Triple Driver vs Quad Driver Comparison

Whether for official work or simply entertainment like music, movies, etc, we wish to get headphones. This electronic device can do wonders by providing high-quality audio without any interruption for background noises. First, we need to know about the best type of headphones worth our budget. In addition, think about the tiny mechanism that will cause differences between headphones, that is, the driver. A brand called 1More offers you premium headphones with loud and clear sounds. However, they come in either triple or quad drivers. So, there are some differences between these two driver headphones. 

The main difference between these two is obviously the number of drivers. Triple one has three while the other has four drivers. While triple drivers provide high frequency and audible sounds, they have unstable trebles. On the contrary, the quad has a smoother and accurate sound, but not such frequency. Each comes with some advantages and disadvantages. 

Have a look through this article to learn more about the two driver headphones. 

Triple Driver and Quad Driver

The first similarity between them is that they are both excellent-made headphones. In addition to high-quality material build and internal mechanism, both of them have an ergonomic design for comfortable wear all day long. The drivers allow the headphones clear bass and good frequency range with active noise cancellation. So, with either of these headphones, you can enjoy continuous and loud, clean audio for a long time. 

They are both compatible with Apple devices and Android smart devices. You also get a microphone with different controls. Both of them have the same length cable to connect to a device. For traveling purposes, simply fold them and carry them around. Other audio features like the loudness, sensitivity, and power are also the same. So, even though they come with some differences, be sure to experience high-quality audio from either of these headphones.

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Comparison chart

A comparison chart is a quick way to understand the differences as well as advantages and disadvantages of these headphones. So, have a look at the table below:

Features Triple Driver HeadphonesQuad Driver Headphones
Cable 1.25 mm1.25 mm
Treble  -32.9 dB-30.8 dB
Drivers Three with two balanced and one separateFour with three balanced and the other separate 
Frequency 20-40,000 Hz20-40,000 Hz
Weight 0.6 ounces 1.2 pounds 
Bass -2.38 dB-0.45 dB

Triple Driver vs Quad Driver: The Breakdown

To find out exclusive details about a triple driver headphone and a quad driver headphone, we have broken down the features after good research. 

Drivers: As the name suggests, triple one has three drivers and quad one has four. In the triple one, there are two drivers in balanced armatures and the third one is dynamic and separate. All of them work together to provide deep bass and high frequency for clear audio. On the other hand, four drivers have one dynamic and separate diamond-like carbon driver and three balanced armatures. Out of the two, triple driver headphones have more balanced audio.

Price: Triple driver one is quite cheap compared to the quad driver which costs a bit much. Perhaps this is because of the extra driver and internal mechanism. However, the more cost and the extra driver don’t make the quad driver headphone a better one. 

Design: Both of them are made with superb build and high-quality materials for durability and comfort. The triple one is made of titanium color but the quad one is in space gray. But the bigger ear tip of the quad one makes it a bit uncomfortable to the ears. Triple one has a simple design but the quad one looks quite premium.

Portability: Although both of them are said to be lightweight and travel-friendly, the quad driver headphones are slightly heavier and bulky. Both are easy to fold and store, but in case of carrying around, the triple driver headphone will feel lighter and convenient. 

Sound Quality: Generally speaking, triple driver headphones have a better sound quality than quad driver headphones. This is because features like bass, treble, stability, etc are better in triple one. Besides, the triple does better noise isolation than the quad driver. However, the quad has a better sound control system and microphone. Even as an expensive headphone, the quad driver fails to provide well-balanced audio quality for different loudness.

Triple Driver vs Quad Driver (Pros and Cons)

As we can see, both of them are good headphones with some advantages and disadvantages. 

Triple Driver Headphone


  • High quality and accurate sound
  • Active noise cancelation from surroundings
  • Durable materials to prevent damages
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Lightweight for portability 


  • Not great control system suitable for calls

Quad Driver Headphone


  • Premium quality build for durability
  • High performance for any audio
  • Great treble balance and bass for clean sound
  • Ergonomic design for long wear
  • Good control system


  • Not good noise cancelation


  1. What is the copper that a quad driver uses?

Unlike other drivers of headphones, quad drivers use oxygen-free copper that is well-liked by headphone users. This is because the copper conductor in this driver accounts for the high performance and sound quality of the headphone with well-balanced audio features. 

  1. How do dual and triple driver earphones differ?

As the name says, dual has two and triple has three drivers. But the triple driver exceeds the dual one in excellent sound quality because of the extra driver. It provides the users with clean bass and better treble than the dual one. 

  1. Which one to choose, quad driver or wired earphones?

Quad driver has better impedance, treble, bass than the wired ones, along with higher power. These headphones also cause active noise canceling from surroundings. Even though Bluetooth earphones feel convenient, a lot of them are wired, and this is still a preferred one that doesn’t need frequent charging. 

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After considering the features and differences between the two drivers’ headphones, it is seen that the triple driver has better qualities than the quad one. Although the quad driver is expensive and made with the best quality materials, it lacks the benefits of using a triple quad, especially in providing the best sound. However, the one to choose still depends on the user’s preferences. 

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