5 Best Headphones for Smule: Smart Tips

Karaoke apps like Smule are getting increasingly popular. And why not? Singing at the top of our voices is one of the simplest pleasures of life. And it’s completely okay if you don’t sound like Adele. You don’t have to necessarily have an angel-like voice to sing your heart out. 

For karaoke singing apps like Smule, you need a noise-canceling headphone with an awesome microphone. The audio hardware of the headphones should be able to aid excellent voice recording. You don’t want a crackling or static sound to ruin your song.

To give you a pleasant and memorable karaoke experience, we have carefully chosen 5 best headphones for Smule. From build quality, comfort, stability of the earbuds/ ear cups to quality of recording, we have made sure that these headphones have all the necessary elements for singing on Smule.

But before we get to the, let’s first talk about the key aspects that separate average headphones from the great ones.

How to Choose the Best Headphone for Smule: A Short Buying Guide

While not all headphones are created equal, the best headphones for Smule karaoke should share a few common traits. For instance-

1. Microphone Quality: You will need headphones with mic for singing on Smule app, Starmaker and similar karaoke apps. You need to make sure that the mic doesn’t pump out any crackling, static or popping noise. It can totally ruin your recording.

Take your time to find a headphone whose built-in mic is capable of loud and clear, superior recording without any looping sound. Our sound experts would recommend you to get a headphone with a built-in mic instead of using a headset mic for better recording quality.

2. Noise Cancellation: Having great noise isolation comes in handy when you are trying to record your vocals on karaoke apps. It keeps you focused and allows you to hear the music more clearly which greatly helps to improve your rhythm and timing.

3. Comfortable Fit: An ideal karaoke headset should stay firmly put in your ears. It is very difficult to concentrate on singing when your earbuds or ear cups require constant adjustment.

Top 5 Smule Headphones List

01. Seneo Hybrid Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

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These over-ear headphones produce a clean voice, free of static noise and distortion. It features a top-notch CVC 6.0 built-in mic which makes your voice sound loud and clear, making this model a great choice for people with soft voice.

It uses hybrid active noise canceling technology that effectively tunes out a good amount of external noise. By isolating yourself from the background, you can focus on your singing better.

The headphone has a sleek and elegant design. It’s so light and thin that you can wear it for hours without feeling fatigued. Last but not the least, it delivers an immersive listening experience. The bass sounds very natural and it is accompanied by relaxed mids and highs to create an impressive listening experience.

02. Vtin Headset with Microphone

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This headset comes with a boom microphone which is the best kind of mic you can have for recording. The placement of the mic automatically enhances the quality of your voice.

The noise-canceling ability prevents external noise from entering the mic and spoil it with annoying staticky noise. It also features a mute button for the mic. The best part of its mic is that it pumps out a natural and crisp sound.

The sound quality is not audiophile-grade, though. The mids are lacking and there isn’t a lot of bass either. Nevertheless, the audio is clearer than most headsets in this price range and is loud enough, even below the max volume level. The noise-canceling ear cups nicely mask the noise in public places.

03. Sony MDRZX110AP ZX


If you are a basshead who wants to get blown away with thumpy bass and at the same time, want to record crisp and clear audio, this could be the one for you.  

Its high-quality 30 mm drivers pump out life-like, vivid and most importantly, well-balanced tones. The solid bass, clear treble combined with even midtones create a rich and warm sound profile.

The mic is not mind-blowingly awesome but still good for the price. Try to record your voice in a small room where your voice won’t echo for best results.

Special mention for the comfortable ear cup design. The ear cups are lined with soft padding with easily adjustable headband. It puts a firm clamp force on your skull, just enough to drown out the background noise. The headset is incredibly lightweight and won’t fatigue your skull and ears after hours of use.

04. TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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This mid-budget wireless headphone’s connectivity is surprisingly flawless, despite using only Bluetooth 4.2. It allows for wired operation too which makes it suitable for Smule. The mic and other functions are built into the device and are fairly easy to figure out. 

We loved the clarity of my voice calls, Skype calls, and song recordings. It picked up the low frequencies better than we expected. Most importantly, it doesn’t ruin the recording with crackling sounds or tin can effect. 

But the area where this headphone truly shines is the active noise cancellation. It is simply outstanding for the price. Once you press the ANC button, it immediately blocks a good amount of distracting ambient noise, even without the music on. 

Rugged build quality, swanky ear cups, and adjustable headbands lend a luxe vibe to the headphone. Also, the battery seems to last forever on this device. Once fully charged, it packs enough fuel for a day or even two (depending on the settings).

05. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling...

Strong bass, wide soundstage and impeccable tonal clarity summarize the sound profile of this headphone. Like any decent pair of singing headphones, this one too boasts of ANC. The feature works just as good as advertised by muting some of the loudest noises (the whirring sound of a wood cutting machine or lawnmower, for instance) with the music on. 

This wired headphone comes with a separate cable that houses an inline microphone and controls for playback and calls. This particular design element allows you to conveniently position the mic in a desired angle and distance to get the best possible recording out of it.

