12 Best Earbuds for Small Ears in – In-Depth Discussion

My ears are small, I love earbuds more than over-ear headphones, and I am an ardent audiophile. If you are just like me, oh boy! Finding the right pair of earbuds is going to be one hell of a daunting task.

I had to work my way through about 5-6 models before I found my ideal pair of earbuds. It’s been 2+ years and my earbuds are still going strong.

I don’t know why many think earbuds provide great audio quality, they are quite infamous for not fitting well.

Well, guess what, hon? That’s a myth I am going to burst in this article. These days, there are a number of top-of-the-line brands manufacturing earphones that sound good and fit even better. Mind you that a well-fitting pair of in-ear headphones can deliver much better noise isolation than a regular, over-ear NC headphone.

What if I say I am going to do the hard part of finding out these products on your behalf? After spending straight-up 48+ hours on the web, I’ve finally narrowed down to 10 best wireless earbuds for small ears. Give it a look-

Top 12 List of the Best Earbuds for Small Ears

01. Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones- Best Bluetooth Earbud for Small Ears

Sale Bose SoundSport Free, True Wireless Earbuds, (Sweatproof...

Reviewing the best in-ear headphones for small ears and not featuring Bose products is like skipping Chicago deep dish while reviewing the best pizzas in the world.

The Free is Bose’s first truly wireless headphones and has a lot of things going in its favor. Keeping with the key topic of the article, let’s start with the build quality and fitting. At first glance, I found SoundSport to be larger than average earbuds, mainly because of the use of large drivers. The buds stick out a bit from your ears.

But I am not counting all these as dealbreakers solely because the buds are decently lightweight. I can wear it for prolonged hours, perform intense workout or finish an entire book without feeling fatigue in my ear. If you have been looking for a great pair of workout headphones, SoundSport will “almost” guarantee a snug fit while running or doing cardio.

On top of this, the buds are sweat-resistant and won’t stop working if you accidentally dunk them in water. These buds have an open design. Therefore, you will have to use the StayHear+ Sport wing tips to securely lock the earbuds into place. To further enhance your comfort, you can also replace the existing tips with the other tips included in the package.

In addition to ensuring a secure fit, the wing tips also create a seal in your ear canals to filter a good amount of external noise. As far as sound quality is concerned, it truly stands out as one of the best Bluetooth earbuds for small ears. The clarity and depth of audio along with rich and warm mid-tones make for a great sound profile.

If you enjoy heavy bass-driven music, this could be the one for you. Thanks to its wide soundstage, you can easily pick up the nuances of a music recording. One of the most annoying things about most Bluetooth headphones is the colossal loss of character of audio during Bluetooth transmission.

Bose, being a master of the trade that it is, has managed to eliminate this issue completely in these headphones. Moreover, the highs are slightly recessed to provide you with a seamless, relaxing listening experience for long hours.

However, unfortunately, things don’t remain hunky-dory once you step into a crowded environment. As soon as the earbuds have to compete with ambient noise, the bass loses its thump and rumble to some extent. The sound becomes more toned and smoother which is a great thing only if extra bass is not your priority.

Having all said and done, I’d choose SoundSport over cheap variants of AirPods any day for better sound and fitting. For immersive music listening and video streaming in a quiet environment, nothing beats SoundSport Free at this price point. Period.

It provides 5 hours of runtime in moderate settings and I haven’t noticed any sound delay so far while YouTubing. As a couch potato who binges on Netflix a lot, I can’t ask for more.

However, if you are strictly looking for a headphone for daily commuting, you should rather opt for a device with better ANC capabilities. Although cranking up the volume of SoundSport can do the trick quite well, I don’t recommend doing that unless you wish to go deaf.

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  • Snug fitting.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Water-proof, sweat-resistant earbuds.
  • Doesn’t cause sound dropouts.
  • Good battery life.
  • Noise cancellation feature requires improvement.

02. AKG N5005 In-Ear Headphones- Highly Comfortable Earbuds for Small Ear Canals

AKG N5005 Reference Class 5-driver Configuration In-Ear...

If you are in a mood to splurge on a technically advanced headphone that sounds great and fits even better, this could just be the one for you. The N5005 is truly a piece of superior craftsmanship inside-out.

The body of the buds is made from scratch-resistant, glossy black ceramic. The rectangularly shaped buds sit tightly into your ear canals and don’t slip, no matter the intensity of your daily workout.

