Best Headphones For EDM: Electronic Music

If you are looking for the best headphones for EDM with groovy bass then you have got you covered. To enjoy electronic dance music to the fullest, you need to invest in a high-fidelity headphone that delivers wonderfully balanced tones and of course, a lot of bass. Other than great audio quality, your headphone should also be comfortable to wear for hours. 

Based on these criteria, we have chosen 3 headphones for you. Apart from stellar audio and optimal comfort, these models offer a host of advanced features to jazz up our music listening experience.

01. Philips Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone

PHILIPS Fidelio X2HR Over The Ear Open Back Wired Headphone...

The open-back design of the headphone makes it a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a concert-like environment sitting on their couch. Unlike most bass-heavy headphones in its price range, the bass delivered by this headphone is tight, nuanced and well-balanced. 

It uses a 50 mm driver with neodymium magnets to aid smoother low-frequency response, resulting in smooth treble and therefore, minimal sibilance. The drivers produce a big soundstage which highlights the finer nuances of an EDM track. 

Phillips Fidelio features large ear cups with removable padding. It has a single wire, so no worries about dealing with tangled cables. The headband is large and sits quite close to the head. While you can wear it for hours without feeling fatigued, mind you that there will be a lot of sound bleeding too. However, that shouldn’t pose a problem if you are in a home environment. 

02. Edifier P841 Comfortable Noise Isolating Over-Ear Headphones

Edifier P841 Comfortable Noise Isolating Over-Ear Headphones...

If you are particularly looking for a headphone with a great treble resolution, then this one is worth a look. Detail and clarity of sound are the most noteworthy features of this specific model. The bass provided by these headphones has a decent amount of thump and kick, good enough to make you feel the energy of your go-to EDM tracks.

The crisp highs and mids, combined with a tight bass make the music come to life. Binge-watching movies with these headphones on is a sheer delight. The Edifier P841 comes with a microphone and an in-line remote, both of which work just as they are supposed to. Nothing spectacular about them.

The large ear cups effectively lower the volume of people’s chattering and engine noise in offices and public transports. The headphone design has a premium feel to is and its lightweight frame keeps you comfortable for hours.

03. Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones 

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It is a great option for those who demand high-quality audio with rich bass without spending a fortune. This affordable wireless headphone uses a 57mm Titanizing diaphragm to boost the bass and deliver rich and dynamic tones. It also includes a 3D sound feature that reproduces the trippy atmosphere of a real EDM concert with its amazing stereo surround effect. 

Bluedio T3 is tastefully designed a robust alloy frame. Its smart slide-to-fit mechanism ensures a snug fit and all-day-long comfort, irrespective of your head size. The earcups are lined with memory foam which is a soft and highly breathable material. 

You can put them on while jogging, running or sweating it out in the gym as well. The wireless model comes with a built-in microphone that allows for interference-free, high-quality voice calls. The battery lasts for approximately 20 hours or less, depending on your audio settings, which is exceptional at this price range. 

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The Bottom Line

Finding the best headphones for EDM that provide lifelike audio along with comfortable fitting could be intimidating in a marketplace loaded with options. On top of that, nobody really buys a costly headphone just for listening to one particular genre of music forever. We have kept in this mind and ensured that our top-ranking EDM-friendly headphones give you an immersive listening experience across all music genres. 

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