Smart Tips to Make Your Voice Sound Better on Smule and Starmaker

01. Holding Your Mic the Right Way

Hold your mouth too close to the mic and your voice sounds muffled or distorted. Hold it too far and nobody will be able to hear you. The rule of thumb is to hold your mouthpiece 12-13 inches away from while singing loudly and bring it much closer, about 5 inches away from your lips if you have a quiet voice. 

Also, pay attention to the way you are holding the mic against your mouth. Make sure that you are not covering the mouth in any way while recording. Otherwise, your voice will sound muffled.

02. Switch on an iPhone for Recording

Android devices have always had crazy distortion issues while recording. In addition to that, Smule has always been more of an iOS-friendly app. We had a thorough conversation with our in-house sound engineers about this. Most of them unanimously suggested that recording on an iPhone will almost certainly reduce the distortion problem.

03. Pre-record on a Third-party App

If switching to iPhone or changing headphones doesn’t work, try pre-recording your songs on apps like Smart Voice Recorder and share it on Smule.

04. Choose Your Recording Location Wisely!

It goes without saying that you should do the recording in an empty room or place. Do maintain distance from table fan, washing machine or any other device that creates vibrating noise.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smule Microphone and Headphones

01. Which headphone is best for singing?

Ans. Here’s a list of 5 most outstanding headphones with high-quality mic for flawless recording quality:

  • Seneo Hybrid Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones.
  • Vtin Headset with Microphone.
  • Sony MDRZX110AP ZX.
  • TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9

02. Does Smule work with wireless headphones?

Ans. No, Smule app doesn’t yet support wireless Bluetooth headphones.

03. Does Smule use AutoTune?

Ans. Smule Sing!, AutoRap, Songify and I am T-Pain by Smule are some of the highest-rated Auto-Tune apps on Android and iOS platforms. Smule’s I am T-Pain app for iOS devices uses Antares Auto-Tune. This is the same technology T-Pain, the man who popularized Auto-tune, uses in his studio.

04. How do you get famous on Smule Sing?

Ans. While there’s no hard and fast rule for becoming famous on Smule or any other singing app for that matter, here are a few tried and tested hacks for you to ramp up your followers on Smule:

  • Hone your singing skills, train harder and also work on your microphone technique to enhance the quality of your recordings.
  • Sing as frequently as possible. 
  • Make your song video interesting to look at. Don’t just record your voice in a dark room. 
  • Record in a noise-free environment, preferably in a room with no AC, fan or any loud device running in the background.
  • Send song invites daily and also accept joining invitations. 
  • Collaborate with celebs. 
  • Be versatile, don’t limit yourself to one particular type of songs. 
  • Frequently cover the latest chartbusters to get lots of views and upvotes in a short time. 
  • Use relevant hashtags in the caption of your song video. 
  •  Be responsive to the joins on your video as much as possible. Even if you can’t reply to all the comments, at least hit the “heart” button on the comments you liked.

That’s pretty much it. And while you are at it, don’t forget to have fun. When you enjoy performing, people enjoy watching you.

05. Is Smule safe to use?

Ans. Smule is completely safe to use for people above 18 as long as they use the app discreetly. However, Smule isn’t suitable for children as the app allows strangers to watch their videos and start a conversation with them.

06. Why do singers put their hand on their ear when they sing?

Ans. A lot of singers use it as a trick to block the surrounding noise and hear their voices more clearly when singing on a stage when singing in chorus with lots of instruments.

07. Why do singers put their mouth on the microphone?

Ans. Putting the mouth on the mic has a quirky term in the world of sound engineering-“eating the mic”. It is a legitimate microphone technique advised by many sound guys to increase signal gain and low-frequency response. Most trained singers bring the mic closer to their lips when hitting the low notes. This allows the subtle notes to come out clear and punchy through the mic. To put it bluntly, doing so helps to enhance the clarity and presence of the low notes.

08. What are the best headphones for Smule?

Ans. I have put together a list of  5 best headphones for Smule after scouring the web, analyzing and comparing features, and skimming through hundreds of researchers:

  • Seneo Hybrid Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones.
  • Vtin Headset with Microphone.

  • Sony MDRZX110AP ZX.
  • TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9

09. What type of headphones are best for smule?

Ans. Noise-canceling headphones with built-in mic are the ideal type of headphones for karaoke apps like Smule. If you are not ready to shell out a chunk of money on a specialized singing headphone yet, a headset with booming mic will also do the trick.

10. How does Smule work?

Ans. Smule is a musical platform that has leveled the playing field for everyone who loves singing. This app lets you sing karaoke, record song videos, share them across other social media platforms, collaborate with other singers and even celebrated artists like Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, Charlie Puth for a live duet.

11. Why do singers wear headphones when recording?

Ans. First of all, those are not headphones or earphones but ear-monitors. Singers wear them while performing live on stage to be able to clearly hear their own voice. This also helps them form a barrier against the disturbances created by crowd cheering and loud instruments (especially drum beats) played in the background.

The Bottom Line

So these were some of the best headphones for Smule to invest in if karaoke singing is your passion. We have made sure that these headphones have all the necessary elements to produce natural and crisp, distortion-free voice recordings. We have also kept in mind the comfort aspect. These featured headphones won’t squeeze your skull. Instead, they provide a snug fit and stay put even when you are on the move.

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