Best Headphones for Audio Books: You Should Check Out ASAP

Audiobooks are a godsend for bibliophiles like us who just wish to immerse into the world of fascinating stories with our eyes closed. A great story narrated by a deep and velvety smooth voice completes our solitary evenings. Now, all you need is a great pair of headphones to make the characters and emotions come to life. 

The ideal headphone for listening to audiobooks and podcasts should be comfortable to wear for hours and have great acoustic abilities. Active noise cancelation would be the cherry on the cake.

To help you select the right model, we have narrowed your choices down to 3 best headphones for audiobooks that match our high standards.

01. Ghostek soDrop 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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This bass sensitive headphone comes with a unique feature called bi-directional noise reduction technology. It will instantly isolate you from your surrounding and make you lost in the world of your music and favorite books.

The HD sound quality is clearly the highlight of this headphone. The sound clarity combined with a deep bass makes the headphone a stellar bargain for the price.

There’s very little loss is streaming quality as long as the download quality is set to the max. It also provides an amazingly long battery life of 14 hours with 54-hours of standby time. The headphones come with generously cushioned ear cups and an easily adjustable headband to keep you comfortable for hours. 

02. AmazonBasics In-ear Wired Headphones

Amazon Basics In Ear Wired Headphones, Earbuds with...

If earbuds are your go-to style of headphones then take a look at this one. These pitch-black wired in-ear headphones facilitate high-quality reproduction of sound. It minimizes sound distortion at the highest volume setting and offers excellent bass. All these at a fraction of the cost of top-of-the-line high-fidelity headphones.

It comes with 3 different sizes of silicone tips. All you have to do is find the perfect fit to enjoy noise cancelation in environments like a semi-crowded cafe, office or home. Don’t expect it to effectively block external noise in loud places like airports, subway or traffic.

It also has a built-in mic, allowing you to enjoy quality voice calls. To sum up, it is a great-sounding headphone for audiobook lovers who don’t want to splurge on high-end headphones right away.

 03. Avantree E171 Sports Earbuds Wired with Microphone

Sale Avantree E171 - Sports Earbuds Wired with Microphone,...

These sweat-proof earphones come with 3 different sizes of silicone tips to ensure a snug fit. Unlike most budget in-ear headphones, these ones actually stay put well. Therefore, apart from listening to audiobooks and podcasts, you can also use it for listening to music while running, cycling or working out

There’s a stable clip included too to hook the cord to your shirt to prevent the buds from falling. The sleek and stylish headphone sports a quality microphone for calls and in-line remote control for general adjustments like play/pause track, volume up/down, skip track, receive calls et cetera. However, note that you cannot adjust the volume on iPod and computers. 

The audio quality is decent for the price. It offers deep bass with a solid low-end. The tones are beautifully balanced to give you a well-rounded listening experience for all kinds of playback. 


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ebayAvantree E171 Sports Earbuds Wired with Microphone

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The Bottom Line

Finding the best headphones for audio books without breaking a bank is very much possible. You just have to spend hours assessing the features, functionality and scour tons of user reviews to find one. 

Since that could take a while and we value your time, we have done the hard part on your behalf. Now, it’s your time to carefully read our reviews, follow your intuition and finally choose a pair that fits your audio needs. 

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