The interior of the buds is generously padded to prevent chaffing when you insert it in your ears. The size is comfortable enough to snugly fit the smallest of ear canals. And even if you face any issue with the fitting, there are 7 sets of bud tips included in the package. Mix and match the combinations until you find your perfect fit.

Well, these features alone are adequate to render N5005 highly comfortable earbuds for small ear canals. But who buys such an expensive pair of earbuds just for fitting? And the end of the day, it is the sound that counts.

As far as audio quality and usability are concerned, the sound engineering of N5005 deserves a standing ovation. How a headphone fits so comfortably with two large drivers placed so close startles me.

The frequency response delivered by these tiny earbuds is insane. Normally, you will have to buy 4 conventional speakers which would cost way higher than this to achieve this level audio experience.

Add to that, N5005 comes with 4 interchangeable filters that allow you to tweak the frequency response to your preference.

But there’s is more to N5005 than impeccable design and unbelievably good sound output. These in-ear phones come with a standard 3.5 mm cable, a not-so-common but useful 2.5 mm braided cable and wait-for-it, a Bluetooth dongle for wireless use. The clarity and richness of sound exude the same level of awesomeness in both wired and wireless mode. If this doesn’t sound like a solid bang for the buck, please let me know what does?

  • Magnificent sound quality and frequency response.
  • Excellent for both small and large ear canals.
  • Allows both wired and wireless operation.
  • Audio filters to customize sound frequency.
  • Lightweight and scratch-resistant.
  • Noise cancellation ability.


Product URL
akgAKG N5005 | Reference Class 5-driver configuration in-ear headphones
walmartAKG N5005 – Earphones with mic – in-ear

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03. Sony WF-SP700N/B Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones- Best Bluetooth Headphones for Small Ears

Sony Wireless Bluetooth In Ear Headphones: Noise Cancelling...

I can sum up this review in just one word- stable, solid and beautiful. That’s 3 words but I don’t care. What I care about is how well-fitting my headphones are when I buy them. Needless to say, the Sony WF-SP700N/B didn’t disappoint me in this department at all.

This bad boy is IPX4  certified. This simply means if you are a sports enthusiast, this is a deal worth clutching on to. It is because buds are designed to withstand a pool of sweat and water.

Coming to the fitting, the compact, curvy, pebble-like structure of the buds easily slide into your ears. Like all the best earbuds for small ears, Sony too has included a set of wing tips to keep the buds securely locked in place. What further adds to the sleek and minimalistic profile of SP700N/B is the placement of control buttons. Well, instead of crowding the buds with multiple buttons, there’s only one tap button on the device. Yes, it does take a while to get the hang of it but I couldn’t care less for that as long as it sounds good.

So how does it sound? Staggeringly good if you are a bass lover. The bass packs a lot of punch. I’m also quite impressed by the clear highs, making the music livelier and giving it an almost three-dimensional quality. The  Bluetooth headphone has a steady connection. It includes NFC pairing too for quick connectivity.

But the showstopper is definitely the noise cancellation. You have 3 NC options to choose from as well. Being a daily commuter and an avid reader, I don’t think I can ask for any more.

  • Noise cancellation feature.
  • Solid bass kick in the sound.
  • Comfortable size and splash-resistant design.
  • NFC pairing.
  • Can be controlled via Sony Headphones connect app.
  • The battery life of 3 hours max even at the lowest volume.

04. Jabra Elite 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Earbuds- Best True Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears

Sale Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds – Alexa Built-In, Earbuds with...

I am a huge fan of no-nonsense headphones and therefore, the next device on my list is exactly to my liking. The Elite 65t has a solid, splash-proof built. Hear me out athletes, it has got IP55 rating. So, if you are looking to buy a good earbud for sweaty ears, go ahead, if you are into things like sea diving, perhaps look elsewhere.

Moving on, the buds are lightweight, will fit even the smallest of ears and the silicon ear cups go easy on your ears. The package includes additional ear cups to help you find the perfect size for best fit. One of the greatest aspects of this model is the design of the control buttons. The controls are located on the butt of the buds and don’t require a hard push to work properly.

Cut to the performance, Elite 65t makes for an excellent choice for daily commuters. You can manually control how much noise you want to block, chose hands-free use option and a lot more. If you remove one bud, another one stops playing music- a small but superior convenient touch, I must add.

If you have aversion to pushing button to tweak settings, good news! You can customize all these functions just by downloading the Jabra Sound + App on your smartphone as well.

As far as the sound output is concerned, I would call it decent. While the mids and highs are clear and provide a balanced tone, the bass lacks the oomph factor. The show-stealer of this model, however, is the battery life and charging.

