Sony mdr-zx110nc Review

Are you looking forward to investing in a new set of headphones?  For sure, the market is a bit crowded with hundreds of models and brands to choose from. The Sony MDR-ZX110NC is one of the best headphones in the market. In fact, its dependable performance and decent audio reproduction is its strong formula and reason why people go for it.

In our Sony mdr-zx110nc review, we have provided you with accurate and in depth information to enable you understand well the features of the Sony mdr-zx110nc.


  • 5.3 ounces in weight
  • 80 hour battery life
  • 10 to 22,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • 115ab/mW Power On
  • 110aB/ mW Power Off
  • Dynamic Transducer
  • Noise Cancelling Technology


Sound Quality

It is difficult to evaluate the sound quality of this headphone. One of its three testers reveals that it has an extreme treble sound with very little to no bass when there is a cancelling feature.  When the noise cancelling feature is turned on, the quality of sound is better and produces a lot more bass.

This headphone also offers some weird feeling when they are used without the noise cancelling feature. One can easily hear the low end frequencies. However, when it is turned on, the low end frequency reduces to a point where it cannot be heard but can still be felt.

When the noise cancelling technology is off, the music is quite satisfactory and low. However, immediately it is flipped, the sound is completely brought to life. The bass will become clearer, high louder and everything will be where they are supposed to be.When this headphone is connected to a monitor, it was found to produce an average sound with a deep and powerful bass. The mid range is well balanced and the treble is even. The treble range comes with a massive bass range.  If you like bass heavy genre like EDM and Hip Hop you will give the Sony MDR-ZX110NC a positive rating.


This Sony MDR-ZX110NC is not wireless. They come with a non detachable cable that lacks an in line remote. It does not support Bluetooth and comes with a battery for its noise cancelling feature. You can always insert the noise cancelling feature by opening the right ear cup. It has a dimple at the side which you can always press to open the lid.

After you have inserted the battery and returned the lid, you can start using the noise cancelling feature. These headphones come with wires attached and a 1/8 TRRS connector. Audio is only offered when you are connected to audio devices like phones and console controllers.

Since this headphone is wired, most likely there will be no latency.  They do lack the available range which most of the wireless headphones contain. There are reviewers who think that this Sony MDR-ZX110NC has an excellent sound and also appreciate it since it is foldable and can easily be stored in a large pocket, purse or a backpack.


The ear cups inside features 30mm drivers that are well sized. The headphones ear cups are well cushioned which ensures they are very comfortable whenever they are being used. These headphones are also known to offer quite small ear cups which sit on the ears. Most of the testers have revealed that it is never a pleasant experience wearing these headphones.  

When compared to gaming headphones, the cuffs never cover the ears.  They are also on ear instead of being over the ears. Customers did give different opinions concerning its comfort levels. However, since they are on ear headphones, they are more compact and smaller in size when compared to the over the ear headphones.

The Sony MDR-ZX110NC headphones are not that stable when they are on the head. Their all plastic design is not well padded. However, they are not that too tight which adds to the level of comfort. These headphones weigh up to 0.33 pounds and come with a clamping force of up to 0.72 pounds.

It is of a lightweight design which prevents it from exerting lots of pressure on the ears. However, lack of headband padding and stiff ear cups makes these headphones quite uncomfortable. Not all people are pleased by their small ear cups on ear design.

They are relatively breathable and they never cover the ears completely. They also do not prevent free airflow thanks to their over the ears designs. Their high breathability levels are excellent for sports use although their poor stability makes them unsuitable for running and exercising.


There is nothing great that Sony MDR-ZX110NC offers when it comes to style. Its color scheme is matte all black.  Its only flair is its back cover that is stylized off the ear cuffs. The Sony MDR-ZX110NC never stands out although their low style suits most people.

They are quite a decent looking type of headphones and are well covered in plastic which makes them lightweight. Its lightweight feature makes them easy to move around with.  It is easy to fold them up in a compact form and can be carried around in a large pocket or purse.


These Sony MDR-ZX110NC headphones come packed in clear cellophane which can easily tear off. It has a tab which you can always pull to open the box to prevent it from tearing.

There is another tab that makes it possible and easy to remove the headphones from the box. You can slide it out with lots of ease. This headphone comes wrapped in a plastic like bag. There is also an adapter and a battery which are included in the package.

However, it is not that flimsy meaning it will never break easily. Its cable is of a decent quality while the headphones allow for lots of movement.

  • It is of adorable Price
  • Comes with a battery with 80 hour life
  • Leakage is quite minimal
  • Has a decent Audio Reproduction
  • Fit is unstable while the build is flimsy
  • Has poor noise isolation

Video:Sony MDR-ZX110NC


Users are able to get up to 80 hours of quality music when this headphone is used with noise cancellation. However, on its own, the quality is never that great. Most people will never go for these headphones for sound although their quality is quite interesting when it uses noise cancelling.

We do hope that this Sony mdr-zx110nc review has been of great help to you in your quest of understanding the Sony mdr-zx110nc well.

Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones, Black, medium
  • Integrated noise canceling technology.
  • Up to 80 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight for ultimate music mobility
  • Dynamic 1.18 in drivers

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