Secrets You Will Never Know About How To Use One Earbud

Wireless earbuds are so widely used for various reasons nowadays, that you might need to use one the whole day. They are a good means of communication, and sometimes more comfortable and convenient. But it isn’t a good thing to keep an electronic device attached to use for a long time. So, we look for ways to ease the use of earbuds.

While earbuds come in pairs for both ears, there are often several reasons for which you may want to use only one of them at a time. Fortunately, earbuds can work individually and provide the same quality of audio. So, even if you put on only one earbud, you can still get your work done well. 

If you use a smart earbud, then first take both the earbuds and connect them to your phone. Then put one of them on the ears and the other on the case when both of them connect. For AirPod users, you don’t need to connect both. Rather, directly put the AirPod on your ear and keep the other in the case. If needed, you can also switch the earpieces when one of them is out of charge. The W1 chip in the AirPod can detect the one in use and pair with it. Stereo signals also undergo mono output conversion so that the connection doesn’t take long when the pieces are switched. 

This shows that although the earbuds are in a pair, they are separate completely, because of the wireless feature. For this reason, you can easily use only one of them. People may want to use only one for various reasons. The most obvious reason might be if you have lost one of them. Apart from this, having one ear open is necessary to pay attention to everything happening around while also getting oneself preoccupied with the earbud. So, receive a phone call or listen to music, and also hear what is going on outside. In addition, you don’t have to charge both the earbuds together. Keep switching between each piece and remain connected for longer hours. 

However, one ear doesn’t have the same audible competence as both together, so if one earbud is used only, the volume is often higher. This isn’t very healthy to the ears and may get painful if used for a long time. Since, the quality is still intact if the earbuds are used individually, keep the volume at the safe level and change the ear frequently. Remember also that the radiation from the earbuds isn’t good either, so using only one earbud rather than two together is a better way of using them. But to make it safer, switch continuously between the ears for comfort.

Usually, smart earbuds or AirPods are both made with care, keeping safety and comfort as priorities. So having both earbuds for as long as we want to keep them won’t cause many problems. However, using only one will be beneficial in many ways, by maintaining effectiveness.

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