While normally it can deliver 5 hours runtime with a single charge, when you are in hurry, just put the device on the charging case for merely 20-30 minutes to get enough juice for 4 hours.

And lastly, like all the best true wireless earbuds for small ears, it also uses 5.0 BT version for fast, stable wireless connection and has a great Bluetooth range.

  • Excellent battery life and fast charging.
  • Easy and seamless fitting.
  • Balanced sound.
  • Seamless controls and customization options.
  • Great noise cancellation.
  • Music lacks enough bass.
  • Cannot be submerged into water.

05. BeatsX Earphones- Most Comfortable Earbuds for Small Ears at an Affordable Price

BeatsX Wireless Earphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1...

BeatsX incorporates the state-of-the-art aesthetics of Apple AirPods which is peppered with the “x-factor” of Dr. Dre. See, I am not a huge fan of neck-band style headphones like this. I owned one in the past and it was a total waste of money. So, definitely, I had my doubts about the design, durability, and comfort of BeatsX.

However, it succeeded to change my perception about neck-band style wireless headphones and how! It sports a thick cable that rests on your neck and doesn’t bounce, no matter how fast you are running or walking. It also takes the weight off the two earpieces. As a result, I could hardly feel their presence in my ears., making it one of the most comfortable earphones for small ears at an affordable price I’ve tested so far.

The earpieces are quite well-made too. The small curvature design with silicon tips didn’t struggle to slip into my small ear canals. It is sweat-proof so don’t worry about your earphones dying a painful death when you are dripping sweat. Just be careful not to swim while putting them on.

The device integrates Apple W1 chip for fast and seamless connectivity with iOs devices. But hey! It worked just about fine with my Android phone as well. In fact, I noticed 0.5 seconds of audio delay on my iPhone which didn’t happen on my Android phone. Only Jesus know how.

Anyway, moving on, the wireless connection and range provided by it are as flawless as these could be.

Coming to the sound quality, let me start by how surprisingly awesome the in-line mic is. Even in crowded streets, voice isolation is impeccable. Now about the sound output, BeatsX pumps out a fairly bass-heavy sound while also heavily focusing on midrange frequencies.

The treble, however, is more muted than I’d have preferred. This is the reason why I couldn’t hear the certain nuances of harmonics. On the brighter side, the bass lift of BeatsX adds a lot of thump and rumble to the drum kicks. Overall, a decent audio output unless you are very particular about tiny details.

Moving on, apart from a sleek and comfortable design, BeatsX also stands apart from the crowd for its Quick Charge feature. For 5 minutes of charging, you can get a playback time for over 2 hours. Also, at moderate to high volume, the battery lasts for about 5.5 hours when fully charged, really not bad, huh?

  • Supremely comfortable design.
  • Simplistic control layout.
  • In-line mic quality.
  • Works equally well on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Quick Charge.
  • Don’t expect a ton of bass from it. Plus, the treble is slightly subdued too.

06. Samsung Gear IconX – Stable and Sweatproof Running Headphones for Small Ears

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) SM-R140NZKAXAR Bluetooth...

Samsung stepped into the rapidly growing market of truly wireless headphones with IconX. While those models have a fairly decent fit and performance, it wasn’t good enough to justify the price tag. Samsung, thankfully, took notice and revamped the IconX in 2018.

I have to say that the updated version actually works. It has got a better design, better sound, better Bluetooth connection, and clearer sound. Let’s talk about design and comfort first.

These small buds maintain a low profile which I adore. The interior is cushioned by memory foam to ensure optimal comfort of your ears. I didn’t have to tightly jam the buds in my small ears to get a snug fit. I’m glad that the headphones don’t weirdly stick out of my ears.

And to securely lock the buds in place, we have, tada! Wing tips. Now, instead of control buttons, it uses a touch-sensitive pad on the buds. You will have to memorize different combination of taps to tune the functions which are quite irritating, to be honest. A flaw I can’t ignore but not massive enough to deter me from buying these headphones.

But that’s not the only reason to invest in a high-end headphone like this. Let me give you more legit reasons. Are you are novice runner like me who simply hates running but have to in order to stay fit? The 2018 version of IconX is specially designed for people like us. If you are using a Samsung phone, here are a few things IconX lets you do to stay motivated to that one extra mile or one more rep of weight lifting.

