any device is fast and smooth. Overall, this is a great Bluetooth device that easily is made into a single earbud.


  • Perfect earbuds for traveling and continuous music.
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to store and charge.
  • Even without any ear hooks, it has a snug fit.
  • Outstanding audio quality and Bluetooth connection.
  • Remains free from any damages.


  • The bass is a bit heavy.

09. Sunffice Ear Hook Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Sale Sunffice Ear Hook Bluetooth Wireless Headphone,Non Ear Plug...

Here we have an earbud that is made with comfort in mind. The design is different from all earpieces that helps to prevent ear damage. But the user can easily enjoy continuous audio for a long time. Along with a strong Bluetooth connection, the sound quality is also great. Like the design, the functions are also unique and easy.


  • Easy to function earpiece 
  • Lightweight, comfortable and unique design
  • Powerful connection and battery
  • A great product for regular use while traveling
  • Good compatibility with different devices


  • The USB cable isn’t good

10. TECKNET Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset

Sale TECKNET Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headset with AI Noise...

Last but not the least, here is another outstanding headset with an exclusive design and functionality. The connection is very stable and easy to function. Along with a strong battery, the headset is very comfortable to wear. It also actively cancels noise from the environment. Using a cable, it can be charged fast again with a stand to place it.


  • Great item to wear in a noisy environment.
  • Powerful Bluetooth and battery.
  • Very stable connection for high-quality sound.
  • Comfortable to wear and function.
  • Excellent device to make communication. 


  • A bit bulky to carry around.

Tips to Buy the Best Single Earbuds

Comfort: The earbud should fit perfectly and feel comfortable for long wear. Ear hooks are good options.

Sound Quality: For both music and calls, the sound should be loud and clear.

Controls: If the earbud has simple buttons to control functions, it gets easier to use.

Battery: Since it will stay on for a long time, it should have a strong battery and charge fast.

Noise Cancelation: As we will use only one earbud, it needs to actively cancel background noise for clear sound. 

Wireless vs Wired Earbuds

Wireless EarbudWired Earbud
Two types, one with a cable between the two pieces and the other completely wireless.The traditional type of earbuds with a cable.
Works with Bluetooth connection.Connects directly to the device using the headphone jack.
Can pair to multiple devices at a time.Can only connect to one device at a time.
Touch or button control that is simple to use.No need for charging it.
Comfortable to wear for long without the troubles of a cable.Can be controlled using the device connected.

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  1. Which is the best single Bluetooth earbud?

Out of the many earbuds in the market, single or dual, it isn’t easy to name one as the best. Usually, it depends on the user’s preferences to determine whether it is a good earbud. But some earbuds excel in their features and are recommended by customers. Among them, the Samsung Galaxy earbuds or SZHTFX Bluetooth earbuds are on the top of the list.

  1. Can you use just one Bluetooth earbud?

If the earbuds are completely wireless then it is very easy to use only one of them. Simply turn on Bluetooth and pair up the one earbud that is switched on. The other can remain on the case for use when the first runs out of charge. Any smart device can easily connect to one earbud.

  1. Is it bad to only use one earbud?

A single earbud use is quite beneficial for several reasons. It reduces the risk of ear damage while continuing our daily work by wearing the earbud for a long time. Besides, we can also remain aware of our surroundings. Hence using only one earbud at a time is a good idea, but using both together keeps the device durable. 


Our recommendation has been made after thorough research. Hence, we hope that you can now decide on the best Bluetooth single earbud for your use. Depending on your activity and preferences, follow our tips and choose the suitable one. There is one earbud for every user with outstanding features.

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