The first is a real-time coach. A robotic voice can do heavily inspiring to straight-up sermonizing mode, depending on what kind of workout you are doing. It also allows a couple of basic fitness tracking options. But what I loved the most is that I can simply insert a 4GB memory card in the built-in storage space of the headphone.

Along with good noise cancellation, it provides an Ambient Sound Mode. Use it and you will be able to hear the outside noise which is very safe while running outside. Let me tell y’all, running or doing HIIT with a phone in my pocket makes me scared, for there’s a huge chance that it will fly out of my pocket.

I’m really sorry Apple users but you can’t take the advantage of Ambient Sound, built-in storage and real-time coaching. But nevermind. The Bluetooth pairing and connection stability are the same for both iOS and Android devices. So far, I haven’t noticed in audio dropouts either.

Sound performance-wise, IconX is not brilliant but not a total dud either. The music doesn’t pack a ton of bass and I could less a slight distortion in the highs as well. But in moderate volume settings, the frequency of response is quite balanced, providing a laid-back, soothing listening experience.

The battery life of this model isn’t staggeringly good. On moderate to high setting, it didn’t last for more than two hours for me. However, there is a super convenient 10-minutes quick charge feature via USB-C. When you out in the road with drained batteries, put it on the charging case for just 10 minutes to receive 1 hour of playback time.

  • Sturdily made stable and sweatproof running headphones for small ears.
  • Good Bluetooth connection.
  • Comfortable inside ears.
  • Lets ambient noise pass through if you are using the compatible Samsung phone app.
  • Quick charging of 10 minutes.
  • The tap sensitive control pad.
  • Battery life.

07. Jaybird X3 – Best Bluetooth Headset for Small Ears

Sale JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android...

JayBird X3 is the third installment of the company’s sports-ideal sweat-proof headphone collection. I also had a look at the X2 version and found that it is slightly larger than X3 for my small ear canals.

X3 is the best Bluetooth headset for small ears for a lot of reasons.

  • One, it is small and doesn’t cramp my ear muscles.
  • Two, it comes with sets of both Comply foam and silicon tips.
  • Three, fin-style securing which is a massive advantage for people who wear glasses.
  • Four, it provides a clip to attach the headphones to the back of your shirt along with cord-shortening accessories.

Fiddling with so many add-ons might sound a bit tedious but hear me out! Once you figure out the perfect adjustment, there’s no looking back.

The best part about X3 is it is aimed at both athletes and casual listeners. While a secure fit and sweat-resistance is a godsend for runners and gym-rats, the powerful noise cancelation will be appreciated by daily commuters. Add to that, even if you crank up the volume to the highest, the battery should last for at least 6-7 hours. Wallah!

There was no issue with the connection while I was listening to an audiobook in a cafe. However, while jogging, I was bugged by occasional connection loss. I found a solution, though. Either keep the phone in your breast pocket or get yourself a phone armband. This will reduce the distance between the Bluetooth receiver and your phone.

Now as far as sound is concerned, X3 is undoubtedly one of the best sounding mid-budget headphones I found so far. The lows and highs are pushed to give you a rich sound experience while running. The default bass packs a lot of punch.  However, sometimes the mids lose clarity, especially in country songs. But the good news is, you can fine-tune the EQ settings using the MySound App. Does a great job.

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  • Extremely comfortable and useful for sportsmen and casual users alike.
  • Fuss-free control layout.
  • Great battery life.
  • Excellent noise-cancellation.
  • Frequency customization on MySound App.
  • Occasional dropouts in connection when the phone is in your pant pocket.
  • Powerful noise isolation can be a safety issue when you are walking or running on the road.

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08. Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro- Lightweight yet Durable Bluetooth Workout Headphones for Small Ears

Soundcore Wireless Headphones Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro,...

The Soundcore Spirit Pro is a perfect pair of headphones to invest in if you are a swimmer or jogger. Unlike most “sports” earbuds, it has an IP68 certification which means it can handle jets of water like a more. The design is simplistic and yet fairly stylish. The first thing that caught my attention was the quirky “Ear wings”.

These wings help to keep the buds stable when you are running. There are a couple of rubber tips included in the package. The fitting is nearly flawless once you find the right tip for your ear canals. However, the rubber interiors tend to slip out a bit when you are sweating bullets. Minor drawback.

But if I weigh in the pros and cons of design, pros easily outshine the negatives and it shines through as a reliable, lightweight yet durable workout headphones for small ears.

Moving on, another striking design aspect of Spirit Pro is the magnetized edges of the buds. When they are not in use, you can stick the two buds together and never fear losing them easily.

Now, while the Bluetooth connection was pretty stable on my Android, I did notice a few dropouts on my Mac. But I think it was more of a fault of my Mac since I tried the headphones with iPhone too and the connection was flawless.

Cut to the sound quality, the audio of Spirit Pro is rather treble-skewed and bass-oriented. The mid-range frequency response makes allows a full and balanced tone. However, don’t expect the bass and tonal richness to be on par with its more premium counterparts. Let me just say that for the price, the sound is as good as it gets.

What further cements its complete value for money is the 10-hour long battery life. For a Bluetooth headphone, it holds its charge incredibly well. It usually takes me about 4-5 days of prolonged use before I put this bad boy on charge.

  • 10 hours of battery life.
  • Secure fit.
  • Can be submerged in water.
  • Balanced sound.
  • Not the best sounding earbuds in town.

09. Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds- Best Fitting Earbuds for Small Ears

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds – Waterproof Fitness & Running...

Elite’s athlete-focused design and the inclusion of both silicon and foam tips make earn it the title of one of the best fitting earbuds for small ears for gym-goers and runners.

Once you find the right combination of wing and earpiece tip, you can expect a good amount of stability and noise isolation, irrespective of how small or large your ears are. The structure of the earpieces are beefy but surprisingly, it feels light as air in your ears.

As far as I know, Jabra is the first brand to incorporate Heart Rate Monitor in their headphones. The HRM sensor included in this model is close to accurate. One tip: make sure the buds have good contact with your skin for maximum accuracy.

In addition to this, it rocks an accelerometer as well. It is even better than HRM. It gives an accurate count of the steps and reps while I’m jogging or sweating in the gym. Simply download the SportsLife app on your phone and keep track of your fitness progress without investing in a costly fitness band.

As far as audio output is concerned, a tight bass along with rich and balanced sound make build the sound profile of Elite Sport. The bass genuine has a great kick and will make your gym sessions thoroughly enjoyable.

And if you are a non-workout person looking for a good sounding headphone to enjoy slow, peaceful music on-the-go, this one does a great job at this too, thanks to the spiked high-frequency.

On the downside, the battery life of a mere 3 hours is far from great. However, the charging case included redeems the buds by providing 6 hours of additional charge. On top of it, there’s a 15-minutes quick charge function to that’ll give you 1 hour of runtime. Can’t complain.

  • Accurate HRM and accelerometer.
  • Will snugly fit irrespective of your ear size.
  • Quick charge function.
  • Warm sound with good bass.
  • Built-in media playback controls.
  • Provides roughly 3 hours of battery life when fully charged.
  • The charging case allows for only two (3+3 hours) additional charges.

10. Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass Earbud Headset- Best Earbuds for Small Ears and Running

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headphones/Headset with Mic...

Although slightly on the beefier side, MDR-XB50AP/L is just as lightweight and well-fitting as any other decent pair of sports earbuds I know of. Thanks to the silicon ear tips, the buds don’t wiggle when you are walking or even doing hardcore exercise.

There are a couple of tips included in the package too to help you find your perfect fit. The only glaring fault is that the buds stick out of my ears too much. But if I ignore that and solely focus on how lightweight and stable these are, it stands out to be one of the best, if not the best earbuds for small ears and running.

If you are better off with wired earbuds than truly wireless ones, this could possibly your safest bet. The built-in mic and in-line remote control are on the cord, thus taking a lot of weight off the earpieces. Although you have all the basic settings on the cord, for volume control and changing tracks, you will have to use the compatible Android phone. The limited control scheme can be a turn-off but hey! You get what you pay for, right?

As the product name suggests, the sound of the MDR-XB50AP/L gives you extra bass without charging extra money. How convenient! And what’s even better is that it the kick and thump won’t cause you a heart attack when you turn up the volume.

The bass, despite its punchiness, it controlled and smooth. The lows are deep along with a well-balanced mid-range. However, the vocals do sound a bit muddy under heavy loads. So if are a true audiophile who would want to hear those nuances and details of vocals and instruments, there are better options out there.

  • Provides roughly 3 hours of battery life when fully charged.
  • The charging case allows for only two (3+3 hours) additional charges.
  • Limited control settings.
  • Not great for classical, country, jazz, folk music lovers.

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Honorable Mention 1:

11. FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

Due to its tiny pebble-like shape, these are definitely a worthy contender for the title of the best earbuds for small ears. The audio quality is crisp and clear. Even the phones call on the microphone provide great voice isolation in a noisy environment. I won’t say it is a beast when it comes to sound.

In fact, the audio sometimes tends to muffle, especially under heavy loads. I have heard many folks complaining that the batteries don’t last nearly as long as advertised. To conclude, I’d say if you want a Bluetooth bud on a shoestring budget and don’t expect it to perform like AirPods, go for it.

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless...

Honorable Mention 2:

12. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

To begin with, these earphones look absolutely ravishing with its lush wooden exterior. As we all know, wood possesses natural acoustical qualities due to which, NRG has a warm tone, crisp sound, and brilliant acoustics.

It comes with S/M/L sized ear tips for customization and fit fairly well. However, I can’t vouch for the noise isolation and therefore, if you are solely looking for a running earbud, it may not live up to your expectations. However, if you want to buy a budget-headphone for binge-watching T.V shows and listening podcasts, it has got you covered.

Now that we are done with the reviews, let me discuss some of the most commonly asked earbud related questions for you. I hope the next segment will help you get a better understanding of how these headphones work, what are the red flags and how to find the right pair.

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds with Microphone Wired, Wooden...

Earbuds for Small Ears- FAQs Answered!

What You Should Know Before Buying Wireless Earbuds?

Comfort Factor: Apple AirPods revolutionized the way truly wireless earbuds are designed, many others followed. Wireless earbuds can be completely wireless or have a neckband cable that goes around the neck. To ensure maximum comfort and usability while being physically active, invest in a model that provides multiple earpiece tips and wings for a stable and secure fit without fatiguing your ears.

Control and Pairing: The control scheme of earbuds can make a lot of difference in terms of how practical the device is. This is why some models are more suitable for gym-goers and joggers than others. Most wireless earbuds have an in-line remote control housed on the butt of the earbuds. I prefer multiple, well-responsive control buttons more than one-tap buttons or sensors while working out. Makes life easier.

Also, pairing is another important factor to look into. The rule of thumb is that more advanced your BT version is, the easier it is to connect and pair. Some models also include NFC pairing for 2-3 seconds pairing with compatible devices.

Sound Quality: No self-respecting person buys a headphone just for good fitting. At the end of the day, it is always the sound quality that makes or breaks the deal. If you want a truly exquisite music experience, find a wireless earbud equipped with aptX or even better aptX HD technology. These two technologies are used to aid high-quality audio transmission for richer sound quality.

Battery Life: Most earbuds keep the battery running for 4-5 hours. If you can stretch your wallet a little more, buy a device that lasts for up to 8 hours. And don’t forget the charging case too. It will help you quickly charge your buds when you are in rush or on the go.

Optional Cable Attachment: Wearing wireless buds all the time may not be a go-to choice for everyone. Some hi-tech earbuds let you connect and detach cables, along with a USB-C type BT dongle to make the buds more practical and versatile.

Do Apple Earpods fit in small ears?

I find Apple EarPods much more comfortable for ridiculously small ears than AirPods.

Do Apple AirPods fit in all ears?

It will fit all ears but if you want a more secure fit, here’s a hack. You can replace the stock smooth plastic tubes with silicon tips. You can also cut out tiny dots off a waterproof tape and stick in onto your AirPod to get a good grip. This will, the buds will stay in your ears for a longer time.

Do AirPods stay in your ear while running?

They should. In case it slips when you are sweating, use the “hack” I mentioned right above.

Are the AirPods better than the EarPods?

The biggest difference between AirPods and EarPods is the shape of the buds. The formal is round while AirPod has a bit of a curve. The contoured design of AirPod is better because it will easily jam the pods right into your ears and feel more comfortable.

EarPods have regular control buttons which are far easier to use than the tapping button of AirPods. There is a huge chance of hit and miss with tap buttons unless you are a pro.

Now as far as sound quality is concerned, the opinions are highly divided. But from my personal experience, I would say there isn’t a huge difference. Both have tight bass, low distortion, and good frequency response. However, AirPod’s sound is a tad more detailed and has more depth than that of EarPods.

So, to sum up, If you want a true wireless headphone that fits well and sounds dope, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with AirPods. But those who have aversion to wireless headphones and one-tap control would prefer EarPods more.

The Bottom Line

There’s no way I can tell you what is the best earbuds for small ears. Nobody can. It totally depends on your comfort level, how you intend to wear and use your buds and your music preference. The ones I have listed in this article more or less cover the entire spectrum. It has something for everyone. I hope my reviews help and you end up finding the right pair in no time.

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